Penny Wong should be the first China executor of Aussie


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China considers Australia as a vassal or a territory like Hong Kong after the innocent, negligent or leftist Prime Ministers were Kevin Rudd (Mandarin’s speaking), Julia Gillars, Malcolm Turnbull (his daughter in law comes from a hardcore communist family in China, he was Labor’s undercover activist infiltrated Liberals) and the other naive politicians led Australia fell into the trade ties trap, debt trap, and government trap of China communist. Nowadays, China often cowed Australia if the Down Under vexes China communist government. Recently, Prime Minister Scott Morrison received the intimidation raising from Beijing after a historic visit in the US and met President Donald Trump. The phenomenon of losing sovereign exposed on the incident of three China warships arrived in Sydney Harbour and stayed 4 days without public notice on the 30th Anniversary Tienanmen Square massacre while China raising the tension in the region, threatening the national security. Actually, the brazen and aggressive attitude of China into the disputed waters, therefore, Prime Minister Scott Morrison avoided explaining the public by an overseas trip.


Certainly, Australian Labor Party always places the comradeship above the national interest and human rights despite all politicians of Labor knew China government has applied the communism in the mainland from 1949, China is the dictatorial regime, human rights violation, actually, Mao Tse Tung killed more than 65 million Chinese people into the cruel campaigns from 1949 to 1976. Moreover, China's communist regime has quelled Tibet, Sinkiang Uiguir people, killing and imprisoned the members of Falun Gong, Tiananmen Square massacre has never forgotten and the serious crimes against humanity. The world condemns China's communist regime, even Hong Kong people totally reject to live with the Ape super gang by the massive protests. Therefore the Australian Labor Party is keen to stand alongside China. Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd (the people call Kevin Thug) and the other Labor politicians call Australia to stand with China and distances the long term’s US mateship. So the Australian Labor Party raises the human rights concern that is hypocritical. Do not listen to what the Labor Party talk, let’s watch what the Labor Party did. Certainly, after Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited the US, so the Australian Labor Party slams Prime Minister as China reacted and attacked the relationship between the US-Australia plus the intimidation on the economy.


The Australian Labor Party is a sibling with China communist, so when Labor rules Australian government, the Labor Prime Minister and its cabinet deserve the priorities for China on the economy, finance, business, immigration, and the other facilities. From many decades ago, China cornered and sowed the espionage agents, spy networks throughout multiple government’s levels. So China communist becomes arrogant when they have the agents climbed higher and dived deeper in federal, states and local government. Even Crown Casino, Xi-Jinping’s cousin Ming Chai infiltrated and became the very-very important person and Casino Crown helped Ming China granted Australia resident’s status. In Western Australia, Labor state Premier Mark McGowan recruited a China communist Pierre Shuai Yang who holds the Western Australian Legislative Council (upper house of state government) at the state election in 2017 (Before, China communist Perre Shuai Yang was a member of Gosnells City Council.) Labor state government in Victoria (capital city is Melbourne), Premier Daniel Andrews secretly dealt with China communist, so Victoria’s state joining the plan of one belt and on road…. There are many threats from China in Australia, actually, the cyber spy comes from unit 61389 of Huawei that cost the taxpayer more than hundreds of million of dollars to fight.


China deeply cornered Australia when Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd elected in 2007, he favored Senator Penny Wong who held the Climate Change Minister and Water Minister, therefore, Senator Penny Wong occupied the Finance Minister’s position in the longest services from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Senator Penny Wong was the key to help China communist succeeded the trade ties trap, debt trap, and government trap:


1- Senator Penny Wong destroyed Australia’s economy:


– Finance Minister Penny Wong and Treasurer Wayne Swan spent $AUD 42 billion surpluses left by Prime Minister John Howard and Treasurer Peter Costello and Labor government pushed the country to the deficit by the inappropriate spendings including tens of billion of dollars wasted for 50,000 asylum seekers. Actually, the hoax climate change to curb national industry and helped China sold solar power.


-Finance Minister Penny Wong and Communication Minister Stephen Conroy carried out the obsolete technology NBN of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that cost the taxpayers $AUD 65 billion, but China made a profit by selling the equipment and materials.


