The crucial battle of free speech versus free fake news


Posted on October 24, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Democratic countries respect free speech that is an important activity in society, the people in Western can expose free speech by multiple reactions as personal protest, rally (but a rally must apply the Police is due to social order and public security) including the media can reflect the opinion by the articles and releasing the news (not fake news) and impartial information to the public. While the communist regime expects free speech is the dangerous enemy, the dictatorial government gag the people, whoever lives in the communist paradise must obey the order and speaking comply the government decides. So free speech in communist countries is led by socialism. In Vietnam, the people react Vietcong regime by saying:” eating is like a prisoner, sleeping as a monk and talking is like the national leader”. The propaganda machine pilots the people to repeat the government’s policies like the parrot and chanting the genocide leaders, even Hồ Chí Minh, Mao Tse Tung died, but the people must adore as the order of government. It is a farce of the communist’s free speech as the stolen economy’s pattern of capitalism called” the free market is led by socialism”. The free speech of communist means SPEECH-FREE as a sign” SMOKE-FREE” in Western countries displayed the public places or offices, restaurants. Certainly, the leftists in Western knew communist countries have no free speech, but they support the inhumane regimes while they always advocate human rights and free speech. Nevertheless, the leftists excited by the communist paradise, therefore, no-one wants to choose the living style in China, Vietnam, North Korea…the hypocritical leftists couldn’t hide the face. In the US, Jane Fonda does love Vietcong, but she denied the communist paradise in Vietnam although she prides the nickname is Hanoi Jane, she doesn’t want to live in Vietnam. Australian Labor Party’s Senator Penny Wong always stands and serves for China’s interest, but she seems not interest to live in the communist paradise in the mainland’s China. The communist’s supporters in Western eat the democratic hamburger but adore the evil communist. The communist’s supporters are the domestic thugs in Western, the dangerous enemy of democracy.


In Western countries, the left media has exploited free speech for business and political purposes. The dishonest media’s workers transform communication into propaganda. The free speech has distorted to free fake news,  the public misleading is a form of fraud, it expects as a crime that conducts the social mayhem. From the Cold War, the left media was the culprit of the violence and social disorders. The left media is a form of terrorist, the weapon is fake news, fabricated stories have struck the people’s mind and the victims act like a robot, so the rallies with violence come from the propaganda of the left media. The innocent people have been misled by the fake news and fabricated stories that cause the currently social war or domestic war in Western countries. So the lawmakers in Western countries need to make a law punishing the fake news’s conviction as the terrorist. It is a crime against society, the mastermind is the perpetrator of a crime. The left media’s conviction has not prosecuted yet by law, therefore, a common case calls the defamation that is an individually legal argument and lawsuit. But, the left media harm the country, their crime is serious than the defamation.


Any job and career must respect the rules and law because every field has the dishonest distorts the career or exploits the job for individual favor. Unfortunately, the democratic countries have deserved the priorities for the media, so the dishonest media’s workers have distorted the communication to propaganda. The left media becomes arrogant, they expect themselves as the kingmakers and sitting above the country, commanding the President, Prime Minister. The left media is the causes of national crisis, political mayhem, and social disorder.


The US’s presidential election in 2016 exposed the evil face of left media in Western. The evil media maximally developed the cunning tactics that contained in the essential formula is 3 F=False polls +Fake news +Fabricated story. Actually, the False polls are the form of a rigged election that can influence the undecided voters. In Australia, most media are leftist, the television companies are ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, Channel Nine, SBS, and the newspapers applied the false polls to help Liberal turncoat Malcolm Turnbull toppled Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the coup 2015. The left media’s companies in Australia caused the political crisis since the inappropriate coup. Once again, the left media in Down Under lied the public and snubbed the Australian people in the federal election’s campaign held on May 19, 2019 by the false polls guaranteed opposition Bill Shorten will be Prime Minister and Senator Penny Wong will drive Australia into China’s vassal when she holds Foreign Affairs Minister and she vowed to permit Huawei to operate 5G in Australia while the national security threat by China’s cyber spy unit 61389. The people believe behind the left media is China’s espionage agent and China’s communist-backed comrade Labor Party to win the election. Eventually, Australian people defeated the Labor Party and debunked the malicious polls of the left media companies on night May 19, 2019, Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed the landslide victory.


Nowadays, the left media becomes the FAKE NEWS THUG, the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media. The prominent media companies like CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post…and the left media companies in Australia lost the people’s trust.


The media is like any career, whatever, the national security and national interest are the most important issues in the country. The media must respect the nation and people, so the classified information is not the field of media because of the information linking national security. There is no one sitting above the law and national security, so Australian Federal Police raided the office of the prominent fake news ABC in Australia (the fake news ABC funded by the taxpayers, they misused the money to oppose the national interest). The incident is like strong stuff of pesticide sprayed, so all kinds of insects physically react. Obviously, ABC tried to use the taxpayers for legal action against the Australian Federal Police. Therefore, the lawsuit was not successful and all kinds of fake news made the people laugh by releasing the blacked-out text on the left media’s newspapers and the left television networks chimed. Nevertheless, the left media backed by the hidden communist party in Australia that labeled the Australian Labor Party.


Certainly, journalism is not a crime as the Media Freedom Act. Therefore, free speech can not surpass the national security and national interest as the left media protects the illegal migrant being advocated under the title of human rights, but it turns the human wrong, actually, it becomes the human fraud when the people smuggling rings made money from the Australian’s taxpayers. The free speech is not free fake news, free false polls and free fabricated stories to mislead the public. Those commit the crimes and fraud, the Western lawmakers need to have the law to limit the field of media as any job and career. The media’s loopholes have become the room of media’s dishonest using free speech for money and political purpose./.






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