The Asylum seeker army has invaded the Western


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Human history witnessed the major conquests from the strong countries to the weak nations. The most invasions described and remembered in the world history: Greece urban began from 8th BC expanded the empire in the Mediterranean basin, actually, in 5th to 4th century BC, the region being engaged into the Greco- Persian War, the prominent conqueror was Alexander Great. The Roman empire spread the invasion, but in the 13th century, the prominent appearance of the Mongol Empire occupied China and central Europe. Nevertheless, the golden era of colonization came from the wealthy countries in Europe that changed the world.


In Asia, China dynasties often threatened the neighbor, in the days of yore, they invaded and wiped out the cultures of the small states, the last military invasions carried out by China communist in 1950, China occupied Tibet and Sinkiang Uighur. Despite the military invasion’s era was gone, but China communist regime has never given up the global hegemonic ambition, nowadays, China becomes the most threat in the world. The rapaciousness of China that exposes on the plan of one belt and one road, actually, China illegally built the artificial islands and militarized that create the tension in the region. Common sense exposes the invasion’s characters:


- The strong, wealthy and developed countries invade the small and weak nations.


- The most invasion carried out by the military force.


- The conquering army was well trained and well organized.


- The conquering army always had the commanders.


Nowadays, the Western countries have faced the asylum seeker army invade. It overturns the colonial period. Before Europe’s nations colonized the weak and small states and nowadays, the poor nations have invaded the Western countries.


The asylum seeker army has no weapon, neither the commanders and training, but the illegal migrant army is really threatening the Western countries. The unarmed army has invaded the Western by the bare hand, but it is very dangerous for the economy, society, actually the national security has been endangered when the unknown people arriving under the label of human rights. Certainly, behind the asylum seeker army, there are the people smuggling, the gangs, the drug syndicates, the felons, the terrorist and espionage agents have exploited humanity to invade. Mostly, the world dislikes the invaders including the United Nation oppose and even condemn the invasion, therefore, the asylum seeker army has been endorsed and heled by:


1- The United Nations: the asylum seeker army labeled the human rights to carry out the invasion. The United Nations flag the illegal migrant army by pressuring the members to accept the undocumented people without any condition. On the other hand, the UN has no responsibility, they ignore the taxpayers and the security threat of the members. When a terrorist attacked, the UN just condemn and continue to push the members to get the asylum seekers. The ill- concern of United Nations causes the members to distrust the most credible organization on the planet.


2- The domestic thugs inside the Western countries: Mostly, the people unite when the foreigner invades. Whoever collaborates and helps the invader, they are traitors, the treasonous crime and the people condemn are inevitable. Therefore, the traitors have never punished, instead, they strongly support the unarmed army. The traitors are:


- The left parties: everywhere, the left parties always ally with the asylum seeker army. In Europe has the Labor Party in the UK, Socialist Party in France, Australian Labor Party, the Greens Party (Garbage Party)…in the US has Democrats always support the illegal migrant army. Mostly, the left parties knew the unknown people could threaten the national security and society being endangered, but they put the personal favor, party and the faction’s interest above the country. The ballot wins over the national interest. It is the treasonous character of the left parties.


- The innocent people: they are the hypocritical component, they have not distinguished between the asylum seeker and the refugee. Moreover, the allies of the asylum seeker are the ethnic communities in the Western countries, they blindly support the compatriot and pressuring the government eases the immigration policy. In Australia, the Refugee Action Group often abuse the government by the protests against the border protection policy, the riots and the detention camp burnt down that is the outcome of the false refugee’s support.


- The human rights lawyers are the actual helpers the asylum seeker army. The human rights lawyers are the farce, the legal services are not free, so the human rights lawyers help the invaders with the taxpayers. The asylum seeker could use the legal system and the taxpayers to carry out the invasion.


- The left media is the potential supporter the asylum seeker army, the reporters without a brain, the journalists without patriotic concern and the left media terrorist bases using the humanity’s label to propagate the public accept the illegal migrant. Actually, humanity’s label using the Human Rights title that turns the Human Wrong, it is the cheating function of the left media.


- The Muslim politicians are the most dangerous in the country, they exploit the congressional authority to support the illegal migrant, actually, the left parties are the wonderful places for the Muslim politicians.


3- The invasion’s tactics: the unarmed invasion army has applied the tactics are:


- The human rights tactic: it develops and to be supported by the United Nations, the left parties and the innocent people plus some ethnic groups.


- The racial tactic: if the Western government denies the illegal migrant, the racist labels has used and the left media chimes


- The human wave tactic has applied for the invasion, its tactic is flexibly applying to the Children Shield, the Woman Shield.


The asylum seeker army shattered Europe, the European Union divided, actually, the left governments as France opposes and attacks the expert Muslim countries are Hungarian, Poland, Austria…among the causes of Brexit is the asylum seeker.


Australia was invaded by the asylum seeker army when the border protection of the Labor government led by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard unleashed. Within 6 years from 2007 to 2013, the asylum seeker army succeeded the invasion, the invaders reached 50,000 that threatens the national security and tens of billion’s taxpayers wasted. The consequence of asylum seeker army still leaves the problem for the Australian government. Nevertheless, the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten promises to ease the immigration policy to gain the ballot of the Muslim in the next federal election. Its Labor policy threatens the national security and the national interest.


The United States of America face the same situation, the asylum seeker army infiltrated more than 10 million under the era of Democratic President Barrack Obama. The aliens are threatening the society and national security. President Donald Trump protects the country, he wants to build the wall to prevent the invaders. Therefore the domestic thugs are Democrats to storm the taxpayers and the Congress as the terrorist group occupies a building. The lawmaker terrorist leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate terrorist Chuck Schumer consider the national budget is the Democratic possession, so they cut $USD 5.7 billion to fund the wall, instead, the Democratic terrorists increase $USD 12 billion for the foreign aid. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump warns:” illegal immigration cost our nation $USD 275 billion a year.. and now, it cost $USD 130 billion”. The wall’s standoff is not over yet after two bills passed in the Senate but both didn’t reach 60 votes. Therefore, President Donald Trump doesn’t want nearly a million government workers are suffering the hardship by the dirty political game of Democrats, actually the lawmaker terrorist leader Nancy Pelosi, so the patriotic President temporarily reopens the government. But the left media lies, they launch the phony propaganda to praise Nancy Pelosi wins the wall, the left media lies about the wall’s fund. Whatever, the patriotic wall has to complete is due to the border protection and the national security, so President Donald Trump authorizes the use the Defense sources to build the wall without Democrats as the Constitution consents.


The illegal migrant army opened the first attack on the midterm election to support Democrats and now during the wall’s fund is prevented by Nancy Pelosi, the other illegal migrant caravan’s wave is going to invade again. The national security urges, that reason, president Donald Trump is going to act for the border protection. On the other hand, Democrats couldn’t stop the wall, they just abuse the government for the revenge after the loss of the presidential election in 2016. The hostile policy of Nancy Pelosi and Democrats cost more damages of the Donkey’s Head Party in the next congressional and presidential election.


Nowadays, the Western countries have been confronted by the asylum seeker army’s invasion. Nevertheless, the domestic thugs are the left parties, the left media, the human rights lawyers plus the hypocritical humanity’s component support and collaborate with the asylum seeker army. If the asylum seeker army has no domestic thug supporters, actually the United Nations, certainly, the unarmed army didn’t attempt the invasion and the asylum seeker army disbanded themselves. The main cause of asylum seeker army’s invasion is the domestic thugs./.







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