The characters of socialism are burglary and robbery


Posted on September 24, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The communism referred by the dishonest Karl Marx who angered the society during dealing with the jobless. As the social routine, the good and concerned people try to find the work to improve the living condition while facing the adversity. Therefore, the dishonest robs, thieves, cheats and making the frauds. Karl Marx represents the dishonesty in high level, he wrote the books teaching the dishonest how to rob, thieve to revenge his personal situation. Karl Marx’s books became the evil theory, those have created the most human’s disaster on the planet. Karl Marx’s teaching the genocide, robbery, and burglary’s component how to reason for escape the serious crimes against humanity. Instead of the felons pride by the labels of revolution, class struggle, social reform, forwarding the communist paradise and the other titles to cover the crimes. Moreover, Karl Marx represents the worst betrayer, he didn’t discriminate the targets to purge the wealthy people including Friedrich Engels who was the capitalist despite Engels supported the income for Karl Marx’s family to the rest of life in London. Whoever follows the dishonest that matches a French proverb quotes” dis moi qui tu fréquentes, Je te dirais qui tu es”. The leftists, the left parties and the left media are Karl Marx’s pupils. They are the comrades, sibling with the communist, unfortunately, the socialism dishonest have appeared everywhere on the planet, so the world always faces the complication.


The communism is a high level’s form of dishonesty, the communist is the social dregs, the culprits of most genocide on the planet is communist since Lenin succeeded the Ape Revolution on October 1917, the Karl Marx’s pupils killed more than 100 million people and enclaving a billion people.


The characters of socialism and communism reflect on a speech of Mr. Nguyễn Hộ, member of the central communist party, a close comrade with Hồ Chí Minh. After the Vietcong’s Ape super gang claimed an unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, Mr. Nguyễn Hộ told his comrades at Saigon’s Town Hall:” their house, we occupy- their wife, we take and their children, we enclave”. The so- called communism is just the dishonesty that protected by Karl Marx’s theory. The key characters of socialism are robbery and burglary, mostly, the communist, leftist and the left parties in Western have carried out the robbery and burglary, those exposed on multiple forms.


1- The burglary has applied flexibly into the multiple fields, even Mao Tse Tung who stole Karl Marx’s theory by his Maoist as a counterfeit product in the mainland. Chinas’ Ape Super gang stole capitalism’s economic method by the title:” the free market is led by socialism”. Mao Tse Tung was the shameless burglar, but China communist party always praises Mao is the great leader.


- China stole the technology of Western, the burglary’s mission has applied from the cyber spy, the espionage agents (China’s student, business), Huawei’s telecommunication company owned by the People’s Liberation Army, the well- known cyber spy unit 61389 threatens the world.


- Vietcong regime is the close vassal of China, the burglary has become the social habit. The burglars appeared everywhere from the central communist party to society, the burglars target anything including the excrement (it uses for farmland) and Uncle Ho’s Fish Pond, so in Vietnam, the people have a proverb” socialism is the toilet must closure”. Moreover, in Vietnam, the excrement market at Cổ Nhuế, the suburb of Hanoi, the resident collect the excrement and selling in the market. Someone created the fake excrement and Vietnam police, Public Security guard and local government arrest and fine.


- The burglars are communist high ranking, mostly the wage of the top jobs in China, Vietnam and the other communist countries are as the dole in Western, therefore, they are billionaires and millionaires.


- The people doubt President Bill Clinton who stole two billion dollars from Haiti Earth quake’s relief fund. The hoax charity organization’s Clinton Foundation stole the money of the taxpayers from the wealthy countries to the poor states as Bangladesh couldn’t escape the claw of this leftist family in the US.


- The socialist president Hugo Chavez’s daughter is Maria Gabriela Chavez who has $USD 4.197 billion in her bank account in Andorra and the United States. Certainly, Hugo Chavez stole Venezuela’s sweat.


- There are many leftist families as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, senior Senator Dianne Gold Berman Feinstein, former Vice President Joe Biden’s family, and the others became millionaires and billionaires…actually, former President Barrack Obama who just bought Martha’s Vineyard Mansion is worth $USD 14.9 million, where is the money?


The high level’s burglars have plenty in China, Vietnam, the US (Democrats Party) and the left parties. The people could know whoever made millionaire or billionaire without testimony the sources of the income, they are burglars.


2- The robbery has occurred in the communist regime, the Ape Super gang officially robbed the assets of the people by the labels of revolution, social reform, the class struggle, socialism. The robbers pride their crime and forced the victims to work as a slave in the so- called communist paradise. The robbers sent money to Western and they also purchased the luxury properties, sending the children studying overseas and late, the robbers migrate to the Western countries under the family reunion scheme, the business and skill migrant. The Western countries made a critical mistake on the negligent immigration policy, so the robbers, burglars escaped serious crimes and finding the wealthy life in the democratic countries.


Once again, China communist regime conspires to rob the assets of Hong Kong people by the extradition’s bill of henchman Carrie Lam. The communist always applies the propaganda and terrorization into the robbery. If Hong Kong people have not actioned by the massive protects since June 2019, China will terrorize the people and later, Beijing will rob the assets as the Ape super gang did in the mainland from 1949.


The communist government unofficially advocates supporting corruption, stealing the public assets despite the leaders often call to fight against corruption. The anti- corruption in the communist regime just apply to hostile rivals. In democratic countries, when the left party rules the government, Karl Marx’s pupil flags the corruption and setting up the safety net with the dishonest judges to protect the wrongdoers, so in the US, President Barrack Obama succeeded to deploy the democratic judges in the legal system, the democratic judges are the legal thugs distort the justice and waive the crimes of their comrades./.




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