The daily fake news to abuse the public


Posted on July 4, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The left media companies, the evil reporters, Satanic journalists have released the fake news every day, despite, the media line just accepts ONE APRIL FOOLS’ DAY on 1st, it is only one day of the year, everyone can design fake news, it is a fun and joke, certainly, a journalist has no responsibility, even facing the legal action or defamation, those dismiss. Therefore, fake news becomes pandemic, it occurs 365 days a year. The left media companies have destroyed the Western media since the Cold War, particularly, the Vietnam, fake news, fabricated and biased stories, concealment to support Vietcong, an early terror organization like Al Qaeda, Islamic State. The fake news has intoxicated the innocent component including the young people. The fake news causes social disorder, the culprit is the left media companies and their workers. They are the dishonest component in mainstream media, the media terrorists have attacked the world daily, therefore, the democratic governments have no mention of the most dangerous domestic enemy in the country. The left media is the thug of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream


The tireless fake news has created the mayhem in communication, although, everyone hates the fake news including the media workers. Therefore,  the left media consider the fake news is professional, it is the art of fake news, it conducts the social valuation overturned when the liars released the fake news without responsibility or charged. On the other hand, fake news terrorizes free speech and attack democracy. The law confirms fraud is a crime, however, the media fraudsters escape the conviction and the legal system ignores the high level of fraud, the media fraudsters made a profit from fake news, the legal flaws need to mend when the left media companies and their employees have applied fake news to make a profit. The dishonest media’s workers and companies have lived on the lies, and cheat, it becomes the habit, so, they have no shame to release the fake news without charge. The lawmakers have forgotten the media fraudsters in a long time.


The left media has made the profit coming from multiple sources, certainly, China and the foreigners, enemies have developed the vulnerability of media, so communication business to drive the communication to propaganda. The mainstream media harmed, the impartial news and the truth have destroyed by media thug, the people’s trust downgraded badly, even the trust is zero when the 1st April Fools Day happens daily.


The fake news pandemic turns nasty from the US presidential election in 2016, the false polls, fabricated stories completely failed. The left media companies eradicated from the grassroots, the arrogant attitude smashed after the outcome of the election on November 8, 2016. Despite the left media paved the road for Hillary Clinton to make the historic journey to the White House with the polls led billionaire Donald Trump from 4 to 12 points, unfortunately, the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton turned nightmare and the left media knew” what happened?”, but they have not learned yet the failure of a cheating lesson. Nowadays, the false polls confirm candidate Joe Biden leads 12 points over President Donald Trump. Once again, the disgraced deception repeats in the presidential election of 2020. The kingmakers dethroned and went wrong, the false polls collapsed, the left media trashed, certainly, the trust lost and it can not restore in a short time. Moreover, the left media could not remove the title” fake news” that granted by President Donald Trump, the fake news kills left media and also ruined their profit.


The fake news worsens day by day, the lies added up and the advertising reduced, the readers, audiences declined and abandoned. The worst era of left media companies and dishonest journalists, T.V hosts. Nowadays, people have nothing to read the newspapers including online like The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others. The audiences distrust the news broadcast from the famous left media companies like CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC,…the ABC, SBS, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten in Australia, BBC in the United Kingdom. Instead, everyone has a computer, cellphone, smartphone, they can access the impartial news and searching the information from multiple sources, even, everyone can find anything on the internet, it is free. The advertising on television channels face the internet, it is the real challenge, but the profit loses.


The fake news develops on high tide while China’s communist regime appalls the investigation of Coronavirus, the culprit of a pandemic must compensate a hundred trillion US dollars. Its reason rushes the left media has tried to mislead the public to help China strays serious crime. China should hire dishonest media companies and workers distort communication to propaganda for China. The evil media companies go too far, they launch the phony propaganda about the military strength of China. Unfortunately, the so-called modern aircraft carriers made in China that copied from the old fashion’s aircraft carrier of Ukraine. The Jet-15, Jet-20 stealth match a saying” when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth”, instead, the animal media criticizes the US airplane F-22, F-35, therefore, Australia, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia bought F-35 and F-22, but China couldn’t sell their super jet-15, Jet-20.


The bullshit propaganda debunked when the false reports released the US, Europe, India, Russia, Brazil have a high rate of Coronavirus infection, but they conceal China. Obsolete psychological warfare re-applies in the Vietnam War, the left media concealed 1,500,000 Vietcong killed, and 300,000 missing. Particularly, the left media propagated the US casualties at Saigon’s embassy in the Tet offensive 1968, indeed, Vietcong lost more than 100,000 troopers and North Vietnam communist troop crippled. Unfortunately, the innocent components in Western to be brainwashed, the protested with riots to oppose the US and allies were fighting in Vietnam’s battlefield. The armed force of allies protected the democracy in South Vietnam and prevented the Communism wave was spreading in the region, including the security of the US, Australia, New Zealand, and others. So the left media matched the treason in the Vietnam War.


The Coronavirus devastated China, the economy disabled but the left media conceals, instead, they broadcast the damages of the US, jobless. The left media conceals the US has created about 5 million jobs in June 2020, it is the biggest record in the US history, but the left media just propagates the Coronavirus spread to frighten the public. Certainly, in the mainland, China faces massive jobless, it threatens the regime. China faces a disaster when the Three Gorges Dam has at least 80 cracks and the dam bent. Recently, the heavy rain and earthquake worsen the dam, but the left media conceals because China’s Communist Party fears Chinese people panic and China’s investment overseas lose the valuation. The left media companies snub the public, certainly, the landslide victory of President Donald Trump is inevitable, despite the left media companies conceal the corruption, the billion dollars of a money-laundering ring of Joe Biden Hunter Biden and the high profiles of Democrats,  moreover, the Donkey gang faces the loss of Congress, Governors, and Mayors after the rebellious Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioted, looted, burned down the businesses, killed the police officers, and abused the people. The US people recognize the Democratic Party is the super gang, the bandits covered under the label of politicians.


The era is not like the Vietnam War, the fake news is vain, the high technological communication provides the impartial information, the fake news kills the left media and destroys the evil journalists, Satanic reporters. The evil journalist, Satanic reporters like Jim Acosta practice the media job is like a burglar, he snoops every move of President Donald Trump and White House’s administration and distorts the news. The fake news commits suicide that reacts against the evil media. On June 29, 2020, the left media released the fake news about” the Russia Bounty” by the New York Times and the herd of media’s dog barking to chime the fake news. In Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald published an article:” Morrison government doesn’t want to talk about Trump and shocking Russia bounty story” and www.rt/news,, The Washington Post responded the fake news.  President Donald Trump debunked the New York Times and others” the Russia Bounty story is just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican Party. The secret source probably does not even exist, just like the story itself. If the discredited New York Times has a source, reveal it. Just another HOAX! “. Therefore, this fake news published on the left media, they have tried to smear President Donald Trump. The presidential election comes closer, the fake news rushes. It proves Democrats and China panic.


The people hate fake news and boycott the fake news companies, the lawmakers need to make the law to punish the fake news, false pollsters. The free speech it not fake news, but the criminal as fraud or media terror./.






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