Joe Biden desires his running mate Michelle Obama


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While China’s communist regime panics the dire pandemic of Coronavirus has struck Wuhan and spreading at least 31 cities, the invisible cohort threatens the communist paradise, so there is no safe place in China. The Coronavirus devastates China’s economy, the financial system ruins, the regime is on the brink of collapse. In the US, Democrats pitch the last impeachment’s battle, therefore, the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and her Lieutenant Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler appeared the treasonous faces in Congress, moreover, minor Democratic leader in Senate is Chuck Schumer becomes a disgraced clown in the” impeachment’s monkey show” at Senate, the cunning conspiracy to remove President Donald Trump from the office that trashed, so Democrats received more damages. The betrayal of former National Security Adviser John Bolton is the rotten float of Democrats, his unpublished book aiming to the best seller, therefore, John Bolton commits suicide his prestige, but the situation has no change, the garbage impeachment is out of order of Constitution because the revelation of John Bolton in his book doesn’t match the Constitution, the presidential impeachment must apply the treason and high crime. Moreover, President Donald Trump confirms he didn’t discuss with John Bolton about Ukraine’s incident. Possibly, former National Security Adviser John Bolton should breach the national security rule, he leaked the classifieds.


The domestic situation of Democrats complicates, actually, the presidential election 2020 is closer, therefore, the most Democratic candidates have no hope to win. Instead, President Donald Trump is underway to claim the landslide victory. Every impeachment’s process adds the loss, Democrats commits suicide by the desperate impeachment. President Donald Trump’s approval rate increases during Democrats activating the impeachment. The nominee’s battle still fights between the Democratic comrades, the numerous candidates surrendered the race after the campaign and debates failed the support of Democratic member and fan. Therefore, the hopefull candidates are former Vice President Joe Biden, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren are still battling, whatever, the fundraising is the election business.

The former first lady, former Senator, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who does want to take the third chance. Despite Hillary Clinton became the political ghost, but her dream to be the first US female President is remaining in the mind of the most greedy power in the United States of America. However, Democrats recognize Hillary Clinton will repeat the nightmare of Madam Hillary Clinton who has never made the historic journey to the White House.


Democrats rush to choose a presidential candidate to contest with a man who makes America great again, the enemies fear, the allies trust and the domestic thug appalls the White House’s swamp-draining out, so the justice will find the serious crimes hiding inside Democrats, actually the high profiles. Moreover, President Donald Trump achieved the major promises in the election campaign 2016. The brilliant star is former first lady Michelle Obama who has a famous phrase” we go high, they go low” in the campaign of Hillary Clinton 2016. The proverb quotes:” in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”. Eventually, former first black lady, Michelle Obama becomes the lifebuoy of Democrats, therefore, Michelle Obama didn’t have any political record as Hillary Clinton, actually, the US people loathe President Barrack Obama who made America the worst ever in history.


Former President Joe Biden faces the big scandal of corruption, his son Hunter Biden received $US 2.1 billion from China’s communist regime, the people believe Joe Biden helped China made the huge profit in 8 years while he holding the Vice Presidency, so China awarded the money to his family, it is the clever bribery. Nevertheless, Ukraine’s incident that forces Democrats must stray the corruption of Hunter Biden and the other high profiles of Democrats by the unconstitutional impeachment. Therefore, Former Vice President Joe Biden who can respond to China’s s interest and Joe Biden will be an actual henchman of China as President Bill Clinton was China executive from 1992 to 2000 if he wins the election in 2020.


During holding the US Vice Presidency, Mr. Joe Biden was one of the top supporters to fund the Federal Edward Byrne Memorial $US 1.7 billion by the taxpayers and his daughter Ashley Biden received $US 166,000 in September 2014 for her Delaware Center for Justice.


Former Vice President Joe Biden wants to choose the former first lady Michelle Obama in his running mate. Moreover, if Joe Biden elected in 2020 he will nominate former President Barrack Obama to Supreme Court. Former Vice President Joe Biden praises former President Barrack Obama:” he’d be a great Supreme Court Justice”.


The US people and the world knew President Barrack Obama was the first Muslim and communist stormed White House in 8 years, he was the terrorist at the high level. Moreover, Barrack Obama was the global war-maker, but Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded in 2009. The terrorist Barrack Obama used multiple trillion dollars of the US taxpayers to support Islamic State, the rogue regime in Teheran and he also called to fight against terrorism. The double-cross war game of President Barrack Obama cost multiple trillion dollars of the taxpayers, the life of US soldiers endangered and the terror spreading worldwide.


If Michelle Obama becomes Vice President candidate in the election 2020, Democrats will be trashed and the worst situation aggravates. Moreover,  President Donald Trump easily wins the second term, actually, Democrats will lose Congress. Its reason urges Democrats tip the desperate impeachment./.







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