The biological terror of China hits its party


Posted on February 26, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Novel Coronavirus really threatens Chinese people, actually, China’s Communist Party adds more the people’s abhorrence after the death toll and the infected population increased without control. The world and Chinese people suspect China’s Communist Party conspires “ the global biological warfare terror” to destroy the US and democratic countries to carry out the global hegemonic ambition. Unfortunately, the Novel Coronavirus hits China and killed Chinese people as a saying” the sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. China’s communist regime panics The Coronavirus outbreak, actually, Red Emperor Xi Jinping perplexes the solution and he also falls into the nervous state while the deadly virus spreading throughout China. The demagogic propaganda plus the mouthful speech of China’s communist leader couldn’t expel the Coronavirus from the mainland.


Whatever, the Novel Coronavirus made in China and spreading so far worldwide, unfortunately, China’s communist is irresponsible that shows the inhumane regime ruling the mainland from 1949 by barbarous methods and propaganda.


The obscurantism succeeded to transform major population matches a French proverb is” le mouton de Panurge”, so Chinese people live in the mainland accept the totalitarian regime while the people in Europe eliminated the Communism from the early 1990s at Russia, Eastern Europe Communist states. Therefore, the communism survived in Asia, actually, China has bluffed the innocent politicians in the Western by the cheat’s economic pattern:” the free market is led by socialism”. The low-democratic level in communist countries like China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea couldn’t change the situation, the obscurantism affected the people’s mind, so the fighting for democracy has slowed.


However, the Coronavirus outbreak debunked the demagogic regime in China. The death toll and infected population plus the deadly virus Coronavirus spread throughout China and the virus without borders has invaded the world from Chinese tourists, including the people returned from the largest communist paradise, the goods made in China is possible to carry the virus.


Almost, China’s economy and financial system in China disabled, the transport paralyzed from the domestic and international flights, the economic facilities have suffered the disaster. The urgent situation affected China’s politics while Chinese people knew the deadly pandemic comes from the Ape super gang. The patchy solution of China’s communist regime is like using a common cold tablet to cure terminal cancer. The propaganda and treatment of pandemic by slogans are useless, the psychological warfare that couldn’t save Chinese people and the regime faces the risk. Indeed, the Coronavirus pandemic does need an effective vaccine, therefore, W.H.O predicts the vaccine will take at least 18 months. The slow response and concealment of China’s communist regime that aggravates the worst situation in China, actually, the center of a pandemic in Wuhan. Eventually, China’s communist regime must confirm the pandemic after more than half of the Chinese population locked down and the death toll increases daily. China has provided about 100 billion Yuan or 11 billion pounds by China’s Deputy Finance Minister Ou Wenhan to respond to the urgent situation in Wuhan, it is too late. The money without a vaccine that can not save people’s life.


The Coronavirus cohort forces China’s Communist Party must postpone the National People’s Congress to attend for every March of the year. The hundreds of black head’s hair Representatives fear Coronavirsu despite they are the most powerful persons in China. Beijing and W.H.O couldn’t lie the world about the Coronavirus declined while the death toll and infected population increase. The contradiction of W.H.O and China’s propaganda machine debunked.


The deadly virus really threatens the world, the reinfection occurred in the mainland and the former patients immunized after the treatment but the virus can transmit to the human, it is so strange and dangerous, the global biological warfare terror made in China will affect from 60% to 80% the world’s population. In Europe, the close counterpart of China in Italy, member of the one belt and one road has suffered the infected citizen increases up to 1,000 cases and 11 deaths, and Europe alerts, actually, the travel’s advice applies the infected region in Italy. On February 26, 2020, the luxury resort of Spanish is Canary Island panics after the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel in Tenerife discovered an Italian doctor on holiday who tested positive for Coronavirus and more than 1,000 people to be locked down in their room.


The close comrade of China is Iran faces the Coronavirus, an Iranian Mayor struck by a virus, two shools shut, despite Iran’s regime concealed but Iran’s semi-official news agency released the report in Iran, there are 50 people died by Coronavirus in the city of Qom this month (February 2020). But the Iranian government lied, they reported 15 people died and 95 infected cases. Moreover, on February 26, 2020, Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi has tested positive for Coronavirus.


South Korea reported the infected people jumped from 433 on February 24, 2020, to  833 on February 25, 2020 ( it is just a day) and on February 26, 2020, there are more than 1,000 infected cases and 11 people died. Therefore, it is incredible when Vietnam declared effective treatment in 16 cases and 15 cases recovered, but Vietnam still opens the border and the noble citizen of China freely come to Vietnam including the tourists arrived from Wuhan. Vietcong regime is like its great master China to apply the concealment, so the world and foreign tourists to be careful when they come to the other communist paradise in Vietnam.


Eventually, China permitted the delegate of W.H.O to enter Wuhan but W.H.O does nothing, except the report and waiting for the vaccine. The world panics the viral monstrosity made in China, the biological weapon exposes the global hegemonic ambition of China’s Communist Party. Unfortunately, the dangerous war game of Red Emperor Xi Jinping that hits Chinese people and China’s Communist Party. The Coronavirus wakes Chinese people, the communist paradise is just a pie in the sky but China is the paradise of virus and deadly pandemics like SARS, Bird flu, Swine flu, and now Coronavirus. China’s Communist Party is the master of pandemics and viruses. The world has China-phobia, it is not racist, but the pandemics cause the world fears to contact with Chinese people to come from the mainland while the world treats normally with Chinese people come from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore. The Novel Coronavirus perpetuates and influences the long term of China-phobia when China’s Communist Party is still ruling in the mainland, the China phobia will reduce and stop after the inhumane regime collapsed./.





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