The China phobia made by China communist


Posted on February 15, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Chinese people are not China’s communist, neither Maoist or any kind of Marxism-Leninist. Therefore, the Ape super gang robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949, the Communism labeled Maoist is like the deadly pandemic has infected in the mainland, the Maoist epidemic killed more than 65 million Chinese people from 1949 to 1976 by a superbug Mao Tse Tung and the deadly pandemic infected 1.4 billion people in the mainland. Moreover, the viral Maoist has spread worldwide by the infected overseas students to study in Western countries. Mostly, China’s overseas students come from the Red noble class in China, their families infected by viral Maoist, so China’s student could transmit the deadly viral Maoist to the students in Western universities, high school and society. The Western countries need to quarantine strictly the overseas student come from the infected states like Vietnam, China, Laos, Cuba…The business education helps viral Maoist spread into universities in the Western.


In the mainland, the viral Maoist spread into multiple stages of Great Leap Forward, Hundred of Flowers, Landlord Reform, Culture Revolution. Moreover, in the viral stage of Deng Xiaoping, there were tens of thousands of Chinese people killed in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The viral Maoist spread worldwide with the Maoist rebels in India, Nepal, South America, the Philippines. Unfortunately, the United Nations ignored the deadly pandemic called Maoist. Nowadays, the victims of viral Maoist estimates a hundred million people killed in China. So viral Maoist is the most dangerous pandemic on the planet.


China’s mainland becomes the viral Communism or viral Maoist, moreover, China also the paradise of the epidemics as SARS, Bird flu, Swine flu and recently the Novel Coronavirus’s outbreak to threaten Chinese people and the world.


The viral Communism or viral socialism, viral Maoist in China are the” comrades” of deadly pandemics. Since viral Maoist has appeared in China, Chinese people become the victims, moreover, the viral Communism or viral Socialism products to create for the deadly viruses, because the communist paradise is keen to use the human’s excrement as the essential fertilizer on the farm plus the unhygienic food that conducts the pandemics thrive. Nowadays, the world has CHINA-PHOBIA that comes from viral Maoist and deadly pandemics.


-The viral Maoist silently has infiltrated the world, including the Western and the US, although Western countries are not the land of viral Communism or Communism free but the trade trap, debt trap, the government trap to help the viral Maoist developed and harming the national security, national interest. The viral Maoist is a sibling with viral Socialism that brings by the left parties and left media and infecting the innocent people, actually, the young generations easily be infected by viral Socialism.


The viral Socialism has transmitted from innocent people to the naïve persons in Western and infected society, the Socialism pandemic silently outbreaks, it conducts the social mayhem. The socialism patients lose the mind, they become human robots, so the socialism patients often protest, actually, the hoax climate change highlights the socialism syndrome in the Western. The prominent patient of socialism’s hoax climate change is the Swedish teenage Greta Thunberg who talks and acts without concern as a human-robot. The socialists steal the future of Greta Thunberg, unfortunately, her parents didn’t recognize it, instead, they are proud.


-The viral Maoist hides the global hegemonic ambition, it develops into the disputed waters in Indochina Pacific and one belt-one road’s plan.


-The viral Maoist has attacked the world’s economy by the global economic terror since Maoist joined the free market and later WTO.


-The products made in viral Maoist harming human health, mostly, the products made in China matched the unhygienic process, poor quality, poison contamination, and short life. The world has China-phobia for a long time the China’s products and food. The profit lovers in Western helped viral Maoist spread the harmful products to its people, they are the innocent traitors. China succeeded in the trade trap by the profit lovers (the companies, businesses) in the mainland and offshore China’s companies share with the Western companies.


The viral Maoist eliminated by the democratic vaccine in Taiwan, Hong Kong, therefore, some infected patients appeared like Hong Kong Executive Leung Chun-Ying, Carrie Lam failed to develop the viral Maoist. In the US, Senator Bernie Sanders is the patient of viral socialism, but the US people quarantine.


In Australia, the viral Maoist penetrated into multiple government levels, actually the House of Representatives and Senate (federal and state). The ASIO, the Australian government may quarantine some infected viral Maoist as Senator Penny Wong and MP Gladys Liu, and the politicians do the business or working with China’s companies. When the people see any politician protects as Australian Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, certainly, they are infected by viral Maoist. The corruption helps viral Maoist corners the counterparts after the politicians infected.


The infected Communism exposed on the left media, the major infected patients are The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NBC, MSNBC,…and in Australia has ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten, SBS…in the United Kingdom has The Guardian, BBC…even Vietnamese language’s media being infected by the viral Communism like Người Việt News, Việt Báo in South California, Cali Today in San Jose, SBTN…Vietnamese people overseas quarantine the left media in their language and boycott them. The movie stars and pop singers in Hollywood have struck by viral Communism, so they lose the mind and blinding to follow the viral Democrats. The US people have phobia on the left entertainment workers.


    The world has no phobia Chinese people, but strong phobia against China’s Communist Party, the viral Communism transmitted from the Ape of Karl Marx to human-like the world has no Islamophobia, but the Sharia phobia threatening to wipe out the culture, social valuation in the Western countries. The people suppose the Novel Coronavirus comes from the bats and wild animal’s meat or China’s failed to create the biological warfare and Coronavirus leaked to kill Chinese people before attacking the US and Western. Whatever The Novel Coronavirus derived from viral Maoist.


    The viral Communism brought by the Ape and renamed Maoist. So Bird flu, Swine flu, and the recent Novel Coronavirus made in China. Chinese people need to quarantine the viral Maoist that is the master of deadly pandemics in the mainland. The countries deeply infected by viral Maoist in the trade, free trade agreement, the currency swap agreement have received the dire consequences after the Coronavirus outbreak that comes from viral Maoist. The world rushes to find the vaccine to stop the Coronavirus, but Chinese people acquired the democratic vaccine to expel the viral Maoist, so Chinese people can apply to save themselves and the country. The Maoist vaccine was all ready to use./.






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