The deadlock of left parties in Western


Posted on February 10, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Communism is the most dangerous theory on the planet, the death toll of Communism was up to 100 million people and a billion people enslaved (it means a billion people infected by viral communism). On the other hand, Communism is like the deadly pandemic by viral Karl Marx has struck the people’s minds and spread worldwide. Obviously, the viral Communism spread to Russia ( that is like the Novel Coronavirus starts from Wuhan) and its outbreak occurred in October 1917, it called the October Revolution by Lenin. The viral Communism came to China, it has activated by the label Maoist and the outbreak occurred in 1949 that cause 65 million people killed (the viral Maoist is very dangerous than any kind of virus, Maoist continues to kill its people in the mainland, there were about 100 million people killed. Moreover, the viral Maoist has spread the terror rebels in India, Philippines, South America and somewhere else.). When the viral Marxism-Leninist came to Vietnam by a viral form called Hồ Chí Minh’s thoughts, it killed tens of millions of Vietnamese people and infected nearly 100 million Vietnamese people from Viral Hồ Chí Minh activated the outbreak on February 3, 1930 (The Vietnam Communist Party founded on February 3, 1930). Cambodia struck by a viral Khmer Rouge that killed 2 million people. There are many countries infected by viral communism as the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc (the virus treated from the early 1990s), Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Venezuela still infected. The viral communism is the longest pandemic has infected human life on the planet, it has attacked the people’s minds from the 19th century. The viral Communism transforms Socialism and it has infected into the democratic countries, actually, the Western.


The viral Socialism has appeared in the Western under multiple forms as the left parties, the left media. The viral Socialism causes the current mayhem in Western, actually, the virus silently has struck the democracy, the free speech by the fake news, misleading the public. The left parties are the dangerous form of viral Communism because of the dangerous virus hides under the political parties.


The left parties in Western are the hidden communist parties, the essential policies based on the demagogy, lie, cheat to cover the fallen policies on the economy, border protection, while the national interest abandons:


- The hoax climate change has deceived the people, actually, the young generations have not enough knowledge about climate change, they are infected by viral Socialism. The left parties, the left media, and perpetrators of the hoax climate change have exploited the ebullient character of the primary-high school students as Mao Tse Tung used the young people into the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976. The Green Guard of hoax climate change is a form of Mao Tse Tung’s Red Guard.


- The same-sex-marriage legislation: the left parties are keen to woo the ballot by any tactic, so the left parties advocate the homosexuality despite the homosexual couple is a minority in society, but their ballot can change the election’s outcome.


- The hypocritical humanity exposes the protection of asylum seekers: the left parties woo the ballot of ethnic by supporting the illegal migrants.


The communist parties have applied the demagogic policies, so psychological warfare becomes a vital weapon to intoxicate the people by the propaganda. The people live in communist regimes couldn’t access the impartial information, instead of the government’s propaganda, so their ears filled full by the regime’s policies and the eyes forced to see slogans. In Vietnam, people quote” eating is like a prisoner, sleeping is like a monk and talking is like a national leader”. The people face poverty but the countries are rich in the red flag, slogans and the communist leader’s statue plus the portrait. The cheat language has applied in the communist countries, commonly, the nice words are the class struggle, socialism, beaten the capitalist, landlord reform, the hell of prison labeled re-education, actually, the communist paradise is the last rest of communism, but Boris Yeltsin quoted:” Communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky”. On the other hand, the communist paradise has never come, therefore, the communist paradise just deserves for the Red noble class, the communist members work nothing but they afford anything from the people’s sweat, actually, the high ranking cadres of communist parties are the millionaire and billionaires. The viral Communism is like a beautiful cloth that covers the garbage bin, so Communism has no solution to reach the highest level is the communist paradise.


The left parties in Western and democratic countries are the same circumstance of the communist countries. The so-called Socialism became the deadlock, therefore, the demagogic policies cover the carcass of Socialism, the socialists are paranoids like Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders, French President Emmanuel Macron who attacks the nationalism, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the others. Socialism applies in Western and democratic countries couldn’t cheat the people after the demagogic policies debunked. The circumstance of the Democratic Party in the US that proved the fallen Socialism. Nowadays, the world wakes up after the viral Communism and Socialism infected the human’s minds by the crazy theory of Karl Marx who was the dishonest jobless to avenge the society by the books teaching the dishonest elements and the social dregs how to rob, kill and enslave the people.


The communist countries in Europe collapsed from the early 1990s, actually, the cradle of viral Communism in Russia quarantined and expelled viral Communism. Therefore, in Asia, the viral Maoist still infects 1.4 billion people in the mainland, actually, the communist paradise in China becomes the wonderful paradise of corruption and the deadly viruses like SARS, Novel Coronavirus, Bird flu, Swine Flu. So Chinese people need to expel the viral Maoist as soon as possible, it is the cause of the deadly pandemics.


The left parties in the Western face the deadlock, the demagogic policies, and the propaganda couldn’t cheat the people, the high technological communication kills the fake news and misleading the public. There is the only way to escape if the left parties give up Socialism and joining the political competition in the elections, actually, the demagogic policies on immigration, climate change can not attract the people. Nevertheless, the patriotic policy can save the left parties, the patriotism and the nationalism are effective medicine to treat viral socialism./.







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