The Conoravirus batters China economy


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China’s economy and financial system crippled after the US launched the war fights against the global economic terror, the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat must beg the deal with the US. The phase 1 agreement is a surrender statement of the largest communist country that conceded the loser. China failed all tactics are buying the time, talking during the fighting, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward. Certainly, the potential commander in chief, the great economic general and the author of The Art of the Deal recognizes the death vulnerability of communist is the economy as a quote of Napoleon Bonarpate reflects” an army marches on its stomach”, so China can not fight with the crippled economy:


Do not fear what the communist does.

Let’s do what the communist fears.


The largest communist paradise also faces the democratic movement in Hong Kong, therefore, Coronavirus is an invisible cohort has struck China in the full-scale battle. The deadly pandemic aggravates the worst situation in the mainland while the totalitarian regime is suffering the mountain debts that was $US 40 trillion in 2017, now the debt escalated. The Coronavirus really threatens the ruthless regime, the pandemic is spreading without control in the mainland. There is no safe place in China, the deadly virus extends the infection everywhere in the mainland, actually, the Chinese tourists and the foreigners visited China are possible to risk life. Almost, the world places in high alert, actually WHO declares the global emergency. The US, Australia, Japan, Europe strictly quarantined its citizens traveled and returned from China, the national budget must spend more to respond to the urgent situation. The foreigners plus diplomats (General Consulate) evacuated and its people to be quarantined carefully in 14 days, the companies in Western strictly advise the employees must stay home 14 days if they returned from China. The deadly Coronavirus deeply affects China’s economy and the world, on February 2nd, 2020, a first patient has died in the Philippines that escalates the nervousness. The US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel has banned foreign nationals visit if they have been in China during the Coronavirus outbreak and those nations warn its citizens do not travel to China. Almost the neighbor countries like Russia, Mongolia, Nepal closed the borders, except some nations as Vietnam (a vassal of China) still welcomes Chinese tourists including the people come from Wuhan, so the world alerts Vietnam should be another hot spot of Coronavirus. The numerous countries infect Coronavirus rise up to 24. While Australia alerts the deadly Coronavirus, therefore, the state of Western Australia of Labor Premier Mark McGowan still favors Chinese tourists to make a profit for the state tourism industry. On February 3, 2020, The West Australian published news:” The WA Department of Health will stop providing daily updates on the number of suspected Coronavirus cases, only committing to provide information to the public if a case is confirmed. A spokeswoman from the Department said previous information on testing had been a “courtesy” to West Australians and that the parameters on what constituted a suspected case were evolving”. So the residents live in Western Australia will not know the threat of Coronavirus when the state government conceals the updated report.


The deadly pandemic of Coronavirus has battered China and spreading worldwide, Obviously,  China’s economy must receive the potential damages and the countries linking with China to follow the economic downturn.


1-In the mainland of China: the central pandemic has started at Wuhan before the Lunar New Year 2020 and it spreads to the other cities. China has at least 31 infected cities, the infected people is up to tens of millions of Chinese people. Recently, on February 3, 2020, a new infected area is Wenzhou, 800 kilometers from Wuhan (the most developed province in China) so the local government closed the roads and ordered the people must stay in their homes.  Unfortunately, China’s health system can not cover the massive patients, so the death toll rises daily. The world, actually, the Western countries have tried to find the vaccine. Therefore, Vietnam’s communist regime announced to find the medicine as the Acting Health Minister Nguyễn Trường Sơn confirmed, it is incredible. Vietnam is like North Korea announced its spaceship landed successfully the sun without cremation, the super astronaut Hung Il Gong was very smart, he flew the spaceship while the sun was sleeping to avoid the heat is up to 15,000,000 Celsius degrees. Certainly, when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth.


-The tourism industry of China disabled, the domestic and international fights suspend, actually, the locked cities become the ghost towns, no shopping, petrol station, but the hospitals overwhelmed the patients. Moreover, the hospitals prioritize to take care of the communist members and families, so the mayhem is uncontainable in the mainland. Annually, the tourism industry fetches about 4 trillion Yuan ( as the report in 2016) or 2.1 % GDP and created 22.5 million jobs. Therefore, Coronavirus destroyed China’s tourism industry.


-China companies and businesses deeply face the disaster, the foreign businesses linking to China received the damages. Certainly, the companies in infected regions must shut down, and the foreign factories moved out, the massive jobless threatens the regime. China’s GDP in 2009 was 6% as the communist government expected, but in 2018 was from 3.6% to 3% during the trade war occurring. Now, the economic situation of China worsens by the Coronavirus. China and the world have not found the vaccine yet, moreover, on February 1st, 2020, once again, the BIRD FLU has appeared in China’s Hunan province at a farm in Shaoyang city. The virus H5N1 infected 18,000 chicken and 4,500 chicken died. So China’s communist regime must deal with two pandemics at the same time. Moreover, last year, 2019, the Swine flu killed more than half of pig’s pollution in the mainland. Chinese people quote” a lucky just comes one time, but the disaster strikes many times”.


The loss of trade war shrinks China’s ambition, before the Coronavirus’s outbreak, China predicts the annual growth in 2020 is 5%, but now, China can not keep the figure, even though, the economic growth downed to the bottom. Certainly, the mountain debt builds up, the largest communist paradise on the planet facing the disaster. The global hegemonic ambition of China declined by the Coronavirus cohort, certainly, the greedy Chinese dream failed, the plan of one belt and one road plus the piratical station built and militarized in the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific that ruined by Coronavirus.


2-The global economy: China joined the free market and later WTO from many decades ago, the scam economic pattern” the free market is led by socialism” has deceived the innocent politicians and the naïve businesses in the Western. Indeed, doing business with China being risked, moreover, China has never respected international law, instead of the bush law applying to rob the business persons as Australian billionaire James Packer lost $AU 4.2 billion by China in Casino Resort at Macau. The countries, companies, and businesses in Western deeply involved with China must face the dire consequence that that is inevitable.


-The major airline companies suffer the loss after the Western governments and the other countries restrict the fights to China and the tourists come from China. There are more than 34 airline companies that suspended flights to China. So the world isolates China to deal with the Coronavirus spread.


-The main cruise lines face the same situation, the US operator Royal Caribbean Cruises canceled three trips scheduled in February 2020, the share of its company dropped about 10%. The Carnival Corporation travels from New York to London must land at Italian port in Civitavecchia to quarantine 6,000 passengers. The share of Norwegian Cruise Line Holding lost 5% in the Stock Market in New York.


-The hotel industry, restaurants, and entertainment follow the loss of customers, actually, the businesses are operating in China.


The world panics deadly pandemic Coronavirus while the situation in China worsens, the death toll increases daily and the infected patient escalates. China can not escape the unpredictable loss, the Coronavirus causes the world sanctions against the pandemic in China. The big loss of China’s stock market declined, China’s stock market tumbled and the companies related to China couldn’t escape the damages. The world prepares to deal when China collapsed, it is possible as Soviet-Union and Eastern Europe Communist Bloc happened in the early 1990s./.





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