Ken Burns and Lynn Novick didn’t understand the Vietnam War but they made the documentary film


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FOREWORD: The writer has no favor to discuss the derailed and biased facts in The Vietnam War’s film made by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. The debate argues on the wrong issues that are useless and wasted the time. Therefore, the article analyses the misleading to the public of the filmmakers and also corrects the Vietnam War’s information after more than a half-century has been sullied by the leftists in the Western countries, the domestic thuggeries in the Cold War stood alongside with Vietcong and the Global Communist Bloc. The writer would like to send the strong message to Ken Burns and Lynn Novick about the wrongly basic facts in their documentary film, the people and Vietnam veteran couldn’t find any new in this film, instead the old propaganda’s fashion that devalues the film and the prestige of the filmmakers despite both spent more than a decade to achieve.

(Hoa Minh Truong, Vietnam veteran)


In the Western countries respect the knowledge, the experience and the professional. Except someone cheats the people with the fake qualification. Mostly the job and career are trained from the colleges or university. The electrician, plumber, even a chef cook have to graduate from the school. Every job and career must have the license, certainly, it is like a mechanic couldn’t do the medical doctor’s practice or an untrained electrician couldn’t allow working in the electrical field.

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick achieved the documentary film is the Vietnam War and released the multiple parts on PBS. Unfortunately, the filmmakers didn’t know much about the Vietnam War although they made the film about the Vietnam War, the filmmakers are likely the doctors couldn’t realize the cause of disease and the virus, so how could Ken Burns and Lynn Novick convince the people to trust their film? The documents displayed the facts about the Vietcong, US and allies, mostly met the Vietcong propaganda those appeared since 1954 and the documents are not impartial, it repeats as the boring sounds of an old disgraced song. The information has been used in film The Vietnam War to be recycled from the rotten materials of the anti-war, pro-communist movement in the Vietnam War as Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton plus the left media as CNN (Communist News Networks) and the others in the US, Europe, Australia (Channel 7, ABC, SBS), all have poisoned the people and have misled the public, now the toxic still remains in the Western society, actually in film The Vietnam War performs the obsolete psychological warfare in the 21st century. The biased document has been dropped the mask. Nevertheless, once again, the documents repeated and sullied the American soldiers and the South Vietnam Army (ARVN). They are the respectable soldiers who fought for freedom and democracy and against the early terror Vietcong since more than a half-century in the Vietnam battlefield.

The Vietnam War’s filmmakers have done the last effort of the pro-communist movement’s vestige, but they couldn’t cover up the truth because all the facts of Vietnam War unveiled by the victims (Vietnamese refugee and others), the allies Vietnam veteran, actually the high technology of internet couldn’t allow the deception as the Vietnam War’s period again.

Obviously, the Vietnam War’s film posed in the wrong clause, it is like a building has no basement, so the document drove into the wrong direction. The original causes of the Vietnam War came from:

1- Vietcong was an early terrorism, they were cruel than ISIS, Al Qaeda, therefore, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick spent more than 10 years making The Vietnam War film, they have enough time to collect the impartial document. Therefore, both just used the documents provided by Vietcong. As the hard evidence showed off the Military Museum at Mỏ Cày district, Bến Tre province where displays the Sledgehammer and below appraised Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thắng, vice district Mỏ Cày who used it to break the skull of 10 people. The Museum officially opens, the foreign tourist could come and on the internet, the sledgehammer broke the skulls of 10 people was available, why didn’t Ken Burns and Lynn Novick ignore? The Vietnam War film dodged Vietcong was the barbaric terror’s organization, indeed the most Vietnamese people and allied knew as well. Ken Burns and Lynn Novick also ignored the death of 165,000 members of ARVN and public servant killed in the hell of re-education camp after Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, and the tyranny regime in Vietnam is the hub of human rights violation.

2- The cruel policy of the colonial French that causes of the outrage of the Vietnamese people: after the Second World War, French wanted to return the Indochina despite the French had not recovered yet while the Vietcong (Vietnam Communist party) was just a small group, but Hồ Chí Minh conspired to gather all the people into the communist movement and he exploited the interim government for inviting the French coming back by the Franco-Vietnam Agreement on March 6, 1946. Hồ Chí Minh and French had the same purpose although they stood the different sides, so the communist collaborated with the colonial French that created the Vietnam War. After Vietnam communist party invited French coming back when the first French military unit landed at the Vietnam shore, Hồ Chí Minh appealed the total resistant fight against the colonial French for independence, it was a farce but happened in Vietnam. If the British came to Vietnam, they returned the independence for the Vietnamese people as India, Malaysia…certainly the Vietnam War didn’t occur. In the history, almost the old French colonies fell into the Communist after French withdrew.

