The beautiful coffin contains Huawei body


Posted on December 27, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Huawei is dead after President Donald Trump granted the death certificate for the giant telecommunication company owned by the killing machine called the People’s Liberation Army. The human-robot army was the backbone of China’s communist regime to activate the bloodshed campaigns under Mao Tse Tung’s rule, it caused more than 65 million Chinese people killed in the mainland from 1949 to 1976,  actually, the Tiananmen Square, Red Emperor Deng Xiaoping massacred tens of thousands of people. The People’s Liberation Army is the actual tool of China’s communist regime to involve genocide and human rights violation.


Huawei carries out the business and spy mission, the unit 61389 is the well-known cyber spy of the People’s Liberation Army. The US, allies and the world recognize China’s cyber spy mission arrayed in Huawei’s devices, actually, China propagates the new technology of 5G and trying to convince the counterparts to involve the telecommunication. Therefore, the verbal guarantee of China’s communist regime couldn’t trust, the expert communist quotes” do not trust what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did”. China’s products are very good on advertising but, the global consumers knew China’s products match the poor quality, poison, contamination. Actually, the short-life products that upset the consumers, China knew the negative character of their products but China couldn’t fix it.  The problem comes from rotten socialism exposing on the negligent work, but the best report. Moreover, China silently advocates short-life products to solve the massive jobless, it is the death vulnerability of the Red dynasty. China doesn’t care about the people and the consumers, but the number one priority to keep the totalitarian regime remains. So China sacrificed productive credit for political purposes. The cheap prices but the poor quality of China’s products couldn’t favor the global market. On the other hand, psychological consumption is among the production, the credit’s loss could take a long time to restore.


The global hegemonic ambition urges China’s communist regime to involve the arms race, the space race, actually the economic race has carried out by the global economic terror. The Chinese dream is bigger than the capacity, China must solve the lacking of the invention by stolen technology and applying malicious methods in the global market. Huawei founded on September 15, 1987, at Shenzhen by a former military officer Ren Zhengfei. Huawei developed faster and spreading worldwide. Indeed, the devices of Huawei belong to the US, Europe companies as an Asian saying” borrow a  pig head to cook soup”. The technical vulnerability becomes the unsolved problem of Huawei after the major companies of the US and Europe cut the equipment’s provision, actually, Huawei can not access Google, Facebook (can not open). Despite Huawei released the Mate 30 Pro Android Smartphone, but the consumers know Huawei is like a dead body contains in the beautiful coffin.


China can not rescue Huawei because technology belongs to the Western, actually, Google, Facebook, and the internet are the keys of smartphone users. So Huawei’s devices disabled and no-one wants to buy the useless smartphone including the computer. The left media failed to convince consumers to trust Huawei. The financial difficulty and the global market lose pushing Huawei into the peril. Therefore, founder Ren Zhengfei lied to the people and the world. Obviously, in early 2019, he said Huawei doesn’t rely on the government aid. Indeed Huawei received $USD 75 billion from China’s communist government that subjects financial assistance while Huawei is underway to collapse. China’s communist regime is rescuing Huawei on the tax and the employee’s wage subsidy plus the raw materials. China couldn’t conceal the disaster of its giant telecommunication company and the left media failed to cheat the consumers by the advertising about the good devices, but the people know the major services disabled.


The victim countries of trade ties, the free trade agreement with China alert the cyber spy’s ware installing in Huawei’s devices. It is no doubt and Huawei’s boss couldn’t sophisticate about China’s government commands Huawei. However, the left parties in Western as the Australian Labor Party, Senator Penny Wong promised to admit Huawei operates 5G in the federal election held on May 18, 2019, while the Coalition government banned, moreover, annually, the Australian government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy.


After  President Donald Trump banned Huawei and also issued the executive orders to cut the services and the equipment provided by the US companies. In May 2019, Huawei lost 50% of the smartphone business and in July 2019, Huawei suffered a heavy loss of $USD 30 billion of revenue. China knows their major business and the den of cyber spy crippled, therefore, Beijing has tried to revive the carcass of Huawei by any solution including the financial aid and subsidy. Unfortunately, Huawei is dead and its credit will take a long time to restore, actually, the internet providers belong to the US. The economic battle decided the winner is the US./.






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