No Islamophobia but the culture loss fears


Posted on December 26, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The tolerance and generous heart of the Western people are the radical policy of multiple cultures. If the Western has not opened the heart, the United Nations would face the difficulty to raise the fund for the humanitarian program, actually, the other ethnic couldn’t arrive and live peacefully.


Almost, the Western people have no racist, but there are some cases, moreover, the law strictly punishes whoever shows racial discrimination and the violence against the other people. Nevertheless, the racist doesn’t apply to the patriot, the concerned people protest against the illegal migrant for border protection and preventing the terrorist infiltrate under the human rights label. However, the innocent component, the hypocritical element, the left parties, and the domestic thugs label the racist, right-wing or supremacist to the concerned citizen. The false accusation propagated by the left media and the innocent politicians (the left parties, actually the Greens Party), they have misled the public. The major Western people oppose the human rights violation, they have no opposed Islam as the false accusation, but they fight against the Sharia Law, actually, the Sharia Law’s activists have tried to bring the inhumane culture to intoxicate the Western’s society, moreover, the Sharia Law conflicts the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The multiple cultures contribute to the different nuances of ethnic groups and economic development. Therefore, the negative aspects of multiple cultures warn when every ethnic group wants to dominate and impose their culture, actually their religion into the adopted countries harming multiple cultures. The arrogance and selfishness cause the untold civil war silently occur in society. It causes the multiple cultures to fail, the country doesn’t unify instead, instead, it divided a hundred tiny nations. Nevertheless, the national budget spends more on security, police when the ethnic groups conflict with each other by the rallies. Nevertheless, the extremists could create the bloodshed and society faces more the problem.


Muslim is the hardline religion,  the faith is different, moreover, their culture conflicts with the other religions and social valuation. Muslim’s dress being controversial, actually, the Burqa becomes the problem of security and the lawmaker’s argument. The strict worship obligates at least 5 times a day that could raise the problem into the working places, certainly, the factories, companies are not the mosques. Nevertheless, sometimes Muslims gathered at the public place to pray,  it causes traffic congestion, the public places are not the mosques. Muslims are an allergy to pork, they have tried to force the Western bans the pork at school and somewhere else. Moreover, some bigot Muslims slammed whoever eats the bacon at their front, it insults Muslims. Moreover, the Western people fear the extremists hide into the Muslim communities and the mosques, when the bloodshed occurred, the people could know the culprits, it is too late. The arrogant clerics, the bigot preachers plus the extreme leaders launch the hateful propaganda to society, it causes terrorism. The cultural hardline and the arrogant leaders of Muslim that creates the misunderstanding into the adopted countries that cause social complication and social conflict.


Despite, Muslims are a minority in the Western, but they demand a lot of changes in adopted society. The Allah certified food being controversial, even the small number of Muslims in the Australia army, but they require the Allah certified ration. The Muslim parents inserted the culture into the students, they pressure the school to remove the Cross and Father Christmas, the Muslims complain about the labels that insult Muslim while the other religions respect religious freedom. In 2019,  Victoria state (Australia), a Child Care Center in South-East of Melbourne canceled the Christmas event is due to cultural sensitivities.


There is just a small Muslim’s population complicates the society, certainly, their hard line culture couldn’t integrate the society. Therefore, the most left media in Western is keen to promote the Muslim culture and the leaders, it is clever advertising. The people doubt the left media companies and journalists should receive the privileges of the Muslim countries or corruption as in the Vietnam war, the left media should be financed by the communist undercover activists and the left media released the fake news, fabricated stories and concealed the cruelty of Vietcong.


The most dangerous problem is the government shield tactic that Muslims have activated into the adopted country’s government system. In the US, a Muslim Barrack Obama succeeded the government shield’s tactic, he ruled the US in 8 years and now, this country shattered, actually, President Barrack Obama deserved the facilities and created the Muslim infiltrated the government in federal, states and local. Despite the era of President Barrack Obama is gone, but the numerous Muslim in the US government at multiple levels overwhelmed that alert the US people. After the midterm election in 2018, the Muslim politicians added more two women, the fresh term Muslim Representative Rashida Tlaib used the coarse language to President Donald Trump and Ilhan Omar destroyed the Congressional rule in 181, the hat bans removed, she wore the headscarf in the House of Representatives. Nevertheless, the Muslim politicians swore in with Koran’s bible, the US Constitution ruined.  


In the United Kingdom, the first London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan often raises the big voices as the national leader, he becomes the most controversy in the public by his ugly behavior. Moreover, the numerous Muslim politicians in the United Kingdom’s Labor Party cornered Great Britain, actually the concerned British fear the cultural loss. On the other hand, the UK Labor Party helped the internal conqueror is Sadiq Khan who controls London, the heart of the United Kingdom.


Australia faces the same situation, the Muslim politicians in the Labor Party swore in with Koran’s bible, the Constitution destroyed. The inhumane rules of Sharia Law derived from the Quran bible, so the Western Constitution to be eradicated. Labor Representative Anne Aly is calling for a blasphemy law to protect the Muslim, therefore, she ignores to call the blasphemy law to protect the other religions, actually, the Muslim hurt the Catholic and Christian, they always claim removal the Cross, Father Christmas and forcing the school bans the pork in canteen or the fairs. The Vatican being threatened after Pope Francis signed a pact to merge Catholics and Islam that calls the One World Religion.


The left parties are selfish, they favor the ballot and the seats in the parliament than the country, the social valuation. The left parties are the wonderful places for Muslims developing the government shield’s tactic, so Democrats in the US, Labor Party in Australia, United Kingdom, the socialist party in France…the Muslim politicians seem Allah certified congress despite the Muslim member is small, but they influence the other members, actually the left party.


The Western people have no Islamophobia, but the people fear the Muslims have changed the society, politics and wiping out the original cultures ever. The phenomenon occurred in Western like the United Kingdom, Australia and somewhere else, the Muslim’s resident changed the electorates, so the elections rigged by the donkey Muslim voters, they elect the representatives, mayors on religious faith, so the adopted countries lose the democracy in its Constitution./.






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