-Finance Minister Penny Wong and Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett wasted $AUD 2.7 billion into the insulation’s scheme, but China sold the Pink Batts. The insulation scheme cost 4 lives and hundred houses fired by using China’s products.


-In 2012, under the era of Finance Minister Penny Wong, Reserve Bank of Australia signed the Currency Swap Agreement with The People Bank of China, the quantity of currency was worth $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. The desperate agreement cost the Australia dollar plunged after China currency devalued when China uses the currency’s weapon to confront the US tariffs that affected Australia dollar. The consequence couldn’t avoid. Therefore, it is the great success o Senator Penny Wong and Australian Labor Party.


2-Senator Penn Wong created an opportunity for China to deploy the debt trap, so Australia fell into the orbit of Beijing. Australia needs the money and leased the strategic port in Darwin 99 years with $AUD 506 million. Senator Sam Dastyari officially supported China illegally built and militarized the artificial islands into the disputer waters, the people believe Penny Wong who leads the Labor Senate and she was behind Sam Dastyiari. Actually, Senator Sam Dastyiari is a pawn of boss Penny Wong while the national intelligence seemed not eyeing on Penny Wong.


3-Senator Penny Wong is the real boss of Labor Party: after the federal election on May 19, 2019, that proved Senator Penny Wong is the supreme commander of Australian Labor Party. Opposition leader Bill Shorten stepped down after the loss of the election, but Senator Penny Wong still holds the leader of Senate and also shadow Foreign Affairs Minister. Moreover, when Senator Penny Wong endorsed Anthony Albanese on the new Labor leader’s position, all contestants withdrew promptly, so opposition leader Anthony Albanese is a puppet. Moreover, Senator Penny Wong pointed a fresh Senator Kristina Kerscher Kenneally into the deputy leader in Senate while many Senior Labor Senators abandoned. A day, if Penny Wong supports former leader Bill Shorten and he should return the Labor leader. Its reason conducts Senator Penny Wong often exposing the arrogant behavior as in the federal election campaign 2019, Senator Penny Wong refused to shake hand with Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham. Senator Penny Wong often raised the mouthful voices when she appeared on television. Her behavior is not different from Xi Jinping in China.


Senator Penny Wong has held the shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, she vowed to invite Huawei operates 5G in Australia while the national security risk. Moreover, the left media recognizes Senator Penny Wong is the real boss of the Australian Labor Party, so ABC, Channel Seven, The Guardian often promoted Penny Wong for every speech. On September 29, 2019, The Guardian paves the way for Penny taking the top job by an article:” PENNY WONG: COULD AUSTRALIA ACCEPT A GAY ASIAN WOMAN AS PM?”


China communist does want to deploy a henchman in Australia as Beijing uses Executive Carrie Lam in Hong Kong, so Senator Penny Wong is the most hopeful executor of China in Australia. Actually, Senator Penny Wong holds the supreme commander of the Labor Party, if she becomes Prime Minister, China will have the best policy and ten million China communist members should overwhelm Australia by the immigration policy and multiple cultures. Penny Wong’s ambition is possible, she can take a safe seat of Labor and she will be a leader of Labor in the House of Representatives. If Labor controls the Lower House, certainly, Lesbian Penny Wong will be Australia Prime Minister. China government, the espionage agents, the pro-Beijing business support Penny Wong on the top job actually, if Penny Wong has a seat at the House of Representatives, China should hire the left media launching the psychological warfare to pave the way for a first China female (Lesbian) Prime Minister and also an executor of China communist in Australia.


Senator Penny Wong is the culprit of Australia economic and financial disaster, therefore, the Australian Labor Party and its donkey voters saw the coffin but not crying yet. On the other hand, Penny Wong is the Australian Senator but she always serves for China interest by the taxpayers. On the other hand, the Australian Labor Party is like a branch of China communist, so vote for ALP means voting China rules in Australia. Hong Kong people reject China communist, but the Australian Labor Party wants to be comraded with the inhumane regime in Beijing./.







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