Joe Biden is the dead card of Democrats


Posted on July 14, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Former Vice President Joseph Joe Biden is the brilliant star of the fallen stars in Democratic Party, he becomes the Democratic Presidential candidate after two dozen candidates dropped the campaigns, certainly, former New York Mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg recognized President Donald Trump will easily claim the landslide victory in the presidential election 2020. It is like the one-eyed man in a blind nation, eventually, Democrats have no choice to nominate an actual henchman of Chinaís Communist Party in the White Houseís race. Former Vice President Joe Bidenís record in 8 years was nothing, except he always served Chinaís interest, so the rogue regime awarded $US 1.2 billion for his son Hunter Biden. On the other hand, Joe Biden is the citizen of the United States of America but he serves Chinaís Communist Party. Nevertheless, Democrats understand their hopeful candidate Joe Biden faces the scandals like corruption, sexual harassment, even treason, moreover, the people doubt about Joe Bidenís health, he loses the memories and should contract dementia. So, the Donkey Party has tried to use the cunning tactics for overturning the worst situation. Unfortunately, the death of an iconic George Floyd couldnít change the fate of Joe Biden, even Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Democratic high profiles knelt to pay the respect of felony George Floyd who had a dozen counts of conviction. It is the shame of the Democratic Party, they promote a serious crime as an idol.  Democrats rushed to create the event, therefore, felony George Floydís funeral hit back Democrats by the protests with riots, loots, killed police officers, abused the people. The USís economy damaged billions of dollar and the actual tools of Democrats are Antifa with the Black Lives Matter act like the terrorists. Certainly, the US people and the world condemn two terror organizations, the people increases more abomination on the Democratic Party and the left parties responded to the protests of  Black Lives Matter in Europe, Canada, Australia.


Former Vice President Joe Biden who also owed Vietnamese people the human rights debt. In the Vietnam War, Joe Biden with comrades Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Bill-Hillary Clinton and other stood alongside with Vietcong terror during the US and allies were sending the troops to fight in Vietnamís battle as nowadays, the US and allies fight against Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and other terror organization. After Vietcong succeeded in the last invasion on April 30, 1975, the inhumane regime caused million Vietnamese people to flee for freedom, therefore, Senator Joe Biden opposed helping the victims of Vietcong terror, so enormous Vietnamese refugee lives in the US and around the world have never supported Joe Biden. However, there is only a very small numerous Vietnamese refugee endorses Joe Biden, they are the fake refugees or Vietcongís undercover activists in the US.


The presidential electionís day comes closer, but, candidate Joe Biden can not choose a run mate, it is the hard decision when the high profiles of Democrats knew Joe Biden will not beat President Donald Trump on November 8, 2020, despite, Joe Biden often raises the mouthful victory in the nominationís campaign. Certainly, the worst record of Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and others that cause the people to abandon Democrats, nevertheless, Joe Biden is the rotten candidate.


The rumor spread about former first Black Lady Michelle Obama, the deposed T.V host Oprah Winfrey and former Senator Hillary Clinton could stand with Joe Biden in the White Houseís race, therefore, the shortlist marks Senator Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. However, Joe Biden has not decided yet, but his run mates should refuse the offer because they know Joe Biden will not make the historic journey to the White House as Madam Hillary Clinton turned the wonderful dream to the nightmare. There are only 4 months but Joe Biden has not chosen a run mate. The high profiles of Democrats donít want their political life ended after standing with Joe Biden, so they avoid being a run mate. The left media often released the false polls as they did in presidential election 2016 with Hillary Clinton, candidate Joe Biden leads President Donal Trump 12 points, the disgraced lie of the enemy of people, the foe of public and garbage of mainstream media.


Whatever the presidential nomination of Democrats is like winning lotto jackpot, the fundraising and other privileges are the prime interests of a man who enjoyed the corruption from many decades ago. Certainly, Democratic candidate Joe Biden will face the questions about the corruption in Ukraine, China gave his son Hunter Biden about $US 1.2 billion, the money laundering ring occurred into multiple nations. Cranky Man in the debates of presidential election 2012 that will turn an Ugly Man in the debates 2020.


    The US people recognize President Donald Trump sacrifices his familyís wealth for our nation. Instead, Joe Biden sacrifices our nation for his familyís wealth. Despite the presidential election has not come yet, but the people decided to vote for the patriotic president Donald Trump, certainly, Facebook can not prevent the landslide victory of Donald Trump by using the sensor to eliminate the posts of President, the supporters. Facebook faces a global boycott and lost major advertising. Mark Zuckerberg learned a lesson, he couldnít gag the free speech and apply the bush law of China in the US./.






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