The cousin of Xi Jinping is the VVIP in Aussie Crown casino


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The prominent scandal unmasked the giant’s gamble business in Australia after Channel Nine dropped the bombshell in program” Sixty Minutes” on last Sunday, July 28, 2019, and the most media companies in Down Under couldn’t ignore, actually the Intelligence agencies as ASIO, Federal Police, the state government (Victoria located headquarters of Crown Casino), the federal government and the related politicians react when the incident publicized. Obvious, at House of Representatives, MP Independent Andrew Wilkie raised the grave concern and calls for a parliamentary inquiry, Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie joins with Andrew Wilkie in Senate. Therefore, Coalition and Labor Party oppose the inquiry, bipartisan concern attributes the inquiry belongs to the function Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity because of the relationship between Crown Casino and government agencies including the visa processing in China. However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ordered a national integrity watchdog to examine the allegations linking the government officials and Crown Casino’s operations. But PM Independent Andrew Wilkie said to media” Just the tip of the iceberg”. The incident of Crown Casino Resorts debunked the dirty business in Australia and waking up the national security being lacked a long time, actually, China communist infiltrated into the Australian business by the backdoor as the giant gamble company Crown.


Crown Casino Resorts runs by an Australian company, the well-known person is billionaire James Packer who was the long term’s chairman until he resigned on March 21, 2018, after the loss of Macau Crown Casino Resorts by the bush law of Ape super gang in Beijing robbed $AUD 4.2 billion. Billionaire James Packer drove the giant gamble business to disaster, actually, the shadow of Crown Casino wakes up the government and intelligence agencies when the cousin of Chairman Xi Jinping is Mr. Ming Chai is the VVIP (Every-Every-Important-Person). Mr. Ming Chai is the high ranking of China communist, a senior official of China owned ZTE. The presence of Mr. Ming Chai that raises the grave concern about the security, actually the US military bases located in Darwin and the military secrets as F-35.


Mr. Ming Chai also relates the Asia gang Triads operating into multiple nations in Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Chinese communities in the Western countries. Crown Casino Resorts is the den of the underworld and the base of China’s spy activating in Australia. The secrets unveiled after Sixty Minutes released the incident, possibly, the scandal will relate the politicians and high profile officials in the Australian government. After two days unmasked Crown Casino, on July 30, 2019, former Minister for Gamble in Victoria state is Mr. Tony Robinson breaks the silence, he told:” The regulator has for too long not applied the powers it has to scrutinise Crown adequately and it’s therefore no surprise to see these sorts of stories emerging,”. And he confirmed:” Regulatory failure in this instance gives rise to criminal enterprise and serious harm to the state”. Mr. Tony Robinson held Minister for Gamble of Labor Premier John Brumby who was the leader of Victoria government, Melbourne is the headquarters of Crown Casino. Premier John Brumby deeply involved with China companies, so he knew well the operation of Crown Casino, actually, Chinese citizen worked in Casino and holding the high position as Mr. Ming Chai. It is not hard to understand a former Minister of Gamble Tony Robinson told something after Crown Casino unmasked the crimes, laundering money, prostitution, gang, drug syndicates, and China communist high ranking Mr. Ming Chai holds the VVIP…why didn’t former Minister of Gamble Tony Robinson tell before? He should know the serious problems can not conceal. Moreover, the former head of Border Force is Roman Quaedvlieg told that he was lobbied by two ministers and another MP to help smooth out the border security process for Crown’s big gamblers came from China mainland. Mr. Roman Quaedvlieg who held the Commission of the Australian Border Force from July 1st, 2015 to May 2017, he resigned the job after the sexual harassment. Actually, Mr. Roman Quaedvlieg served in the era of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who has a daughter in law comes from China’s hardcore family. The secrets covered behind the backstage of Australian politics is a saga.


Mr. James Packers has not appeared yet and he doesn’t react after Sixty Minutes broadcast nationwide, he knows the big trouble coming as a saying:” sow the wind, reap the whirlwind”. Nevertheless, Crown shares dropped 3.24% on Monday, July 29, 2019, the share will plunge for every new clue. The Home Affairs Department had an agreement to fast track Visa application for Crown Casino Resorts. In 2015, a Crown Casino manager warned 13 Chinese citizens when Crown wanted to bring them to Australia, but there were only 5 Chinese citizens blocked by Australian Consulate because of the false documents. Certainly, 13 Chinese citizens related China communist, so Crown Casino exploited the business to help communist legally arrived in Australia and hid into the Australian business, billionaire James Packer who was responsible.


The security of Australian has many loopholes, China communist infiltrated and activating everywhere. Western Australian government recruited China communist Pierre Yang into the legislative council. The circumstance of Senator Penny Wong, Labor leader in Senate is in doubt, she serves for China interest, actually, she promised to permit Huawei operates 5G if Labor wins the election on May 19, 2019, while annually, Coalition government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyberspy, the culprit is China, actually the unit 61389 of the People’s Liberation Army owned Huawei. The Australian people wake up before too late, and now Down Under being risked by China communist.


Now, Darwin leased 99 years with $USD 506 million by China’s Landbridge Group, China owned Merredin Airport in Western Australia, it leased to China from 1993 with the lease was one dollar. Crown Casino has Mr. Ming Chai is a cousin of chairman Xi Jinping. Moreover, the politicians of both main parties seem negligent while China is malicious. A political donation is a form of corruption exposing in the high level, so China communist is keen to use the donation to corner the government of counterpart and influencing the politicians as a case of Labor Senator Sam Dastyari in Australia. Crown is keen to donate the political parties in Australia and charity. The flowers in heaven are rooted in hell, behind Crown Casino Resorts is the underworld, crimes, and China’s spy.


The mess-up of Crown Casino needs to clean, the government and intelligence can not ignore after the incident publicized. Actually, the government may overhaul the visa granted for China citizens work in Crown and tracking the gangs, drug syndicates, the rings of prostitution, actually the intelligence is very important after China sowed the agents into the Australian business as Crown./.







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