Terrorist Obama stormed the White House in 8 years


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When a terrorist storms a building like Café Lindt in Sydney, Australia on December 15-16, 2014, terrorist Man Monis held 10 customers and 8 employees, the terror incident awoke Australia, actually, the terrorist wanted to talk with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. After 16 hours standoff, eventually, Police killed gunman Man Haron Monis and freed the hostages. Therefore, two hostages were Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson killed and a police officer injured. If the terror’s incident occurs at a government building, actually an important office of government, the damages are much more than Café Lindt. In the war or any conflict, the headquarters is the main target of the enemy. China’s communist regime has conspired to infiltrate into the Australian parliament and using the super-espionage agents covered under Australian politicians to drive Down Under into a colony (or vassal) of China. When the enemy penetrated the headquarters as a human body being risked when the deadly virus like Meningitis infiltrated the brain, the patient life endangered. President Barrack Obama who climbed higher and dived deeper into the most important office of the US government, so the potential damages are inevitable and perpetuating in the long term.


President Barrack Obama is the first communist and Muslim became the commander in chief of the US Army from 2008 to 2016, President Barrack Obama exploited the democracy of the US for the terror’s mission carried out in the high-level. He legally infiltrated the White House by the election and stormed the United States of America. Actually, the Democratic Party (hidden communist party in the US) has propagated the hegemonic policies and the donkey voters of Democratic fan plus the innocent American wrongly elected a terrorist into the White House in two terms. On the other hand, President Barrack Obama is the most dangerous terrorist, he deceived the US public by the slogan” yes we can”, indeed, the high-level terrorist Barrack Obama changed the US society from peace to war, he eradicated the social valuation and also applied the communism to brainwash the US people in 8 years.


President Barrack Obama also was the global thug by activating the gender war conflicts between a minor homosexual couple with a major natural couple in the US and the world (the same-sex-marriage legislation spread in 29 nations), it becomes the global gender war. The racial war dug up the Black and White in the US, actually, the Black Lives Matter’s movement appeared under Obama’s rule in the US. The racial war spread to Africa, the White farmers in Zimbabwe, South Africa are the victims. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama acted as the terrorist at the high-level, he used the US’s taxpayers for the global terror’s mission. Formally, President Barrack Obama often raised the mouthful declaration to fight the terrorist, indeed, Obama also flagged the terrorism to attack the US and the world. Obama’s double-Cross war game that cost the US taxpayers $USD 10 trillion.


After getting the office in 2008, President Barrack Obama silently carried out the will of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden by withdrawing the US troop from Iraq, it created an opportunity for Islamic State founded. President Barrack Obama secretly provided the finance, weapon, and training for ISIS, he pushed the life of US soldiers at risk in Middle-East. Moreover, The US people suspect President Barrack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were the perpetrators of four deaths in Benghazi in 2012 including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The US people doubt the deaths of the US servants that destroyed the key witness of a terrorist link.


The bloody lesson of Vietnamese people happened in the Vietnam War, President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu was commander in chief, he was a former district commander of Viet Minh Front (mostly, Viet Minh Front controlled by Ho Chi Minh and communist party), so Vietnamese people suspect the role of President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu like the super double agent who held the highest position in South Vietnam’s government. Moreover,  he destroyed a million soldiers of the South Vietnam Army (ARVN) in March 1975 to help North Vietnam Communist troops easily took over South Vietnam in 55 days. Therefore, before launching the Ho Chi Minh’s campaign with 20 divisions, North Vietnam’s Four Stars General Văn Tiến Dũng predicted the campaign would take at least 2 years but the victory wouldn’t know yet. Luckily, the US has a solid fundament, so the terrorist Barrack Obama couldn’t exploit the commander in Chief’s authority to destroy the United States of America. If the US is like Vietnam, the American will exile as Vietnamese people after the betrayal of President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu disbanded the army.


However, the US commander in chief Barrack Obama destroyed the US army by multiple methods. He put the life of US soldiers endangered in Middle-East while Obama supporting Islamic State. President Barrack Obama permitted homosexuality, transgender in the US army. The high-level terrorist Barrack Obama shattered the US from A to Z, he also flagged” comrade” China illegally built and militarized the artificial islands into the disputed waters. On the other hand, President Barrack Obama created an opportunity for Islamic State and China to siege the US in Asia and Middle-East while the US shattered and the society divided.


Unfortunately, the high-level terrorist and the global war maker Barrack Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 although he had no record about the peace. The consequences of terrorist Barrack Obama still remain in the US and the world after he expired the second term on January 20, 2017. Therefore, terrorist Barrack Obama sowed the legal terrorists into the court’s system, Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and the US government, so the legal thugs are the Obama judges issued the court’s orders to prevent the presidential orders of the travel ban, border protection released by President Donald Trump.


The high-level terrorist Barrack Obama currently attacks President Donald Trump despite he is no longer rules the White House. However, terrorist Barrack Obama still earns the pension plus the privileges and the taxpayers burden his office after retired. The US government may overhaul the pension and former presidential allowances pay for terrorist Barrack Obama, instead, the treasonous and terror crime are available for a man who stormed the White House in 8 years. The Guantanamo Bay is a place to deserve for Barrack Obama if the justice found guilty.


The Democratic Party appeared the real face of a hidden communist party in the US. Nevertheless, Democrats have activated as the terror’s organization, they have terrorized the US president, the national interest and national security after President Donald Trump getting the office. Terrorism has carried out by multiple forms:


1- The extremists are the Muslim bigot incite the terror in Western including Muslim countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the others. The prominent terror’s organization is the Islamic State to be wiped out and recently, their supreme leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi exploded himself while the US special force raiding his place. Certainly, after President Barrack Obama was no longer to rule the White House, Islamic State lost the support of the weapon, money, and training.


2- The global economic terror of China has faced potential damages in the economic war with the US after many decades, China’s communist regime has struck the world by the soft army with the trade tie, free trade agreement, the debt trap, government trap plus the bribery’s tactic.


3- The left media’s terrorists failed the fake news, fabricated stories, and the false polls mission to mislead the public and terrorize the people’s minds, actually, President Donald Trump granted the fake news certificate for the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage in mainstream media.


4-The Democratic Party is the terrorist party in the US carrying out by the high-level terror’s mission:


- The legal terrorist Robert Mueller and Special Counsel inserted into Justice Department to terrorize President Donald Trump by $USD 34 million of the taxpayers. After 22 months to terrorize President Donald Trump by the most witch hunt in the US history. Ultimately, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller failed the terror mission and Special Counsel disbanded.


- After the mid-term of Congressional election in 2018, the Democratic terrorist gang stormed the Congress, the lawmaker terrorist’s leader Nancy Pelosi terrorized the wall’s fund and she also leads her gang to terrorize President Donald Trump by the unlawful impeachment./.






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