One belt and one road versus the blue dot network


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The global hegemony of China has carried out by the rapacious plan while Beijing also opening the global economic terror to attack the democratic countries since the largest population’s communist regime joined the free market, and later became a member of  WTO, actually, the espionage network including the cyber spy to steal the technology have operated the counterpart’s soil. The diplomatic relation with China that harms than good, moreover, the trade ties with a rogue country is like dealing with the super gang. The circumstance of Australia alerts the world, Australia has learned the trade ties, the free trade agreement’s lesson with China from many decades ago. Therefore, annually, the Australian government must spend a hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy, unit 61389 comes from The People’s Liberation Army, it is the main suspect, despite China always denied but the intelligence agencies knew the culprit. Its reason causes the Australian government to reject Huawei operates 5G, but Labor Senator Penny Wong vowed to admit Huawei operates in Australia if Labor wins the federal election held on May 19, 2019. Certainly, China’s growth comes from the Western loss, the naïve politicians and left parties helped” their comrade” China development and now, China conspires to control the world.


The ambitious plan is one belt and one road that worries the world, actually, the Western couldn’t ignore the national security threat. China represents the inhumane regime and the rogue country still remaining on the planet after Soviet-Union collapsed in the early 1990s. The world appalls the communism that caused the death of more than 100 million people since Lenin succeeded in the Revolution in October 1917. The Marxism-Leninist-Maoist was the perpetrator in the Cold War and now, China continues to spread communism worldwide by malicious tactics. The Cold War is not over yet, it changes the Cool War, the communist vestiges have applied the lizard changes the skin’s color to cheat the innocent people and the naïve politicians plus anti-communism’s inexpert academics in Western. They have become the innocent domestic thugs activating the propaganda of communism to misled the public and poison its people, so China and Vietnam have deceived the Western by the economic pattern called” the free market is led by socialism”. Moreover, China was convenient to carry out the global hegemonic strategy when the first communist and Muslim President Barrack Obama ruled the US in 8 years, he flagged China illegally built and militarized the artificial islands into the disputed waters and President Barrack Obama also involved the Islamic State founded in Middle-East.


Nowadays, China can not hide the real face of the rogue country, and the aggressive regime, the Western and democratic countries raise the grave concern about China’s growth and threat by the tactic as Sun Tzu proposed in his stratagem” hide a knife behind a smile”. The global hegemonic strategy of China hides behind diplomatic relations and trade ties. The plan called one belt and one road has applied by the cunning tactics are the debt trap, trade trap and government trap (China develops the bribery, a donation to corner the governments). The debt trap forced Sri Lanka handed over the Hambantota Port to China in 2017 after this country owed $USD 1 billion from China. Vietnam is an actual vassal of China, so Vietnam communist flags comrade China controls the waters and Vietnam also provided the sand for China to build the military bases on Spratly archipelago (it belongs to Vietnam but Ho Chi Minh gave away to China by the Diplomatic Note issued by Prime Minster Phạm Văn Đồng on September 14, 1958). Nowadays, the rogue regime in Vietnam swings between China and the US for survival, therefore, Vietnam is like a dog eating the US food but keeping China’s house. The situation of Vietnam is like Tibet while Hong Kong people reject communism. Vietnam has applied the policy of the two nations have the same communist regime. The US and Western do not trust Vietnam communist regime, they can change the policy as turning the palm because the character of communist is the betrayal. In the passage of time, the Vietnam communist broke Geneva Conference signed on July 20, 1954, and Paris Peace Accords signed on January 27, 1973.


New Zealand’s Labor Party is led by female Prime Minister Jacinda Arden who drives the country into the orbit of China to join one belt and one road.  New Zealand broke the FIVE EYES Agreement ties the intelligence between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. China spread the hand everywhere, even Victoria state in Australia, Labor premier Daniel Andrews secretly signed the deal with China, so Victoria state joined one belt and one road despite Australian federal government seems not to join it. If the Australian Labor Party rules the government, China will be the facility to operate in Australia include Huawei. Moreover, China exploits the drought in Australia to buy the farmlands with the cheap prices and sending the food to China and selling to Australian people. Professor David Flint warns:” We’re heading to a disaster, we’re going to be a net importer of food, as Australia’s drought crisis continues to worsen. What will happen to these farms, they will no doubt be bought by foreign interests, probably ultimately under the control of the Communist Party of China,”. Professor Flint told Sky News host Alan Jones.: “The food will be taken, it will be delivered from Australia to China and it won’t even go through our tax system” and he said:” What’s going to be left for this country? There will be nothing left”.  China controlled the strategic port in Darwin after Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Finance Minister Penny Wong created the deep debt from 2007 to 2013. The Australian intelligence may watch out Senator Penny Wong who climbed higher and dived deeper in parliament, she is an Australian Senator but always serves for China’s interest. Her speech often conflicts the Australian’s security and national interest. What happens when Australian Labor Party controls the government while Senator Penny Wong is the real boss of Labor. Labor’s donkey voters and innocent Australian wake-up.


One belt and one road of China has faced the controversy plus the worry of Western and democratic countries. Certainly, the world can not ignore the global hegemonic strategy of China, so the Blue Dot Network has appeared to challenge China.


Obviously, the Blue Dot Network gathered the wealthy countries are the US, Japan, and Australia, the US-designed and funding the infrastructure. The Blue Dot Network focuses the intercontinental road’s system estimates more than 6.4 billion kilometers. The US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross who is in charge the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) with Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) met aside of the 35th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Thailand. China knows the Blue Dot Network is the notorious counterpart, it is the crucial competition of the global strategy. The Blue Dot Network based on bilateral cooperation between the countries while China has built one belt and one road by the debt trap and malicious trade trap. In Bangkok, the US and Japan signed $USD 10 billion for Blue Dot Network. The Asian Development Bank plans $USD 57 billion for energy projects in Asia.


The Blue Dot Network will have more members like India and the other nations, actually, it is a possible project that can bring the benefit together, while one belt and one road of China being faced the financial problem and carrying out by the malicious tactics. The financial plan of one belt and one road provided by Chinese State Banks, but China must borrow the money for the project.


China has lost the economic war with the US, the telecommunication’s competition also failed after President Donald Trump granted the death certificate for Huawei and more than 70 affiliates affected, China’s solar power is going to ruin by the Solar Space Technologies, China traces behind the US space at least a half-century and now China faces the Blue Dot Network that can defeat one belt and one road on the strategy and the transport plus the global marketing. Nevertheless, the Blue Dot Network can attract the nations being trapped by China. Possibly, they will leave China’s one belt and one road to join the best project, actually, the US and the members respect human rights, democracy, and fair treatment. Nevertheless, China carried out the project alone while the Blue Dot Network gathered the most wealthy countries on the planet. Moreover, the piratical stations illegally built and militarized at Indochina Pacific that failed because the countries in the region, Western couldn’t abandon the main waterway entering Asia, annually goods transport estimates $USD 5 trillion. So, the piratical stations besieged by the neighbor nations and the countries sharing the maritime transport. China has lost all the essential strategies, including Chinese people live in the mainland’s abhorrence and Hong Kong people reject communism./.






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