Phony propaganda praises the best education in China


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Vietnamese people experience and react to the barbarous regime of Vietcong by proverb quotes” eating like a prisoner, sleeping like a monk and talking is like the national leader”. The communist party is an Ape super gang as their great master Karl Marx labeled. The human act by the mind but animal acts by instinct, so the communist has enjoyed the killing, robbery and enslaving the people. On the other hand, the communist is like a kind of animal (Ape), they pride the genocide and the serious crimes as the revolution, so the communist has never repented. The essential method of communist based on the mind’s discrimination caused the deaths of more than 100 million people since Lenin imposed communism after robbed Russia’s government in October 1917. In the communist country, whoever talks, thinks differently from the Marxism-Leninist, or Maoist in China, Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts in Vietnam and the others, they would be jailed or killed as the counter-revolutionary crime, its crime is like treason. The communist regime is totalitarianism, the communist party controls the country and the people. Nevertheless, the communist is arrogant, they label themselves as the excellent class in society, the fake opponent Vietcong was former Colonel Bùi Tín (the People’s Army of Vietnam or Vietcong troop) who praised” every communist is an essential people”.


The communist party just deserves the priority and facilities for its members and family, so the education rules the family’s history wins over the talent. It means, the children of communist’s family can afford the eduction from high school, secondary high school, university and further education (post-grad level), actually, the communist’s members could send their children to study overseas, the Western countries are the favorite places. The Western countries, including the naïve politicians and the business universities, accepted the students come from the communist countries like China, Vietnam, even the Australian government granted the scholarship to Vietnam’s students, all are the Red seeds while the talented Vietnamese family to be eliminated from secondary high school, university and the non-communist students find hard to study at Western. Moreover, the major poor families couldn’t afford education and studying overseas.


The social purge has applied after the communist parties in China, Vietnam, and others ruled the government. Nevertheless, the landlord Reform’s campaigns in China, Vietnam killed the wealthy components as a slogan:” uproot the intellectuals, wealthy family and landlord” launching by Ho Chi Minh and its communist party carried out in the bloodshed campaign in North Vietnam after the Geneva Conference signed on July 20, 1954. China did the same, so the intellectuals to be killed or imprisoned, instead, the low-educated component and illiterate peasants become the main developers in the communist regime. Its reason causes China, Vietnam and the other communist countries lacked the talent, actually, the garbage intellectuals plus the under-level academics of communist members couldn’t trace the high technologies in Western, actually, the global hegemonic strategy urges China sending the red seeds to study in Western. The communist students also activate the propaganda and stolen technology plus the spy-mission. Certainly, the students who come from the communist regime have intoxicated the local and native students in the university, even in high school.


Recently, the fake news’s company has released the phony propaganda for China by an article:” Teens from China’s wealthiest regions rank top of the class in global education survey


By Joshua Berlinger, CNN

Updated 1146 GMT (1946 HKT) December 3, 2019


(CNN)Teens from some of China’s wealthiest regions are outperforming their peers in the world’s richest countries in reading, math, and science, according to new results from a global education study.

The survey found that 15-year-old students from Beijing, Shanghai, and the eastern provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang ranked top for all three core subjects, achieving the highest level 4 rating.

Students from the United States were ranked level 3 for reading and science, and level 2 for math, while teens from Britain scored a level 3 ranking in all three categories.

The findings are part of the 2018 Program International Student Assessment (PISA) — a global yardstick of education systems taken every three years by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a grouping of the world’s richest economies.

Singapore took top spot in the 2015 survey and placed second this year, though the difference in its score compared to the four regions of China was not considered “statistically significantly different,” according to the study.”


The left media in Western reflects the business as the rule is THE WELL SAID that dealt with THE GOOD PAY. Moreover, Secretary-General of OECD is Angel Gurria said:” The quality of their schools today will feed into the strength of their economies tomorrow,”.  OECD founded in 1961,  the Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development, these intergovernmental economic firms had 36 country members. Unfortunately, OECD snubs the people and ignores the truth.


Nevertheless, the PISA(Programme for International Student Assessment) reported China’s schoolkids are the smartest in the world. The misled public of OECD, PISA and the fake news company CNN is a farce. If the communist paradise has the best education system, why did China send their Red seeds to study at the capitalist countries? Actually, Secretary-General of OEDC, PISA and CNN Journalist Joshua Berlinger may send their kids to China for the best education. Moreover, NASA can send the top scientists to China for learning how to make the Jade Rabit Rover landed on the moon or coming to North Korea (China’s vassal) to learn to make the special spaceship successfully landed on the Sun without cremation despite the heat of Sun reaches 15,000,000 Celsius degrees. Certainly, Hong Kong people reject China’s education system training the Red seeds and untalented academics. However, China is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat, so China can teach the fake products, how to transform the pork to beef and making the fake beef labeled Australia. Nevertheless, China can teach corruption and human rights violation./.






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