The damage levels of China reflect from the left media


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The US is the world superpower on the economy, the army, technology, actually, the US dollar becomes the global currency. The trade war proves the strength of United States of America, certainly, everyone can recognize the US advances China in multiple fields, actually, the tariffs exchange between both sides that is clear China couldn’t win the economic war. Therefore, the left media and China’s propaganda agents infiltrated in the Western have launched the phony psychological warfare in high technological communication and multiple information sources plus the social media are the best places to search the truth and virtual information debunked the media cheat.


The physical state measures on the reaction of concussion, the reactive levels can recognize as a ball rebounds after throwing to the wall. When someone suffered extreme pain as a cancer patient, the pain exposes on the face or groan. The potential loss of China in the economic battle with the US being concealed by China communist, it is the manner applies behind the iron curtain (before the Soviet-Union) and nowadays the bamboo curtain in China, North Korea, and the other communist countries. However, when a communist country reported the losses, certainly the numbers reduced, but the people can multiply at least 3 times to predict the real numbers.


From the war fights against the global economic war with China is the perpetrator, the tariffs are weapon exchange between the US and China. The economic battle has begun from the first 25% tariffs of  $USD 250 billion imposed on the products and goods import from China. China received the potential damages that reflect on the left media have tipped the psychological warfare into the Western, actually the US. The biased articles, T.V Shows just exposed about the US damages, but they dodged to tell the potential damages of China. The US economy is like a building has a strong fundament while China’s economy is baseless, China grows from the stolen technology and the export belongs to the offshore market. The economic storm can destroy China but the US stabilizes.


After September 1st, 2019, President Donald Trump imposed 15% tariffs on the remaining $USD 300 billion of China products and goods. Beijing knew the US is the winner, so Vice Premier Liu He, a principal economic adviser of Red Emperor Xi Jinping who wants to deal, that means China concedes the failure when the low tide of revolution comes and China has applied the tactics as talking during fighting, buying time and taking one step back to prepare three steps forward. However, Beijing also tips the psychological warfare into the Western with  maximum efficiency, so the mainstream media has appeared the garbage articles telling China will win the war and US damaged. The propaganda machine of China is the left media and China’s propaganda agents wrote the untrue articles, Beijing also should hire the retired officials of some governments misleading the public. Therefore, all reactions represent the woe of China is suffering the damages.


China just fears the loss of money and high unemployment rate, those are the death vulnerability of the largest communist country still remains on the planet. The left media exposes the real thug of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media. The media thug act as an animal, so the favorite food could control and manage a dog, cat, monkey, even tiger following the instruction of a tamer. Certainly, the journalists, reporters, and T.V hosts could recognize China is the communist regime, human rights violation, genocide, actually Tiananmen Square massacre have never forgotten. However, the left media support and propagating for China, they lose the human’s character, instead, the animal’s instinct. So the left media could turn the right to wrong, the best to worst. The phony propaganda exposes on the fields:


- The US consumers pay more when the tariffs added: the left media lies because China products and goods are high prices, so the US people buy native products with the same prices. Huawei banned and the smartphone can not access Google, certainly, the US consumers and the other countries don’t want to buy Huawei’s smartphone.


- China still grows that totally lies while China faces the peril, actually, the export sector declined, and China must solve more than 120 million workers lose the job, so the massive jobless is inevitable, Yuan devalued, the inflation escalates, the mountain debt increases without control. China economy grows to hell, it is true.


- The left media propagates the US recession, therefore, before the recession happens, the signals are high unemployment, the currency loses the valuation, the stock market plunged and the other impacts have not appeared yet in the US, instead, the US economy thrives and strengthens.


- The US farmer damaged that is the disgraced cheat of the left media and China’s propaganda agents. The story of Costco opened in Shanghai, the buyers crowded and lined up to wait for many hours, but the shop shut early when the customers rushed to get the US products or goods. But the left media told the US can not win the trade war that conflicts the reality happened in Shanghai. Everyone can know Chinese people love US products, actually the foods while China’s agricultural products meet the poison, contamination and hygiene concern, so China’s retaliatory tariffs are useless. On the other hand, the tariffs imposed the US’s agricultural products hit Chinese people. President Donald Trumps calls the factories leaving China to avoid the tariffs, therefore, the retails and supermarket sells the US goods plus the US products in the mainland, so the retaliatory tariffs of China hit Chinese people in the mainland as a saying quotes” the sword made by China stabbing Chinese”.


The left media and China’s propaganda agents become foolish by the crazy propaganda, actually, the writers are Chinese background as George Khoo published in Asia Times on September 2, 2019:” The president’s team are wrong on all counts when it comes to China and are fighting a losing battle”. On September 4, 2019, an article published in South China Morning Post written by Chiu-Ti Jansen”: How much economic pain can China tolerate in the trade war? Donald Trump is about to find out.


“A buying frenzy over pork in Shanghai might be a sign of economic trouble or an after-effect of the swine flu epidemic. Either way, it raises questions about the Chinese people’s capacity for withstanding the fallout from the US trade war”.


This article wrote about a propaganda agent of China:” Daniel Chen, a China-born violinist turned YouTube commentator, argues that the Chinese are better positioned than the Americans to withstand the pressure of the trade war. Whereas the Americans would vote out a president if they had to “go from eating beef to eating pork … the Chinese people have no problem going from eating meat to eating grass”. It is the stupid propaganda that proves the writer thinks the people are imbecile, actually, Daniel Chen insults Chinese people can eat grass as the cow, sheep, horse, goat…If Chinese people in the mainland can eat grass to win the economic war, so China communist must send the top scientists to North Korea learning how to make noodle mixed grass. Moreover, North Korea people ate the special noodle formula, so the scientists are very smart, they made a spaceship landed successfully on the Sun without cremation. If China communist learns the formula to make the special noodle mixed with grass, Chinese scientist will land a spaceship on the Sun, or a special ship launching to hell to see the evil and Satan. Therefore, China acquired the technology to transform the pork to beef and sold to Muslim with Allah certified, however, customers didn’t react or protest.


Hong Kong people alert South China Morning Post is controlled by China communist. Obviously, South China Morning Post owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation until 1993, Malaysian Real State Tycoon Robert Kuok took over and from April 5, 2016, Alibaba Group acquired the media properties of the SCMP Group, so China Morning Post became the body of China propaganda machine.


The potential damages of China communist can be recognized from the reaction of the left media. Should China pay for useless propaganda? however, China also exposes the woe comes from left media. The negative aspects appeared in the phony propaganda of China in the Western. Certainly, China couldn’t conceal the potential damages, so Beijing begs to deal with the US. Moreover, the war fight against the global economic terror also unmasked the actual hands, the propaganda agents of China and the left media companies in the mainstream media./.







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