President Donald Trump is the patriotic philanthropist


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The charity is the lenient behavior carries out by the good people to the others. Therefore, any job, career including the monk, nun, the priest couldn’t avoid the dishonest. Besides the genuine career, the dishonest often distorts the job for individual interest or political purpose.


Normally, the people believe the charity organizations are nonprofit, indeed, the most global charity firms making the money from the appeal. Red Cross’s executive director Gail McGowan salary is $USD 561,210. The annual wage of Red Cross’s director in the US is up to $USD 140,000. The salary of Red Cross paid for the charity servant is variable, there is just in Australia, the list of a wage below:


Australian Red Cross Salaries




There is just the Vietnamese community overseas, in the US, Musician Nam Lộc (Nguyễn Nam Lộc) was a deserted soldier of South Vietnam Army, but he fled Vietnam on April 30, 1975, after Vietcong won the unpredictable war. Musician Nam Lộc calling to help the disabled soldiers of South Vietnam has performed more than a decade. Annually, this organization collected a million dollars from the Vietnamese communities around the world (he paid tax or not?). The Vietnamese people doubt when this charity organization declared finding more than 20,000 disabled soldiers in Vietnam. Nevertheless, musician Nam Lộc purchased a mansion in the US values as the mansion of former President Barrack Obama.


The fake philanthropists are plenty into the charity line, the charity industry boomed, the scam charity exploits the generous heart of people to make a profit. It is not a charitable signification but the charity business. The well-known cheat charity organization is the Clinton Foundation to collect money around the world. Actually, Hillary Clinton exploited the position of Secretary of State to compel the oil moguls in the Middle East contributed a hundred million dollars, even the poor country is Bangladesh couldn’t escape the claw of Clinton Foundation. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton sold 20% national Uranium to exchange the donation from Russia.


Nowadays, the people doubt charity organizations including the religious charity fund. Therefore, President Donald Trump is the great patriotic philanthropist, he also helped the people being faced the adversity, but the left media didn’t want to talk about his generous heart. Moreover, President Donald Trump has done the” political charity” into the US presidency without a salary. In the US history, there is rarely a president volunteer to serve for the country and Donald Trump also spent something in White House as food…from his pocket.


However, the most important charity is “ the patriotic charity”, he donates for the US people, the country and the world by the precious experiences of the successful billionaire. The patriotic charity is the highest charity among the charitable forms. The experiences and the patriotic charity couldn’t account the money, his contribution is priceless.


Hillary Clinton and the Democratic high profiles sacrifice the country for their interest, while President Donald Trump sacrifices his wealthy life to the people. The patriotic charity exposes on the border protection, national security, the creating job for people, the unemployment rate hits the lowest record since 1969. His patriotic charity testifies on the tax cut for worker and company. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump makes America great again, he reduces the war into the Korea Peninsula. There is no US president forced North Korea leaders like Kim Jong Un who volunteers to stop launching the missile and the bomb test after the Korea War ended in 1953. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee seems ignorance the peace maker Donald Trump but the awarded the global war maker Barrack Obama in 2009 and the hoax climate change’s opportunist Al Gore in 2007.


The patriotic philanthropist Donald Trump achieves the most promises in the presidential election’s campaign 2016. Despite Democrats and the left media currently, attack but the people recognize the patriotic heart of the 45th President of United States of America.


The wall reflects the patriotic charity, President Donald Trump has spent the time and patience to complete the wall. Therefore, Democrats appeared the treasonous party, actually, leader of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer act like a terrorist group to storm the Congress and seizes the national budget, they consider the taxpayers are the possession.


The charity has many forms, mostly, whoever donates something to the society without money or privilege, it is the real charity. The social media people are the political charity, they donate the knowledge, experience and debunking the bad people, the deception…President Donald Trump has carried out the patriotic charity, he is the patriotic philanthropist in the US, nevertheless, his contribution helps the world unmask the rogue regimes like China, Venezuela…/.







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