President Donald Trump makes great achievements


Posted on March 31, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



President Donald Trump volunteers to serve for the country without the salary, his patriotic heart makes America great again, the enemies fear and the allies restored the trust while the domestic Democrats crashed the people credit.


Every success of President Donald Trump that added more woe of the Donkey’s Head Party and the domestic thugs. The great achievements of President Donalds Trump destroyed the cunning conspiracies of Democrats into the impeachment, actually, the role of the legal terrorist Robert Mueller ended on March 22, 2019, after he handed the conclusive report to Attorney General William Barr. Democrats disappointed when Mr. Robert Mueller confirmed no collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.


The US people knew President Barrack Obama was the mouthful speech, he cheated the people by the slogan” yes we can” but after 8 years, the US shattered, the deep debt, social division, nevertheless, Presiden Barrack Obama activated the gender war between the major natural couple and minor homosexual couple, racial war created the hatred between the Black and White, the worst record of Barrack Obama is a saga.


The SATAN’s era of President Barrack Obama made the US worst off ever in history, actually, the jobless currently was 7.8%, the highest unemployment was up to 9.6% in 2010. Therefore, after January 20, 2017, the era of SANTA Donald Trump has started to make America great again. Almost, the psychological warfare of the left media plus the left academics and the left economists misled the public in the election campaign, the propagated the dismal situation’s economy if billionaire Donald Trump becomes the US president. All the lies were debunked by the economic growth, the unemployment is 3.9, it hit the lowest record since 1969. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump also made enemies fear, the allies trust, the domestic thug ruined. Moreover, the national security and border protection’s policy won over the Democrats after the national emergency’s declaration. The great successes of President Donald Trump defeated the left media. In US history, it is the first time happens when the left media to be unmasked the fake news, fabricated story and the false polls by the US president.


President Donald Trump cut tax for company and employee that enhances the economy and domestic consumption. The economy continues to grow in US history, from 2017, the GDP reached to $USD 853 billion and in 2018, the GPD increased to more than $USD one trillion, it is the largest annual increase GDP in the world.


According to the World Bank released the report in 2017, the total GDP of the world was $USD 80 trillion. The US occupied $USD 19 trillion, China was $USD 12 trillion, Japan was $USD 5 trillion, Germany was $USD 4 trillion and the United Kingdom was $ USD 3 trillion. However, in 2018, the US increased GDP up to $USD 20.9 trillion, it is the first time in history, the US reached above $USD 20 trillion for a year.


China and the left media released the fake GPD of China in 2018 was $USD 14.172 trillion and the GDP growth is 6.6%. Therefore, China and the left media couldn’t hide the economic disaster of China hit the lowest record in 28 years, indeed, China growth just approximated 1.67% in 2018 but in reality, China grew zero. It means the war fight against the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit affected the economy of the largest communist regime on the planet. Moreover, China faces the mountain debt is up to 300% GDP while Beijing is sinking into the quagmire of the global hegemony, the rapacious ambition carries out the plan of one belt and on road and the fallen piratical stations into the deputed waters at Indochina Pacific burdened more deficit.


The great successes of President Donald Trump on the economy that answers madam Janet Louis Yellen who was appointed the chair of Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve system by President Barrack Obama from 2014 and ended in 2018, she often criticized President Donald Trump about the economic policy. Madam Janet Yellen is the famous academic, the brilliant economist, but she just acquired the knowledge from the institute while President Donald Trump is the billionaire, he made the money while Madam Yellen talked about the money by the schooling theory. Nevertheless, 27 Dogtors of Harvard and Yale University are the shame, the mental health illness Donald Trump makes the economic growth and America great again. Who is a mental health illness? The Democratic Congress and Senate must share the shame with whoever attacked President Donald Trump, actually, the left media completely fell to poison the people by the fake news and fabricated stories misled the public and smear the man who serves for the country./.







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