Jim Acosta is the enemy of the people and the foe of public


Posted on June 17, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The prominent left media companies are CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the others are fighting for survival after the people recognized the fake news, fabricated stories, and the false polls deceived the public.


The left media has carried out the media terror, it is a form of terrorism, the left media terrorist has exploited the label of free speech to mislead the public since the Vietnam War and now, the enemy of people, the foe of public being trashed when the people debunked the dishonest media’s workers straying the communication to propaganda as the communist brainwashes the people in the communist paradise but the hell of free speech.


The left journalists, the left reporters, left columnists, left T. hosts and left media companies are no longer to propagate into the Western and the democratic countries. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump granted the death certificate” FAKE NEWS” for the left media, so the left media became the media ghost because the people have no trust that conducts the left media companies lost the readers, viewers, and advertising plus the profit declined. The sign of CNN must cut the employees, annually, CNN lost more than $USD 10,000,000 that shows the golden time of left media is gone, the fake news commits suicide while the people can find genuine and impartial information from the multiple sources including the social media.


The hateful TV host’s face Jim Acosta emerged after White House expelled by his arrogant and ugly attitude and he lost the permission enters White House. CNN journalist Jim Acosta always opposes the US government, actually, he exploits the media career to distort the news on border protection, he stands alongside the domestic thugs, actually his comrade Democrats.


The public boycott Journalist, reporter and T.V host Jim Acosta after the incident at White House, he disrespects the US President and showing the hostility to the US interest. Recently, he has released his book” The Enemy of the People” to fight against President Donald Trump on the war on truth. Certainly, the US people trust President Donald Trump who makes America great again, the enemies fear and allies respect, while the fake news” reporter and T.V host Jim Acosta is the enemy of people, he always opposes the national interest.


The fake news T.V host Jim Acosta writes a book based on the anonymous sources become the déjà vu as Hillary Clinton released her book” What Happened” and” Fire and Fury” of Michael Wolff used the fake news to attack the US potential commander in chief Donald Trump and former FBI director James Comey published” A higher loyalty”.


The Enemy of the People” published by Harper on June 11, 2019, 360 pages. This book sells on Amazon, Barne & Noble. Author Jim Acosta decided the make a surprise to the public, he chose a book store of Barne & Noble in Arlington, Virginia to sign the book, unfortunately, Jim Acosta stood more than an hour behind the bookshop’s counter, there were about 30 people came to see him. Mr. Jim Acosta told a buyer:” It was kind of very quiet”. The Barne & Noble employees said” no customers waiting for him to sign his book”. The best seller turned the worst seller book.


The people knew the book of Jim Acosta has not any new, the information repeats the impacts of Democrats attacking President Donald Trump. Actually, many quotes cited by anonymous sources devaluated the book, the fake new’s book wrote by fake news author Jim Acosta. Nevertheless, when the White House requires the author provides the details and the sources, the author Jim Acosta will get big trouble about the fake news including the defamation the US president that should face the lawsuit. Actually, the fake news harms the national security and national interest./.







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