The asylum seekers export the Australian government


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There is no one invite the asylum seeker to enter the other country, but the asylum seeker is like an intruder, they are the criminals, the law school and the judge couldn’t protect the illegal intruder, so the legal system confirms an illegal entering a property breaking the law. Therefore, in 2017 Victoria Supreme Court Justice Cameron Macaulay ordered the Australian government paid $USD 70 million for the illegal intruders in Nauru’s detention center as compensation and Slater & Gordon law firm earned $USD 20 million of legal fees. The intruders to be treated as honest, so Victoria Supreme Court Justice Cameron Macaulay abandoned the basic knowledge in the law school and he also humiliated the legal system in Australia plus the justice of Commonwealth. The people doubt Justice Cameron Macaulay should collude with the law firm Gordon & Slater flagged to win the illicit cases if not, the law firm Gordon & Slater didn’t get $AUD 20 million of the legal fee. Certainly, the money comes from the taxpayers, not Justice Cameron Macaulay. When a judge distorts the career, the justice destroyed and the legal system ruined.


On June 2019, the Justice of Federal Court Mordecai Bromberg ordered the government to comply with the Medivac (or Medictrash) of dogtor LGBT Kerry Phelps before the new parliament opens on July 2019, it is the political game played by Labor Justice of Federal Court Mordecai Bromberg, despite the author of Medivac bill lost the federal election on May 18, 2019, because the people rejected the garbage bill. Certainly, the judges are Cameron Macaulay and Mordecai Bromberg knew the asylum seekers are the illegal intruders, but the judges ignored and protected the criminals. What did they study in law school? What do they do in the court? Where is the mind of those judges? The Australian’s legal system to be destroyed by the ill-justice judges.


The illegal migrant shattered and divided Europe, the US, actually, Labor government ruled by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard from 2007 to 2013, the border unleashed that helped more than 50,000 asylum seekers came and the people smugglers made the profit, the taxpayers wasted tens of billion dollars, therefore, the asylum seeker is not over yet. Despite Labor Party is no longer rule the Australian government after the general election 2013, therefore, the illegal migrant has not solved yet, annually, the government spent hundreds of million dollars at an offshore detention center in Nauru. Moreover, the Australian Labor Party has no responsibility, they turned the face by using the asylum seeker to attack the Coalition as the Medivac bill. On the other hand, the Australian Labor Party acts as an arson, after the house fire, the arson escapes the crime and shifting the responsibility to firefighters. Labor Party has played the maliciously political game on the illegal intruders. Therefore, everyone knew Labor is the culprit of asylum seeker’s wave.


The Australia taxpayers spent a lot of money on the illegal migrant but the so-called Refugee Action Group, Human Rights lawyers, Labor and Greens Party activate the government accepts the unknown people resettle in Australia while the terrorist threat and the taxpayers wasted.


The illegal migrant’s supporters have never paid a cent to the fake refugees, instead, the taxpayers spent and the people smugglers make the profit. An asylum seeker names Abdullah Zalghani comes from Syria, in 2011, he and his wife with the children bought the airfare and came to Indonesia then they paid the people smugglers to sail to Australia in 2013. Certainly, Abdullah Zalghani and family are not refugees, they safely arrived in Indonesia by airplane while most refugees must escape from their own country, the life being threatened and the refugee has never returned to where they escaped bidding the freedom when the condemned regime still rules in the country.


His family detained on Christmas Island and later they came to Nauru. In 2016, a family of Abdullah Zalghani resettled in Cambodia. Recently, Abdullah Zalghani has complained the Australian government granted $AUD 89,000 that is not enough to pay for the education health insurance of children is $AUD 38,000, previously, the Australian government paid $AUD 60,000. How much will the Australian government pay for Abdullah Zalghani? What did he contrite Australia?


The illegal migrant is like cancer in the immigration’s policy, Australia Labor Party is the culprit but they passed the problem to the Coalition government. The dumped deal argued between the US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about the refugee exchange left over from President Barrack Obama while President Donald Trump releasing the travel ban’s executive order. In 2014, the Australian government reached the agreement with the Cambodian government, therefore, there were only two asylum seekers volunteered to resettle in Cambodia that cost $AUD 55 million of the taxpayers, it is incredible.


The incident excites Mr. Dan Mori who was a former lawyer of David Hicks. Lawyer Dan Mori succeeded the case, so Davis Hicks traveled from Guantanamo Bay to Australia’s prison that cost the Australian taxpayers $AUD 800,000. Once again, lawyer Dan Mori visited Abdullah Zalghani and he should file the lawsuit against the Australian government or taking the instructions to extort the money from the Australian government. If lawyer Dan Mori wins the case, the Australia taxpayers will compensate or pay more for a family of Abdullah Zalghani, certainly, lawyer Dan Mori will earn the legal fees, it is the wonderful job.


There is just an asylum seeker claimed and extort the money if this case succeeded as judge Cameron Macaulay’s ordered government compensated $AUD 70 million plus $USD 20 million paid the legal fees for Slater & Gordon law firm. So the Australia government will spend more money on the illegal intruders.


The Human Rights is a farce, the United Nations and the innocent people couldn’t distinguish between the refugee and asylum seeker as a stupid pet lover considers the tiger snake and python are the reptiles. The Human Rights turn Human Wrong ./.







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