London should become the Islamic state in Britain


Posted on April 16, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The negligent immigration’s policy, the naïve components and the left parties have the ill-concern about multiple cultures that become the disaster. The negative aspect of multiple cultures cause the country’s division and the nation divided a hundred tiny nations, the country shattered by the arrogant ethnic. On the other hand, the multiple cultures badly failed when the country increased the numerous Sharia Law’s activists, they could change the society, the legal system and Constitution, even declare independence. The lesson of Crimea could raise grave concern when an ethnic has a major population. Nevertheless, they have the representatives in parliament or becomes the councilors in the city council, actually, they become Mayer as London Mayer Sadiq Khan.


The UK Labor Party, Australia Labor Party, Democrats in the US  and the left parties are the wonderful place of the Sharia Law’s politicians. Everyone knew the Sharia Law derived from Quran Bible. Nevertheless, the Sharia Law conflicts the social valuation and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When the Sharia Law’s activists have the members in parliament, the government’s system and crowded in a place, they consider the territory is their own country. The hungry ballot’s politicians have to follow the request of voter, even they know the wrongs, so the democracy has been distorted by the native politicians.


The first Muslim Mayer or the First Sharia Law’s activist Mayer Sadiq Khan succeeded by UK Labor Party, he often exposes the brazen and arrogant attitude as the UK Prime Minister, he declared to ban the visit of the US President Donald Trump…nevertheless, under the rule of Mayer Sakiq Kham, the terrors threatened the people after many times the Muslim terrorists attacked the heart of Great Britain.


London Mayer Sadiq Khan becomes the prominent leader of the Muslim community and also the brilliant politician of the UK Labor Party, actually, the Sharia Laws activists crowded in London. Recently, the Muslim residents in London and the innocent people activate the petition with thousands of signatures calling Mayor Sadiq Khan to declare London as an independent city-state and join the European Union. The independent movement had more than 8,000 people signed in a few hours and the number will increase. The activist James O’ Malley who pioneers the petition wrote:” London is an international city, and we want to remain at the heart of Europe”. Someone proposes Mayor Sadiq Khan for the President of London’s state, he should be the first Muslim transforms Great Britain’s capital the Muslim state in the United Kingdom.


The concerned British must react to protect the country being occupied by their law, Constitution and the ill-responsibility of the left Parties as UK Labor Party, communist party…The multiple cultures turn disaster when the country accepted the Sharia Law’s activists and Labor Party plus the ballot’s lover politicians promoted the human rights violation’s components into the parliament house, the city councils and the government’s system.


The incident of London alerts the British, it has started the secession in Great Britain, moreover, in the United Kingdom, any Muslim community should declare the independence when the Sharia Law activist’s population becomes the majority and the Muslim cornered the local politicians to support for their next election. The communities represent the parts of the national body, it is like a human body, the cancer comes from the uncontrolled parts and the illness would spread to the others. When a human body has been struck by may cancerous parts, it could cause death or disability.


The independent movement has begun in London, it could widen to the other places. When the United Kingdon suffered many communities secede and declare the independence, the nation will be collapsed by its flaw system./.








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