Pork certified Allah made in China selling to Muslim


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China is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat, so anything pledges the trademark from China, the global consumer must watch carefully before buying, it is better way do not buy any goods and products made by China.


China’s economic development based on the stolen technology and fake products, the rogue communist country made a profit on Western’s loss. Therefore, the product made by China meets poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life. Its reasons cause the global consumer has no favored the China products are such as goods, actually, the food included seafood, meat, milk, cheese, vegetable, fruit are not guaranteed and hygiene. Moreover, China’s food harms the Western people, even pet food contained the poison, so the food import from China cost more health budget and quarantine. In the Cold War, before the Western and the US eased the sanction against China, the global economy was stable, no problem. Therefore, since China joined the free market, the Western being damaged and complicated.


China could do anything to make a profit, even Muslim has been cheated by China as the pork meat could be Allah certified and sold the Muslim in China or export to the Muslim countries. According to the news released from the Israel Wire warns:” China: 22 tons of pig meat sold as halah to Muslims”, the news cited:

“In Shaanxi Province, Chinese police have discovered 22 tons of pork that were sold as certified halal (Islam-approved) beef. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork.

This case, once again, demonstrates the lack of seriousness of the halal industry in Asia.

FLASHBACK: The authorities already reported that 2 tons of the pork products were sold on the market marked as halal unbeknownst to the Muslim population.

Camouflage methods used by criminals are known by specialists: paraffin wax and industrial salts.”


In China, the pork is popular meat, the price is cheaper than beef and lamb, so the people in the mainland could make the money by using the chemical to change the color and labeled the pork to the beef or lamb as an Asia saying” hanging pig head selling dog meat”. The fake beef or lamb to be certified Allah and selling to Muslim. Actually, the Muslims couldn’t know, they just trust the sign of Allah certified and using without mention. The incident of Allah Pork certified in China could raise the question, actually the Muslim. How long did the Pork certified Allah sell? How many China companies sold the pork Allah certified?.


The evidence of Pork certified Allah made in China raises more concern about China goods and products made in China. According to BBC released the news on June 22, 2016:” China denies selling human flesh as tinned corned beef in Zambia in Africa” after African media discovered and released to the public. Certainly, China government opposed, but do not trust what communist talk, let’s watch that they did. The world must be careful to import China’s products, actually the food. Vietnam became the vassal of China after the Soviet Union collapsed, annually, China’s food and banned chemical imported to Vietnam, it causes cancer to spread nationwide, therefore, the Vietnam communist government claims the Orange Agent to make money, indeed, this chemical nullified after many decades, moreover, the US didn’t use the Orange Agent in Northern Vietnam. Eventually, the Brooklyn Court in the US dismissed Vietnam. Many times, Australia claimed and alerted the Berries imported from China being contaminated. Even in the mainland, there are more than 400 cancer villages appeared in China. Everyone knew China’s products and food are poisonous and contaminated but the profit lover’s companies, actually the supermarket ignored the people’s life, they imported China’s products and food selling to the Western consumer.


The Cannibal has appeared from a thousand years of Chinese history, in the days of yore, the wars often occurred between the ethnic nations. When a citadel sieged by the enemy, the defensive force running out the food, for survival, they ate the dead bodies and using the bone replaced the firewood in winter. In the old day, Chinese society had the black hotels running by the gang or bandit, they robbed and killed the guests, the meat made dumpling and steamed buns (called steamed pork buns) to sell the other guests. Confucianism encourages the loyal servant and filial child to pay the moral debt by anyway, so the story of a woman cutting her arm’s meat to feed mother in law on the way to find her husband, a loyal servant cut his arm’s meat to feed the deposed prince being faced the hard time and many cannibal’s stories of Chinese to be promoted as the moral samples in society. Nowadays, Chinese traditional medicine uses the unborn baby to make the strong sexual stimulation drug for male. The horrible medicine conflicts humanity and human rights. The human meat being sold in China, so the foreign tourist couldn’t know what kind of meat cooking in the restaurants.


The Muslims seem not to react to the cheat of China about certified Allah on Pork, if this incident happened in the Western countries, the Muslims protest and condemn, the left media’s television, actually some Muslim’s T.V host as Waleed Ali strongly reacts on the Project of Channel Ten in Australia and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern criticizes. The Muslim seem to be scared of China communist, so after the New Zealand shooting carried out by gunman Brenton Tarrant, the Maoist, not far right or right-wing, but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn’t condemn China, instead, he attacked Australian government because the gunman is an Australian citizen. Where are the prominent clerics as Sheiks, Imams, including London Mayer Sadiq Khan and the others? Certainly, the pork certified Allah made in China is a serious insult the Muslim. According to the news published from the Telegraph on July 14, 2016, written by Adam Boult:

“A number of homes in Manchester have received leaflets in recent days calling for dogs to be banned in public places out of respect for Muslims.

Purporting to be from an Islamic campaign group called “For Public Purity,” the leaflets, delivered to homes in the Cheetham Hill and Salford areas, say: “This area is home to a large Muslim community. Please have respect for us and for our children and limit the presence of dogs in the public sphere.

“Keeping the purity of the public space enables the Muslims to remain untainted and without blemish.”


Somewhere in Western countries as Australia, Labor-Muslim representative member Anne Ally prepared the blasphemy law but she has not reacted yet the pork certified Allah in China. In Europe, the Muslim claimed who eats the bacon in their front, it insults Islam. Therefore, the incident of pork certified Allah made in China is the high level than Muslim’s blasphemy and insults Islam. The left parties as Democrats in the US, UK Labor, Australian Labor Party and the others have been engaged into the dilemma, those left parties have the Allah politicians and they also are the comrade with China.


Whatever, the Pork certified Allah made in China alerts the Muslims and Islamic countries, it is a better way, do not buy anything including the export of the goods from China. Nevertheless, the Western and Democratic country respect religious freedom, but China doesn’t, instead, they consider the religion is the opium./.







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