3- Vietcong created the war under the order of the Global Communist Bloc: Since 1959, in the South Vietnam had not any the US and the ally military unit. However, on May 1959, Hồ Chí Minh ordered Major General Bùi Xuân Đăng who established the Special Task Force code 559, they gathered more than 100,000 labourers repaired the abandoned road linking three-nation of Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia, it was the Hồ Chí Minh trails where became the main road for the North Vietnam communist troop invaded and military equipment for the war, indeed the US just came to Vietnam from 1965. The Vietnam War film didn’t explain the original cause of the Vietnam War or both Ken Burns and Lynn Novick didn’t know much about the Vietnam War. Nevertheless, they tried to ignore an announcement of Mr. Lê Duẫn, the General Secretary of the Vietnam Communist party (or the Vietnam Workers Party) who was in charge the Vietnam War. After winning the unpredictable war on April 30, 1975, Mr, Lê Duẫn said: we fought against the American empire for Russia and China”. Therefore the slogan fighting against the American empire” is the cheat.

The Vietnam War’s film doesn’t reflect the genocide the Vietnam Communist Party since the super terror gang founded on February 3, 1930. The documentary filmmakers lacked the Land Reform Campaign occurred at North after the Geneva Convention signed on July 20, 1954. Obviously, Hồ Chí Minh ordered his closest comrades Mr. Trường Chinh and Hồ Quyết Thắng executed the bloody campaign that the Vietcong officially confirmed about 200,000 Vietnamese people massacred, but the numerous victim could estimate about a million. Moreover, Hồ Chí Minh killed 1,700,000 people, he raped a 15-year-old girl named Tuyết LAN in 1929 at Thailand and Hồ Chí Minh was the famous pedophile in Vietnam. Besides the massive massacres, the Tet offensive in 1968, there was only at Huế city, Vietcong killed more than 7,200 people, including the foreigners, worked in Huế’s university. The crime was at the Tiananmen Square in 1989 at Beijing but the most left media ignored.

The serious crimes of Vietcong couldn’t hide, the picture of Major General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executed a uniform captain of Vietcong Bảy Lốp that has used as the peak propaganda of Vietcong, but the leftists have no explained Mr. Bảy Lốp who killed all family members of Lieutenant Colonel Nguyễn Tuấn in the Tet’s offensive. (* References).

Once again, The Vietnam War film continues to carry out the tricky mission of the communist and protects the wrongdoing of the leftists in the US and the allies. The filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have not given up the misleading public and continuing to poison the people, actually the late generations in Western. In Vietnam, the ideologist and also the iconic herbalist Lê Hữu Trác, alias Hải Thượng Lãn Ông (1720-1791) who advised: It is good to discover the positive of a book, but the best is finding out the negative”. There is not only the writer recognizes The Vietnam War film is untrue, biased and met the disgraced propaganda of Vietcong, but this film has been facing the strong reaction from the viewers, actually the Vietnam veteran and the concern intellectuals.

Finally, the writer congratulates Ken Burns and Lynn Novick who spent more than 10 years and money to create the documentary film. They are courage to make The Vietnam War film despite both have no much knowledge about the Vietnam War so this film doesn’t bring the perception instead it conflicts against the truth and the Vietnam War’s history.

The Vietnam War film based on the wrong facts and repeated the rotten psychological warfare of Vietcong, so it has not convinced the people, instead the strong reaction has to have. The anti-war, pro-communist movement in the Vietnam War buried in the historic cemetery nearly a half-century ago, therefore the filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick try to revive the carcass and transforming to a zombie is the Vietnam War film.


(*) References: the website UNCENSORED HISTORY (in the title Was South Vietnam Police chief Ngoc Loan a bad guy?”) Written below:

“In the morning of the second day of Tet, January 31st, 1968, when general Nguyen Ngoc Loan was leading a fierce fight near An Quang Pagoda in Saigon’s Chinese quarter, two of his officers brought to him a communist cadre who had murdered many innocents in cold-blood in the past couple days. He was Captain Nguyen Van Lem, alias Bay Lop.

Minutes before he was captured, Bay Lop had killed ARVN policeman’s wife and all of his family members including his children. Around 4:30 A.M., Nguyen Van Lem led a sabotage unit along with Viet Cong tanks to attack the Armor Camp in Go Vap. After communist troops took control of the base, Bay Lop arrested Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Tuan with his family and forced him to show them how to drive tanks. When Lieutenant Colonel Tuan refused to cooperate, Bay Lop killed all members of his family including his 80-year-old mother. There was only one survivor, a seriously injured 10-year-old boy.

Nguyen Van Lem was captured near a mass grave with 34 innocent civilian bodies. Lem admitted that he was proud to carry out his unit leader’s order to kill these people. Lem was in his shorts and shirt. His arms were tied from the back. The pistol was still in his possession. General Loan executed Nguyen Van Lem on the spot.

Suggested Reading

1. The Dark Journey: Inside the Reeducation Camps of Viet Cong By Hoa Minh Truong (Page 131)

2. Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History Edited by Spencer C. Tucker (Page 829)”


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