Potus Donald Trump stops China occupying Greenland


Posted on August 26, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



President Donald Trump offers to buy Greenland that creates the controversy, someone attributes it is funny, actually the left media and Democratic fan ridicule President Donald Trump. It is the hostile attitude of the thug of people, the foe of public and the garbage of media always attack a man who makes America great again, enemy fears and the allies trust. Therefore, President Donald Trump has no joke, instead, he stops China conspiring to take Greenland. It is a global hegemonic strategy of the Ape super gang ruled China from 1949 and threatening the peace on the planet. Nowadays, China communist regime has faced the mountain debt. From 2017, the debt reached $USD 40 trillion, therefore, China doesn’t mind the money, instead of the rapacious ambition to control the world, so China challenges the US in the arms race, space race, economic race. The prominent conspiracy is the plan called one belt and one road plus the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific (not China Sea, China has no ownership at the international waters). The aggressive and brazen attitude of China threatens peace and national security in the region. It causes the neighbor countries line up against China.


China communist could claim ownership everywhere, despite they have never sent the human including a monkey (it represents communist ancestor) to the Moon, but China claimed the ownership on the Moon by the fairy tales. Moreover, the highest technology of Ape super gang exposes on Jade Rabbit Robot Rover died after touching the Moon and it returned the communist paradise to reunite with Chairman Mao without a word of farewell with Red Emperor Xi Jinping and the Ape super gang. China also invaded Antarctica with the Kun Station. If the hell contains rich natural resources, China can claim ownership and secretly deal with the Lord of evil or bribes Satan.


China has conspired to occupy Greenland of the Kingdom of Denmark. The territory located between the Arctic and the Atlantic Ocean. The manner of the rogue regime in Beijing applies the bribery’s tactic to local government in Greenland, obviously, China communist focuses to build three military bases. President Donald Trump knew the cunning conspiracy of the Ape super gang, so he offers to buy Greenland that stops China to occupy Greenland. It is not a joke as the left media and Democrats mocked, President Donald Trump advanced China into Greenland.


The secret conspiracy debunked, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen reacted, she exposes the anger after the secret deal discovered. The verbal exchange between Danish Prime Minister and the US President released worldwide and the left media launching the phony propaganda to down the prestige of Donald Trump, actually, the presidential election will be held in 2020. The incident caused POTUS canceled a visit to Demark and he called Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen” nasty” after her response the proposal to buy Greenland is absurd. Now, the world can know President Donald Trump is right, therefore, the left media conceals the secret deal occurred between China and Denish government. The fake news and fabricated stories unmasked.


Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen who is leader of the Social Democrats since June 2015 and now taking a top job. She is the leftist and pro-China as any leftists in the Western, certainly she drives Denmark into the comradeship with the Ape super gang. Nevertheless, China deployed successfully the trade trap in Denmark as the countries in Europe fell into the trap of Beijing from many decades. Nowadays, there are more than 40 large Chinese firms have established branches and offices through Denmark. The economic involvement of China cornered the Danish government and influencing the politics, actually, the left party rules Denmark, the national leader deserves the facility for China.


President Donald Trump offers to buy Greenland that wakes Danish about the danger of china silently invaded their country./.







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