Jacinda Ardern drives New Zealand convert to Islam


Posted on April 2, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Christchurch mosque shooting occurred two places on March 15, 2019, that exposes the capacity of the national leaders after the reaction, actually New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the public. The incident shocked the world when the culprit is Brenton Tarrant, 28-year-old, an Australian citizen who killed 50 people and 50 injured. Obviously, the left media grabbed the bloodshed to distort the propaganda and activating the hateful campaign because a terrorist is a White man, the label of supremacist, right wing, far-right accused and condemned. Indeed, the terrorist Brenton Tarrant is the leftist, he admires Mao Tse Tung and the Maoist follower and an investor of Cryptocurrency.


Nowadays, high technological communication rapidly testifies the news, so the left media in the US, Australia and somewhere else appeared the disgraced liars. After a few days, the left media reduced the psychological warfare when the public knew the false accusation labeled the terrorist comes from the right wing or far right that receives the reaction. The propaganda completely failed and hit back the fake news plus fabricated story’s left media companies. In the Western, the patriotic people expose on the border protection, national security, but the domestic thugs are the illegal migrant and its supporters plus the left media, left party label racist. Indeed, the patriot is not racist, they want to protect the country and keeping social safety. Moreover, the rallies react the illegal migrant that is the patriotic action, but the domestic thugs call the right wing, far-right and racist, it is the enemies label the country’s protectors. So when a rally occurs and a white man terrorizes as Brenton Tarrant, the left media, left the party and the naïve components automatically condemn the right wing and far-right or extremist


The left media and the left party have tried to cover up and straying the lying propaganda. Therefore, their concealment couldn’t hide the public, the leftist Brenton Tarrant was the personal trainer in his small town Grafton, New South Wales. After his father is deceased, from 2010, he gave up the gym job and traveled to many countries in Europe, South East Asia, and East Asia, including Poland, Ukraine, Iceland, Argentina…Actually, his notorious tour through North Korea, Pakistan Eastern Europe, France. In North Korea, he visited the Samjiyon Grand Monument.


The left media continues to lie the public, ABC sent someone to Bulgary for so-called investigation on terrorist Brenton Tarrant who came here 4 months before attack two mosques in Christchurch. The journalists contacted with someone as a hotel owner and finding the Bulgarian right-wing linking with Brenton Tarrant. Therefore, the left journalists couldn’t provide a right-wing’s group related to Brenton Tarrant, the Australia taxpayers wasted for the left journalists. It is a farce, because, the culprit Brenton Tarrant is an Australian citizen, obviously, the journalists must find a right-wing in Australia, therefore, they came to Bulgary, the disgraced deception. The investigation of ABC’s television is like the former FBI director Robert Mueller investigated Russia meddled the US election in 2016 with the fabricated dossiers. Certainly, the left media couldn’t find the relationship between Brenton Tarrant and a right-wing in Australia, so who knows a right-wing in Bulgary?


The mourning of bloodshed in New Zealand globalizes, actually Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern becomes the brilliant leader, she calls the world sharing the sorrow of victims and families. The high tide of mourning spread from New Zealand to Australia, a 17-year-old teenager threw an egg at the head of 70-year-old Senator Frazer Anning, and the left media promoted, praised this teenager as the national hero. The left media encourages the violence as ABC published an article:” Egg Boy’ says the attack on Fraser Anning ‘united people’ after Christchurch shootings”. Nevertheless, the Project of Muslim Waleed Aly invited this” teen hero” to interview on Channel Ten. The media admires and encourages the violent teen in Melbourne, they offered him a holiday trip to Turkey with 5 stars hotel. The powerful man of Channel Ten is Waleed Ali who also the main host of Project show, he exploits the free speech to propagate the Muslim’s culture, actually, the Sharia law, its inhumane culture entirely conflicts the Australian’s valuation and also the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The unpopulated show Project currently appears the Muslim’s leaders in Australia, Channel Ten snubs the Australian people despite the public loathe the face of T.V host Waleed Ali as the warning of The HuffPost published an article of Josh Buttler on June 15, 2017:” Aly, host of popular nightly news panel show The Project, has been a constant target for abuse and criticism from Australia’s right-wing community, especially online, for his stance on issues from Islam to marriage equality.


The New Zealand shooting interests Waleed Ali, he showed an arrogant and brazen attitude while interviewing Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Mr. Waleed Ali disrespects the Australian Prime Minister, the public outrage. Nevertheless, Waleed Ali also invited New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to interview on the Project. The New Zealand people, Australian people, and the world watched New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Waleed Ali embraced as the Allah adherent have the greeting, the Muslim courtesy, not a national leader attends the interview.


The left parties are ALP (Australian Leninist Party), Greens Party (Garbage Party) and the innocent people exploited the New Zealand’s terror to attack One Nation Party, even Prime Minister Scott Morrison to be influenced, he proposed putting One Nation last as the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten called. Certainly, Prime Minister Scott Morrison commits the political suicide and he paves the way for Bill Shorten wins the next election.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shows the great emotion with the victims, but she forgot the role of the top job in Kiwi country, she seems to convert to Muslim by the headscarf, her picture globalized and it becomes a historic even. The national leader must keep the impartial attitude for any ethnic in the country. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern exposed an inappropriate gesture after the shooting, she mixed the role of the national leader with personal emotion. The people think Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern converted Muslim and she transfers News Zealand is a first Western nation convert the Muslim country. Someone in Australia tells the people in Down Under needs to follow New Zealand’s Prime Minister, it is just propaganda.


The New Zealand’s terror still echoes widely into the political stage in Kiwi, actually in Australia while the general election is going to poll in May 2019. Nevertheless, ALP and Greens plus the left media missed out an opportunity to label the terror at Christchurch comes from the right wing or far-right, even they couldn’t exploit the incident of New Zealand’s terror to slam the US President Donald Trump. The terrorist Brenton Tarrant is the leftist, the comrade of  Jacinda Ardern, Bill Shorten, Penny Wong and Labor Parties in New Zealand, Australia.


The people knew the truth after New Zealand’s terror, the lying propaganda to be debunked and the patriotic people vindicated. There is not right wing, far-right or racist labeled by the domestic thugs, but the patriot exposes on the national protection. Therefore, the left media has no apology despite they knew the wrong accusation to the patriotic people. The left media, left parties and the naïve leaders are the shame, they wrongly claimed the culprit of New Zealand’s terror is right-wing or far-right, certainly, they have no evidence proves, instead, the terrorist Brenton Tarrant is the leftist, he would be brainwashed by China’s espionage agent and becomes the terrorist as Maoist advocates the rebel movement around the world./.







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