Solar Space Technologies ruin the solar power of China


Posted on October 8, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore repaid China communist illegal financed in the elections of 1992 and 1996 by espionage agents were John Huang and Charlie Trie. China gained a lot of facilities and privileges granted by President Bill Clinton, even the top military technology GPS (Global Positioning System) proposed giving to China, therefore, the Congress prevented, if not, nowadays, China can launch the missile exactly any target including the US’s soil. Nevertheless, climate change is a hoax, it is the high level’s deception of Bill Clinton to curb the Western industry while China freely released dioxide since Bill Clinton and Al Gore activate the hoax climate change. President Bill Clinton is the senior lawyer, he could develop the legal loopholes and also cleverly deceived the people by the cunning tactics, so the hoax climate change duped the world since the 1990s and now, the hoax climate change continues to cheat the innocent people, actually the young component in Western. Actually, the hoax climate change’s supporters and activists like primary-high school students, the religious leaders including Pope Francis, Prince Harry, the politicians of left parties are not scientists. Therefore, they blindly activate the hoax climate change, although the field that they don’t know as a mechanic talks about the pathology and medical treatment.


Within 8 years ruled the US, President Bill Clinton became an unofficial executor of China in White House, so China grew faster under Bill Clinton-Al Gore’s era. The greedy power and money of President Bill Clinton helped the largest communist country survived and conspiring the global hegemonic strategy. China’s growth comes from Bill Clinton fed.


Nowadays, the hoax climate change globalized and former Vice President Al Gore has developed the heritage of” comrade” Bill Clinton to cheat the world. Moreover, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded Al Gore in 2007, despite, Al Gore had no peace’s record as the global warmaker Barrack Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. The hoax climate change helped former Vice President Al Gore becomes a billionaire and also helped China selling solar power plus the equipment around the world, actually, the Western countries are keen to use solar power by the left media’s propaganda and the left parties activate. Certainly, China does love climate change’s movement in Western that divided the society and making the money, so Beijing should hire the left media, profit lover’s academics launching the propaganda and China also silently support the left parties to activate the hoax climate change.


The hoax climate change’s business has become the political movement, the Green Guard reflects Red Guard of Mao Tse Tung in Culture Revolution that has appeared in the Western with the primary, high school student often rallied to support the climate change, despite, there are more than 30,000 scientists confirmed the climate change is not real. The left parties and corrupted scientists have exploited the ebullient youth’s character to support China’s solar power products and political purpose. The Green Guard of hoax climate change has appeared a new task force names Extinction Rebellion rallied in the capital cities of Australia, the US and worldwide.


The hoax climate change’s movement and Green Guard always resist the coal mine, oil, but the solar power, wind power have promoted as the best way to reduce the dioxide, while China has gained the good business on selling the solar power’s panel and equipment to Western. Therefore, Solar power and the equipment made in China must release the dioxide. The hoax climate change activists and the supporters ignored China made solar power by releasing the dioxide.


The US has a plan to crack down the solar power made in China by new technologies, the space race veering to produce the energy, not the moon race or Mars discovery. The high technology to make the energy from the Solar Power generated in orbit, its project calls Solar Space Technologies (SST) to build an orbiting solar-power generated satellite network within the next 8 years. The orbiting solar power generated satellite directly receive the energy from the sun and transiting to the power stations on the earth to produce the electricity. Its reason pushes the US and Australia to co-operate the space program, actually, Australia gains a lot of sun’s energy. The orbiting solar power generated satellite located 35,000 km above Australia, the power would be limitless and unwavering, moreover, the sunlight received permanently, but the solar power made by China that belongs to the local weather’s condition. Australia’s space industry joins the US space program that is a smart investment of the Coalition government.


The new discovery will change the energy consumption as the internet became the telecommunication revolution that changed a lot of facilities and activities in the world. China always traces behind the space race as the moon race because of socialism plus the obscurantism framed the invention. Moreover, from 1949, the social purge’s policy of Mao Tse Tung and its communist party destroyed the intellectuals and wealthy family, indeed, they are the essential components to develop the country. However, the global hegemonic strategy urges China must steal the technology from the enemy” capitalist” including capitalism’s method called” the free market is led by socialism”. Unfortunately, the stolen technology couldn’t respond to the high level that reasons China always lagged behind the US on the space race, telecommunication race and now, the energy race is going to ruin the Solar power’s business by the new technologies. Moreover, China flinches the economic battle after the US imposed full tariffs on China’s products and goods while the retaliatory tariffs imposed on the US agricultural products that failed, so China must import the US pork, soybean, and the goods. On the other hand, China’s retaliatory tariffs hit Chinese people in the mainland.


China promotes and develops the high technology 5G, but Huawei is death after President Donald Trump banned and Google prevented the major services. Therefore, 5G is going to be obsolete by SpaceX of the US and now, the infinite energy provided by the new technology will end the solar power’s business of China and the hoax climate change’s movement will have no reason to rally and making the noisy in Western. The solar power industry of China and Western companies relate China solar power panel and equipment plus the services will face the problem after the Solar Space Technologies applied and the electrical bill reduces. The color television defeated the black and white television, the digital technology replaced analog and the world is going to abandon solar power made in China. Therefore, the solar power dumped that will be a big problem of the environment as the plastic bag.


The hoax climate change will lose the purpose and its movement will disappear as the anti-war movement in the Vietnam War. China communist has lost the battles on


- The economic battle with the US

- The telecommunication loses giant company Huawei and 70 affiliates

- The retaliatory tariffs are vain.

- China’s currency Yuan devalued

- China loses the global market and the stock market plunged

- The domestic battle faces the massive jobless that threatens the inhumane regime

- Chinese people abhore China communist party by the wild policies, bush law, and genocide

- Hong Kong people reject the Ape super gang’s regime and fighting for democracy


Now, China is going to lose solar power’s business by the new space’s technologies. Despite China should hire the left media launching the propaganda warfare, therefore, the high technologic communication with multiple information sources plus social media destroyed the misleading, so the left media couldn’t conceal the total losses of China. The fake news and fabricated stories have no room to lie to the public./.






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