Italy joins One Belt and One Road of Coronavirus


Posted on March 9, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Despite Italy is a member of the European Union and NATO, therefore, the Italian government signed the plan of one belt and one road with China during Red Emperor Xi Jinping was visiting Europe, Rome to meet the European leaders from 21 to 26 March 2019. The time table marked Xi Jinping came to France and met Italian President Sergio Mattarella, then the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio (leader of Five Star Movement) concerns the new Silk Road in 21st century which links the transport from China to Europe.  Therefore, the European Union and the US watching out the influence of China, the global hegemonic ambition threatens the security and economy. Moreover, the Italian government also signed an agreement with China, with the 29 deals estimated 2.6 billion euros embracing energy, finance, agriculture, engineering. According to the” great agreement” of the Italian government, China will involve the development of the Genoa port. Moreover, China Communication and Construction Company to be permitted access to the port of Triest that links to central and Eastern Europe. The deals and one belt and one road created an opportunity for China’s officials, tourists, workers enter Italy’s soil.


Unfortunately, Italian people pay the high risk of deathly Coronavirus made in China and spreading around the world by Chinese people. Every Chinese people comes from the mainland can be a Coronavirus station, it is the human’s biological weapon that silently infects and attacks the world. So, Coronavirus develops into countries that have many Chinese tourists and workers like Italy.


From China’s communist regime joined the free market and late W.T.O, the rogue country has deployed the trade trap, debt trap, government trap and now, the biological warfare trap to the counterparts. Italy has fallen into the traps of China,  the dire consequence is inevitable. China arrays the biological warfare trap into the countries deeply related to the economy, finance, strategy, military co-operation, so the biological warfare to create the centers of Coronavirus pandemic outside China. Now, Iran becomes the hot spot of  Coronavirus in Middle-East, the death toll and infected people rise daily. The world has no surprise about Iran and China’s relations that have started from the extremist cleric and socialist Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomenei seized the Iranian government in 1979, China has helped Iran to develop the economy and strategic partnership, so the high-level of China’s communist officials, Chinese companies have operated and stationed a long time in Iran, its reason explains the top officials of Iran like Deputy Health Minister, Vice President, seven politicians, top adviser of supreme commander Ali Khamenei struck by Coronavirus, certainly, the high ranking cadres of China’s communist contacted with Iranian officials in the high level.


Italy faces the same circumstance as Iran, the innocent government fell into the trade trap and the biological warfare trap of China that causes the death toll increases to 366 and the infected people are up to 7, 313 on March 9, 2020. The bloody lesson wakes Italian people and the victim countries fell into China’s trap. Its formula is CHINA’S TRAP +INNOCENT GOVERNMENT= NATIONAL DISASTER. Italy becomes the central Coronavirus in Europe, many countries issued the travel ban to Italy, Iran, and recently South Korea.


Italian government must lock more than 16 million people (1/4 population) for quarantine until April 3, 2020. The Vatican faces the same situation, Pope Francis delivers the Sunday prayers via Livestream to avoid the infections. During the world panics the deadly pandemic, Vietnam conceals the death toll in infected people, although the communist government in Vietnam still opens the border between Vietnam and China, so Chinese tourists, workers freely enter Vietnam, is it a miracle? The social media released the news about the people died on the streets in Cambodia, Vietnam (Hanoi) and recently, a young girl traveled from Italy, England and came back to Vietnam, she tested positive Coronavirus, this flight had the high ranking cadres, so on March 8, 2020, the Trúc Bạch District (Hanoi) locked but Vietnam’s government keeps quiet. If the IMF or the US grants $US 10,000 for each Coronavirus patient, Vietnam will provide the exact numbers of death toll and the infected people.


    The US people are very lucky. If madam Hillary Clinton won the election in 2016, Chinese people overwhelmed in the United States of America, do the US will become a center of Coronavirus in America continent, and China will control the world in 2025./.







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