The Coronavirus spread throughout China


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There is no safe place in the largest communist paradise on the planet, the Novel Coronavirus causes the death toll, infected people increase daily, the human’s life versus the deadly virus made in China to spread worldwide. The deaths occurred outside China that alerts the world, actually, the World Health Organization declared a global emergency. Therefore, the vaccine is a long way to go, W.H.O predicts at least 18 months to find the vaccine. Despite W.H.O alerted the global emergency, therefore, the doctor WHO of W.H.O denies the pandemic that matches China’s propaganda, actually, Red Emperor Xi Jinping launches the psychological warfare to fight the Coronavirus by slogans are” Race against the time-Fight the virus” and” The results are not hard-won progress made by all sides”. The enigmatic stance of Doctor WHO of W.H.O contradicts the epidemic Coronavirus, so the world can not trust the United Nations including W.H.O, actually, the corruption of Mr. John Ashe, former President of UN’s General-Assembly and former President of UNICEF, it is just an iceberg floating on the surface, Mr. John Ashe received multiple million US dollars from China’s espionage agent Charlie Trie (the US) and Huang Xiangmo (Australia). Moreover, WHO confirms Coronavirus doesn’t link to China, but the world knew Novel Coronavirus comes from China and the people believe the Coronavirus made in China.


The viral monstrosity called Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 varies the harmful activities, so the incubation’s period could take longer than 27 days, not 14 days as before. Certainly, China can not brag about the modern radar to detect the invisible cohort as China often raises the brazen attitude to intimidate the neighbor countries in the region and showing the military strength with fighter Jet J-15, J-20, aircraft carriers at the disputed waters. Nevertheless, the reinfection proved the treatment is useless, the scientists still study the strange virus that is abnormal but the people suspect the Novel Coronavirus should create biological warfare by China. The global hegemonic ambition urges China can do anything to control the world and destroy the capitalist. Marxism-Leninist-Maoist means heartlessness and genocide, so human society must fight to eliminate the evil theory and the communist’s rogue states.


The Coronavirus outbreak should be an accident like the nuclear power plant of Soviet-Union exploded on Saturday, April 26, 1986, at Chernobyl. The global biological terror conspires to destroy the US and allies after the global economic terror failed by the US tariffs and the trade’s rule changed, the bush law couldn’t apply to create the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap.


China’s communist regime can command the killing machine called the People’s Liberation Army, the oppressive tool is the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, including the vassals like Vietnam and the counterparts after fell into the debt trap. However, the Coronavirus cohort made in China is not like any, because, the viral army has no ear and obeys no one including their boss is commander in virus, so the accidental Coronavirus harms Chinese people and China’s communist regime. Obviously, the concealment applied as the manner of China, therefore, the Coronavirus outbreak without control that forces China must confirm the pandemic and also reported the death toll plus the infected people.


Despite China reduces the numbers, but the world recognized the Coronavirus can affect from 60% to 80% world’s population. Certainly, China received potential damages after the epidemic center Wuhan outbreak. Unfortunately, China’s communist regime failed to contain the pandemic, but the regime is keen to lie about the virus being controlled.


- Obviously, China concealed the Coronavirus, so whistleblower Dr. Li Wengliang arrested by police by the crime labeled spreading the rumor.


- China’s health system is weak, actually, the corruption aggravates the worst situation.


- The central communist government seems not to respond to the dire consequences while the mountain debt plus the loss of trade war.


The deadly virus has started from December 2019, after two months, the Coronavirus pandemic spread throughout China. The Covid-19 silently infiltrated everywhere, including Beijing, so the ruthless regime perplexes the global pandemic. The locked areas expanded as the virus extends the harmful effects. Hubei province locked down, all the social facilities stopped, 6o million people can not get out their home, the food, and emergency suspended, the transport disabled.


The neighbor countries easily infected by Coronavirus, there are six nations have spread by a virus are Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Korea. Therefore, democratic countries can reduce the viral attack, but Vietnam can not, instead, Vietnam’s communist regime like China to treat the pandemic by slogans and propaganda plus concealment, so Vietnam is going to be a center of Coronavirus like Wuhan. The infected cases increase, so South Korea people protest to expel Chinese citizen, it is not racist by China-phobia.


China’s economy paralyzed while the Coronavirus is developing throughout the mainland. The Coronavirus perpetuates which means Chinese people suffer the difficulties longer, actually the death toll and infected population increase. Almost, the small businesses, industry, banking system, stock market ruined, and China’s currency devalued. The export sector crippled by the US tariffs, the offshore market declined. China fights to survive, but the Coronavirus pushes China’s economy to the abyss of bankruptcy. China Passenger Car Association follows the suspended transport, in the first quarter of  2019, the car sold 59,930 and now, it just sold 4,909 units in the first fortnight after Coronavirus.


It has never happened in the world and China when Chinese people throw China’s banknotes on the streets but no-one picks up. It signals China’s currency crashed, China’s financial system collapsed. Nevertheless, China’s giant telecommunication company Huawei lost the global market after President Donald Trump banned, recently, Huawei tried to use the robbers with the paper-knife to file the lawsuit against the US government, therefore, the golden time of Obama’s judges is gone, so the US federal judge rejected Huawei to challenge with the US government.


China’s communist regime loses the major battles from the trade war, the global market, and the global biological terror hit back the regime and Chinese people as a saying quotes” the sword made in China that stabs Chinese”. The people live in China are the victims of China’s Communist Party since the Ape super gang robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949. Nowadays, Chinese people have stuck between the ruthless regime and a deadly virus. China’s communist regime pushes Chinese people into the death trap, so the people must do something to survive and save the country before the massive death toll should reach up to a hundred million people. The revolution needs to remove domestic thugs from the government./.





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