The Communism has become the most human disaster


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The mayhem’s situation in Venezuela becomes the hottest incident in the world with a million people in Venezuela rejected the communism, they stand up and protest against the dictatorial regime of President Nicholas Madura continuing to apply the socialism carrying out by President Hugo Chavez imposed to its country from 1999 and now, the poverty causes the people to stand up against the obsolete economy’s pattern. Karl Marx poisoned the world with his crazy idea. Therefore, Karl Marx’s theory is as a pie on the sky as a former high profile’s communist of Soviet Union Boris Yeltsin warned the innocent component, actually the young people. The communism suits for the dishonest, Lenin who transformed the foolish theory of Karl Marx into the reality from October 1917. The world complicated by Karl Marx who is the mastermind of the most genocide on the planet.


The communism is the most human disaster since Karl Marx wrote the books teaching the killing, robber and enslave the people. He is considered as the mastermind of communism, and Karl Marx became the angel of communist, his statue and portrait placed into the solemn positions in the communist regime of China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba…


1- Karl Marx is dishonest: when someone has no food, accommodation, and money that you help. Therefore, the recipient has no gratefulness, instead, they want to kill and rob you, do you accept it? In England, Karl Marx and his family received the income support from a wealthy man Frederick Engels, but Karl Marx wrote the books as Capitalism teaching the dishonest to kill the wealthy component. On the other hand, Karl Marx was the most traitor, the dregs in human society. Actually, everyone couldn’t trust and listen to a dishonest, a robber, even a thief. There are only dishonest following the theory of Karl Marx. His books teach the dishonest have become the most human disaster, the Communist Manifesto, Capitalism, and Historical Materialism are the evil bibles.


2- The genocide theory: The genocide theory labels under the title of revolution, socialism and” a pie in the sky” is the communist paradise became the argument of the dishonest as such as Lenin in Russia, Mao Tse Tung in China, Hổ Chí Minh in Vietnam, Kim Il Sung in North Korea, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Pol Pot in Cambodia and the other massive killers on the planet have created the bloodshed since Karl Marx proposed his books.


3- The practice: In reality, the communist has no right to tell about the honesty, it is like a robber tells about morality and virtue or recently, a pupil of Karl Marx is Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi lies the border protection reflects the wall, she labeled” the wall is immoral”… Therefore, the communist has applied the malicious tactics to carry out the purpose:


- The propaganda sticks with terrorization: The communist advocates the lie, cheat and falsity. If the propaganda has no terrorization, the Karl Marx’s pupil couldn’t succeed, indeed, the people boycott or kick the dishonest out from the society. In the communist regime, the killing, jail or spiritual terror are the keys to remaining the inhuman regime.


- The label of People: Despite, the communist is genocide, therefore, they always exploit the People’s label as the curtain of the regime. Mostly, in China names nation is the People’s Republic of China, North Korea is The Democratic People Republic of Korea, Laos is the Lao People’s Democratic Republic….although Vietnam communist has not used the People for the national title, but they have the People’s army of Vietnam.


- Karl Marx purposed to destroy the human history: his evil book” Historical Materialism” concludes the human being derived from the Ape, indeed, Karl Marx and its followers have no evidence supported the claim. No one authorizes to impose the original human came from a kind of money, but there are only Karl Marx and the followers believe and forced the people living into the communist regime to comply.


- The class struggle: the communist always wants the social division, the hated campaign currently launches, mostly, whoever has a different stance, they are the enemy of the so-called counter-revolutionary. In the communist countries as China, Vietnam, North Korea, and the others, the class struggle carried out by the bloodshed, the social purge become the genocide campaign, actually, the landlord reform aim to the wealthy, landowner and intellectuals named the thugs, the victims killed and family suffered the three generations being treated as the second citizen or the enemy family of revolution.


In the Western countries, when the leftist as Barrack Obama leads the US, he couldn’t raise the bloodshed as the communist regime, but Barrack Obama applied the class struggle forms as gender (the same-sex-marriage legislation), racial war revived between the Black and White. President Barrack Obama brainwashed the US people in 8 years, he is the cause of the US divided.


4- The dire consequence of communism:


- In the communist countries: Since Lenin transformed the crazy theory of Karl Marx to reality, the communism causes the deaths of more than 100 million people and a billion people lost freedom. Despite the Europe Communist Bloc including Soviet-Union eliminated the inhumane regimes, but in Asia, China gathered the vestiges are Vietnam, North Korea, Laos. The communist’s peril is not over yet, China leads the evil to attack the world into the Cool War.


- The leftist and left media in Western: The left media has terrorized the people mind by misleading the public, releasing the fake news and fabricated stories. The left media terror is the domestic thug of the people, the democratic countries need to fight against the media terror has developed under the forms of media companies, the journalists without a brain, the reporters have no heart, they are the Karl Marx’s pupils inserted into the mainstream.


The communism and socialism are the siblings, the dishonest advocate the genocide, robbery, cheat and lie. The social dregs promoted themselves the revolutionist in a communist country and progressive component in the democratic states. The left political parties are keen to apply the socialism into the democratic countries, they have carried out socialism in the wrong places, the propaganda without terrorization is like the tiger has no teeth. The demagogic policy just helps the left parties rule the government for a limited term, therefore, the debt and the fallen national solutions are the disasters.


The communism is the most disaster of the human history, so the world needs to eliminate the evil. The people need to stand up in the communist regimes like China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba and now Venezuela…in the democratic countries, the people boycott the left media terror’s companies. President Donald Trump quotes:” From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure.


Karl Marl supported the atheism, he considered the religion is the enemy by a quote” religion is the opium of the people”. Therefore, the communist is the barbarous evil, the communism is like a cake picture painting the beautiful color, it is not real as Boris Yeltsin recognized” the pie in the sky”, but in the Western, the innocent people believe it is real and wants to eat, unfortunately, the communist theory cheats. Nevertheless, Karl Marx’s theory just fits for the dishonest, so the dregs of human society labeled themselves the descendant of the ape and raised the most genocide on the planet. The dishonest media, they are the left media destroyed the mainstream by the fake news and fabricated stories, they are the media terrorists attacking the people mind and misleading the people, poisoning the public. It is a form a brainwash applies in the democratic countries.


Venezuela’s crisis signals the communism and Karl Marx’s theory are going to end on the planet. The people live in communist countries learning the lesson of Venezuela to fight for freedom, democracy. The people power is invincible, the evil couldn’t win the God, the dictatorial regime couldn’t remain forever, so the inhumane regimes have to eliminate from the human community. Actually, the left media to be unmasked after long term misled the public./.








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