President Donald Trump is the jobless exterminator


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The US people favor the job, the living standard improvement, social safety, border protection, actually, the major population have never wanted to live on the food stamps. Therefore,  President Barrack Obama succeeded in the great policy on the food stamps, he is the food stamps president. Yes, he can create more people joining the food stamps line plus homeless (the major homeless people gathered at the Democratic states). Under the era of Barrack Obama, the unemployment was high, a time, it reached 10% in October 2009, this year, the Nobel Peace Prize awarded Barrack Obama. On the other hand, Yes, President Barrack Obama can do, there are some Obama did while his consequences are plenty after Barrack Obama expired the second term:


- He can destroy the US from A to Z.


- He can create a deep debt after 8 years


- He can help Islamic State founder and he can provide the weapon, finance, and training for ISIS.


- He can flag China illegally built and militarized the artificial islands into the deputed waters


- He can help Iran bluffing the Nuclear Deal and provided the finance.


- He can brainwash the US people in 8 years


- He can shift the job to China


- He can use $USD 100 million of the taxpayers to enjoy the luxury trips


- He can unleash the border for illegal migrants invade and he can spend a hundred billion dollars a year of the taxpayers for the asylum seekers.


- He can tell a lie and cheat the US people


- He can activate the racial war between black and white.


- He can sparkle the gender war between the major natural couple and a minor homosexual couple, he can use the Supreme Court imposed the same-sex-marriage into 50 states.


- He can make the US becomes China’s vassal


- He can make the heap of mess in the US.


- He can flag ISIS killed four US servants including Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi to destroy the key witness of terror linking between Barrack Obama’s administration and Islamic State.


The US’s presidential election will be held a year while Democrats seem to face the deadlock, mostly, the candidates have debated as the clowns perform, the US people have not interested the unpopular politicians, actually, the hopeful candidate Joe Biden has struck the scandal of corruption in Ukraine and his son Hunter Biden received $USD 2.1 billion from China. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional gang have tried to impeach President Donald Trump by Ukraine’s incident. Unfortunately, the solo resolution in Congress is garbage. President Donald Trump and Republicans easily campaign in 2020, when the unemployment is 3.5%, it hits the lowest record since 1969 that guaranteed the landslide victory. Instead, Democrats will face the big losses in the White House race, Senate, Congress, and state government (the numerous governors will reduce). Moreover, the strongholds of Democrats change the support by the low unemployment, the Democratic fan wakes up. According to  PoliData reports the swing states will decide the ballot on the job:


Unemployment in WI:

3.2% Sep 2019

3.9% Sep 2016 (Pre-Trump)

6.6% Sep 2012 (Pre Obama Reelection)

5.2% 2008 (Pre-Obama)



4.2% Sep 2019

5.1% Sep 2016

9.1% Sep 2012

8.4% Sep 2008



4.0% Sep 2019

5.4% Sep 2016

7.9% Sep 2012

5.6% Sep 2008.


The left media always released the bad news and false polls for President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, the fake news has misled the public by the bullshit prediction about Donald Trump while the impeachment is just a dream of the losers. The daydreamers  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the Democratic gang in Congress, they saw the coffin but they have not cried yet. The lowest unemployment decided the ballot, even the false polls rig the election, but the US people vote for the job and national interest. There are not only the swing states, the other strongholds of Democrats like New York, and California will also change the electorate colleague when the Democratic fan recognizes President Donald Trump who is the jobless exterminator and helping the people getting out from the food stamps. However, the Minnesota Muslims are food stamps recipients, the Muslim community wants the government to grant $USD 150,000 for a pork-free food giveaway (Somali-Americans community call no-pork-zone at the shells of food banks). Muslim religious leader Imam Hassan Mohamud said:” It’s about human rights also-Basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food”. Human rights turn Human Wrong, even Human fraud (people smuggle), certainly,  the US is not a Muslim country as Somali, moreover, the US people have never forced whoever comes to get the free food, so the Muslims in Minnesota goes too far, they require Allah certified the food banks. If President Barrack Obama still rules the US, the request of  Minnesota Muslims would carry out. The Community activist, Mr.  Fartun Weli said:” Some food shelves are trying to meet the need, but some of them already got canned beans that already been mixed with pork — and there is a literacy issue here,”.


 The SATAN’era of Barrack Obama is gone, now the SANTA’s era of President Donald Trump makes America great again. In God we trust, Donald Trump, we vote, Democrats we trash, Marxism, we eliminate./.







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