The Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan has no capacity


Posted on August 10, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Muslim resident in the United Kingdom and the Islam pride Mr. Sakiq Khan who becomes the first Muslim Mayor of the heart of Great Britain. The Muslim in England succeeded in politics although they are a minority in the country. The UK Labor Party recruited and promoted plus the donkey voters helped Mr. Sakiq Khan became the mayor despite the Muslim people live in London didn’t have enough the ballot. Therefore, Mr. first Muslim London Mayor doesn’t represent the major resident in London, instead, he serves the Muslim favor and his stance.



Mr. first Muslim London Mayor rules the well- known capital of the UK that unofficially expects as an Islam state. On the other hand, London silently loses although its place has not declared independence yet. Therefore, since Mr. Sakiq Khan taking care of London, the terrors occurred and escalating. There are only 5 days from August 2nd to August 5, 2019, London occurred 16 terror attacks, the terrorist’s carried out multiple terror forms as stabbing, shooting, killing and acid attack:


- On Friday, August 2, 2019, an Acid attack in Ilford, a man rushed to a local hospital


- Saturday, August 3, 2019, a man injured by an attack at Thornton Heath, quadruple stabbings at a music festival in Modern Park, Merton


- On Sunday, August 4, a boy was stabbed in Hayes and on the same day, an elderly woman was murdered at home in Tottenham, the suspect is 22 years old was arrested by police. A triple stabbing occurred in Borough. A machete attack happened at Enfield Town Station. A young man was wielded at face. A stabbing occurred at Edmonton, 20-year-olds rushed to a hospital and six men were arrested.


- On Monday, August 5, 2019, a double stabbing occurred in New Cross. It was also the same day, a shooting happened in Streatham on the morning


- On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, the terrorist stabbed in Islington, 3 people injured


Nowadays, London has no safe since Mr. Sakiq Khan elected the Mayor, actually the terrorist repeated many times. The people doubt the first Muslim London Mayor, he should meet the circumstances below:


1- Mr. first Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan should neglect the security or silently flags the terrorist


2- Mr. first London Mayor has no capacity, he couldn’t hand the security for the London people.


Whatever, London people live in the fear of violence and terror, however, Mr. Sakiq Khan is keen to oppose President Donald Trump since the presidential election, Mr. London Mayor often overrides the authority, he raised the brazen speech to ban President Donald Trump visits the United Kingdom despite the government and Queen Elizabeth II warmly welcomed. Certainly, Mr. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has no authority involved in the national issues, instead, he exploited the position to harm the national interest. The world laugh when every time Mr. first Muslim Mayor Sakiq Khan raises the big mouth as UK Prime Minister although his authority limited in garbage collection, parks, council rate and the other public services of the local government. His speech is like a frog wants to be the dinosaur or a shark mouth with the mind is like an ant.


The left media concealed the terrors escalated in London just 5 days, instead, the left media broadcast the shooting in Texas and Ohio for political purpose and hostility, actually, the Democrats Presidential candidates have used the shooting to gain the ballot in the next election in 2020. Nowadays, the left media get lost the communication career, the fake news and fabricated stories are the jobs of the thug of people, the foe of public and the garbage in the mainstream media ./.







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