Maoist paradise is like a roasted Peking duck in the sky


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The communism is the most deceived theory on the planet, the demagogic language using of Karl Marx’s dishonest mastermind that is like the beautiful cloth-covered a garbage bin. The innocent people in Western attracted by the language and they blindly followed the evil bible. Therefore, whoever lived and victimized of communist, they have never accepted the dishonest labeled revolutionist.


The Communism or Marxism-Leninist causes the most genocide on the planet with more than 100 million people killed since Lenin succeeded in the Ape Revolution in October 1917. Mao Tse Tung copied the theory from Karl Marx and it replaced Maoist’s label, so Maoist worsens of the worst, but its terrible theory has transformed into reality and applying in the mainland from 1949. Despite the cradle of communism in Russia and the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc collapsed in the early 1990s, unfortunately, the inhumane regime still remains in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba. The senior communist member of Soviet Union Boris Yeltsin quoted:” Communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky”.


China communist party knew the Maoist has never developed the country, technology, and economic growth after it applied throughout the bloodshed campaign, called the Great Leap Forward, Hundred flowers, Landlord Reform and Culture Revolution. China and the other communist regimes completely abolished the essential components in society by the labeled” counter-revolutionist”. The cruel policy applied to eradicate the intellectuals, wealthy family and the obscurantism plus the pauperization that cause the most communist countries lacking the technology after the illeterate peasant and low educated revolutionist replaced the intellectuals. The communist paradise just deserves for the communist, but it is the hell of people. The global hegemonic strategy urges China to steal technology and also stealing capitalism’s method called” the free market is led by socialism”. Therefore, China communist has never abandoned the Maoist, instead, they adore genocide Mao Tse Tung as the great leader, although he killed more than 65 million people and Mao also canonized the beneficial angel. Moreover, China communist regime has continued to apply the Maoist to obtain the barbarous regime by the propaganda plus terror’s policy. Maoist is like a Peking Roasted duck being displayed in the sky. Chinese people’s ear fulfilled by the slogan and the communist’s languages as revolution, socialism, class struggle, communist paradise while the tummy being controlled by the government. After 70 years ruled the mainland, China communist regime totally succeeded to make more than half of population has a daily income from $USD 2 to 5 and the communist’s high profiles became millionaires and billionaires. The people live in communist countries have to obey the order as a saying:” eating is like a prisoner, sleeping is like a monk but talk is like the national leader”. China communist becomes the enemy of Chinese people in the mainland, including Hong Kong people and Taiwanese. Moreover, the global hegemony conflicts the world, actually, the global economic terror threatens the counterparts since China joined the free market and global financial system.


Nowadays, China communist faces peril from the international community to domestic grassroots. The inhumane regime has ruled the mainland since China communist robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949, the illegal government in the mainland has applied the cruel policy as the gang occupying a property.


Annually, in the mainland, China communist bans the Tiananmen Square massacre but Hong Kong people and the world condemn the bloodshed created by the People’s Liberation Army, and China communist party was the perpetrator. The year of 2019 that China communist must pay the reaction, actually Hong Kong’s unrest after China failed the extradition bill. The massive protests have continued from June 2019, while China communist perplexes to solve the problem when the democratic movement growing and the world raises the grave concern about Police using the excessive force to quell Hong Kong people. However, the People’s Liberation Army just intimidated by the parade, Hong Kong’s situation is quite different from the mainland. When Hong Kong crashed, China will collapse. China communist doesn’t care about the human lives but the money and economy can force the Ape super gang to stop the aggressive attitude and flinch the violence. Its reason explains the second Tiananmen Square doesn’t repeat in Hong Kong. China has police, the People’s Liberation Army, but Hong Kong people acquire the economic weapon and democracy provided by the British.


Do not fear what the communist does

Let’s do what the communist fears


The 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China is going to celebrate on October 1st, 2019 in Beijing. Therefore, Before the great day of China Communist regime, Hong Kong people rally on the streets, central city, the people smashed the slogan and clashed with anti-riot police. The mayhem occurs with the massive number of protestors, Hong Kong people totally reject the inhumane regime rules in Beijing, during the left parties and left media stand alongside China. The comradeship wins over human rights, democracy, and morality, it is the shame of leftist in Western.


China communist is facing the dilemma of the potential loss from the economic battle, the offshore market declined, Huawei is dead, Hong Kong people stand up for freedom. The military development’s technology doesn’t respond to the arms race with the US and Europe. The so-called modern aircraft carriers copied from Ukraine, but it is the obsolete model from the Cold War. China communist also deals the difficulty on the plan of one belt and one road plus the piratical stations located in the disputed waters that are useless, but China must pay the maintenance.


During China, communist prepares the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing and an actual henchman Carrie Lam is on the way to Beijing, Hong Kong people protest and somewhere else as Australia, the Hong Kong’s supporters rallied at the capital cities in Melbourne, Brisbane…the scene attracts the world. Certainly, Hong Kong people will rally on China communist’s great event.


The communist paradise of Maoist unmasked the deception, certainly, Maoist couldn’t woo Chinese people believe and support. Instead, Chinese people abhore the inhumane regime after 70th years ruled the country by bloodshed, terror and demagogic policy. Chinese people want to eat the real roasted Peking duct, not the slogan and beautiful picture of a roasted duck displaying in the sky. Now, Chinese people want the Ape super gang collapses as soon as possible and the world wants to bring Marxism, Maoist to the cemetery of history./.







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