The Coronavirus batters China industry


Posted on March 17, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s communist regime has developed the economic strength from the malicious business, the stolen technology, those are the vital conditions as a stratagem of Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu:” create something from nothing ”. The cunning tactics of China succeeded in the deception of the economy based on socialism as Asian quotes:” cooking rice’s soup by borrowing the pig’s head”. The world’s largest population, but the national talent framed by socialism, so the education applies the rule is” the family’s background wins over the talent. The educational discrimination policy causes a lack of invention. Therefore, China’s Communist Party dreams of the global hegemony to control the world, the stolen technology responds to the arms race, the space race.


Commonly, the communist parties have applied the terror plus propaganda to create the Red noble class in the communist paradise, but the hell of its people. The dishonest and dreg component in society has used the evil bible of Karl Marx to kill, rob and enslave the people, the revolutionary title has turned genocide and human rights violation. The major communists are low-educated and illiterate components. However, the most communist members in Political Bureau are the millionaires and billionaires, they work nothing but afford anything from the people’s sweat.


China has exploited the innocent leaders plus the profit lover’s businesses and the monetary favorite academics in Western to carry out the global hegemonic ambition. The naïve traitors have betrayed the country, they sold the national interest for individual favor.


China succeeded in the deception after joining the free market, later W.T.O. The cheap laborer and the union threat in Western that convinced the Western companies came to China to do the business after the US President Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972. China solved the unemployment problem and also forced foreign companies to hand over the technology. The Western intellectual properties helped China developed, but the cunning business transformed China to be the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and now, the lair of global biological terror.


The boom’s time of China’s industry to employ more than 120 million workers in the export sector, so multiple hundreds of people abandoned the countryside to get the job in the industrial cities. China grew too fast and becomes the world’s second-largest economy. But China’s growth comes from Western loss.

China surpassed the low tide of the revolutionary stage of Mao by the malicious tactics and China also survived after Soviet-Union collapsed by the tactic is lizard changing the color’s skin, the deceived economy’s pattern” the free market is led by socialism” helped China carrying out the global hegemonic dream and waiting for the high tide of revolution coming then China acts. The tiger snake has never changed to python, the evil can not be an angel, so the communist has never changed the character. Unfortunately, the innocent components in Western-made critical mistake by the collaboration with China for many decades ago, now the dire consequence paid.


The plan controls the world in 2025 that crashed after comrade Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election in 2016. The Chinese dream collapsed, the war fights against the global economic terror pushing China into the disaster. The adjusted tariffs of President Donald Trump brings back the fair trade, not trade ties applied by the innocent leaders of Western, particularly, the Democratic President were Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama created the massive job for China in the mainland, but America people lost the job, so the US’s economy was cornered by China.


The convenient time of China is gone after President Donald Trump getting the office on January 20, 2017. China has faced unemployment rate hikes when the export sector declined, the stock market has lost since the trade war, the foreign companies moved out from the mainland or repatriated the homeland. Nevertheless, China’s factories and businesses have suffered the global market down, the products made in China lose the global consumption’s credit, particularly, the poor quality products, poison, contamination and the short life that worsens China’s goods.


The global biological warfare terror of China hits hard Chinese people in the mainland and also threatening China’s Communist Party. The Novel Coronavirus batters the China economy, financial system from the grassroots. The baseless fundament’s economy of China plus the socialism aggravates the worst condition of the largest communist country. Moreover, the products made in China become the global CHINA-PHOBIA, the psychological consumption is very important, but China’s goods lose the credit from the mainland when Chinese people fear the virus, the global consumers stay away from China made. Even China’s Town, Chinese restaurants and Chinese groceries face the phobia in the Western countries.


China loses foreign’s orders, annually, there are more than 62 million foreign tourists fear the virus, China’s tourism industry loses about 4 trillion Yuan, it hurts China’s economy. The foreign factories moved out and they don’t want to risk the lives in the mainland. The crude oil plunged the prices is due to the loss of China’s industry. The Coronavirus threatens China’s communist regime, the biological warfare failed to win the war, instead, the Coronavirus hits China. The fallen communist paradise must fight for survival, while Chinese people’s abhorrence, the world condemns, the disaster is waiting for the collapse of the largest communist regime on the planet.


The cunning businesses of China just arouse some  Western’s wealthy victims as Australia billionaire James Packer who lost $AU 4.2 billion in Macau Casino’s Resort by the bush law of Red Emperor Xi Jinping despite James Packer employed the high roll for Mr. Ming Chai, cousin of Xi Jinping in Crown Casino in Australia. Almost, the profit lover’s businesses in Western-like Mr. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, they have not seen the coffin and not cry yet. However, the global biological weapon of China panics innocent traitors. The dire consequence deserves the profit lover’s businesses deeply involved with the rogue country from many decades ago that pay.


The innocent traitors snub the people, they ordered China’s products to sell into the supermarkets. The profit lover’s companies have bullied Western consumers for a long time. The people have no choice to buy poor quality goods, poison, contamination, and short life products made in China. The garbage products made in China inundated the Western market despite the consumers upset. The Coronavirus teaches the profit lover’s businesses when the consumer’s boycott China made, so the companies sell China’s products must lose the profit from the stock.


The global biological terror of China hits back as a saying” the sword made by China to stab Chinese”. The Coronavirus outbreak also batters China’s industry, the products made in China that appalls the global consumption, the global China phobia will take a long time to forget, certainly, China’s products stuck with the deadly virus Corona that causes the potential damages of the communist regime. The industry and the export sector are the vital facts of  China’s economy. China’s communist regime loses anything when the real face of the rogue country unmasked./.






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