The Coronavirus eradicates economy of China


Posted on March 4, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The failure of biological warfare destroyed the global hegemonic ambition of the largest communist country on the planet. The death of China’s communist regime is underway to happen when the death vulnerability is the economy crippled in the trade war and now, the Novel Coronavirus threatening the ruthless regime.


The world and Chinese people have been terrorized by 22 tyrants of China’s Communist Party in the Political Bureau. There are just 22 tyrants but they often threaten more than 7 billion people on the planet since Mao Tse Tung robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949. The Ape super gang is commanded by  22 members, they massacred more than a hundred million people and enclaved 1.4 billion people in China’s mainland.


The tyrants have applied the impoverishment policy, the obscurantism to brainwash the people, actually, the demagogic propaganda has deceived Chinese people more than 70 years ago. Chinese people’s ear filled full by the slogans plus the regime’s policies, the beautiful languages can not replace the worst living condition, actually, the outstanding socialism conducted the poverty. Nowadays, the individual income of more than half of the population in China earn from $US 2 to $US 5 a day, but 22 tyrants are millionaires and billionaires, they owned the assets in the mainland and sent the money to Western’s bank.


The global problem comes from 22 tyrants, so Chinese people just eliminate 22 tyrants, they will have the freedom and the world will live peacefully. Unfortunately, Chinese people have frightened the terror plus propaganda to brainwash and obscurantism transformed Chinese people to accept the ruthless regime with 22 tyrants control 1.4 billion people.


The outbreak of Coronavirus comes from 22 tyrants, the global hegemonic ambition of two dozen people that cost many lives of Chinese people and 75 countries being affected by the biological weapon of 22 tyrants. Certainly, the death toll rises in the mainland and more than 780 million people locked down have not a problem with 22 tyrants, their family, and their faction in the dictatorial government’s system are safe. The poor and low-income people have suffered the death toll and the worst situation when the provinces locked down. Nevertheless, during the major Chinese people fight for survival, therefore, Chinese overseas students have tried to escape the pandemic, certainly, Chinese students come from the Red noble class in China, they are children linking with the high profiles of Political Bureau, actually, the factions link to 22 global tyrants.


However, the Novel Coronavirus exploded the biological weapon in the communist paradise as saying:” the sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. China’s communist regime, actually, 22 tyrants led by Xi Jinping have fallen into the panic state when the dire consequence of Coronavirus is immeasurable. China’s regime perplexes the solution, because, the vaccine must take at least 18 months. Therefore, death vulnerability is the economy and finance coming. China’s communist regime doesn’t care Chinese people died by the virus but China’s communist regime appalls the offshore market declined, the mountain debt added more, the stock market plunged. Certainly, China’s economy disabled from the mainland and overseas.


The people unmask the left media about so-called China’s growth despite the trade war, China’s failure follows the disaster of left media. Despite the Coronavirus spread worldwide, but the left media propagate the death toll and infected people decrease in China, the fake news can not cheat the people, actually, the reports of China’s communist regime reflects the proverb quotes” do not listen to what the communist talks, let’s watch what the communist did”.

Nevertheless, the solid economy’s fundament of the US and democratic countries can recover easily while the fundament of socialism economy is baseless, the development belongs to the free market of “ capitalist states” as China labeled the enemies and China must steal the technology the challenge the US in Arms race, Space race.


After shaking, the US economy returned to normal while China is still plunging, actually, the countries deeply fell into the trade trap, debt trap of government trap of China, they are struggling the consecutive losses as Australia lost seven times since the Coronavirus outbreak, Australia’s stock market wiped out $AU 212 billion and the shareholders continue to worry the virus spreading more countries, the death toll increases, and the travel ban extends more countries, now Iran, South Korea, and Italy become the hot spot of Coronavirus. The Wall Street rebounded is just a day, on March 3rd, 2020, Dows Jones recovered 26, 703 (it rose 5.1%). S&P 500 added 4.6%, London’s FTSE rose 1.1%, Paris just added 0.4% and Frankfurts downed 0.3%. Tokyo’s Nikkei was up 3.2%.


China’s faced a big loss on March 3rd, 2020 with 10% and $US 400 billion wiped out. Therefore, the world doesn’t trust the report released from the super lying regime, certainly, China has the potential loss ever since Beijing joined the global market.


The Western and democratic countries can recover the economy after the loss, but China will face hardship, actually, the baseless economy of socialism perpetuates longer that aggravates the worst situation of China. The people in Western have no worry because the government always takes care of the people, actually, the pandemic can contain. Therefore, Chinese people live in the mainland suffer death plus the worst condition in living.


The Coronavirus eradicates China’s economy, the deadly virus wakes Chinese people about the barbarous regime ruled by the Ape super gang, certainly, the propaganda plus slogans can not expel Coronavirus. The deadly virus comes from 22 global tyrants in the mainland, and the global China-phobia causes of 22 tyrants./.






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