Italy fell into China traps and Coronavirus


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The business lacks knowledge about politics that can conduct the damages. On the other hand, the business without political concern is like a navigator who has no compass, a driver has no map.


The western countries ignored the malicious character of communist, the fresh profit and cheap labor that conducts the long term’s damages. After joining the free market and late WTO, China succeeded bluffing the Western about economic collaboration, sharing the finance by the deceived economic pattern” the free market is led by socialism”.


The innocent politicians plus the naïve businesses in Western to help China created the trade trap, debt trap, the government trap and nowadays, the biological warfare trap. Despite European countries ally with the US, therefore, the innocent leaders in Europe led 18 nations joined one belt and on-road of China (the global hegemonic plan of China has 63 countries joined one belt and one road). The naïve traitors are innocent politicians and profit lover’s businesses have damaged their countries after China’s economic crippled, actually, the Coronavirus outbreak that comes from the biological warfare of China’s communist regime to kill its people and ruin the economy.


Italy becomes the blatant victim of China’s trap, the fresh profit plus the insufficient knowledge about the malicious character of China’s communist regime become a disaster, now, Italy must pay the dire consequence. On March 2019, Red Emperor Xi Jinping took Europe’s tour, he met French leader, Rome, and Italy. Nevertheless, the Italian government signed an agreement with China, with the 29 deals estimated 2.6 billion euros embracing energy, finance, agriculture, engineering. According to the” great agreement” of the Italian government, China will involve the development of the Genoa port. Moreover, China Communication and Construction Company to be permitted access to the port of Triest that links to central and Eastern Europe. The deals and one belt and one road created an opportunity for China’s officials, tourists, workers enter Italy’s soil.


The desperate deals of the Italian government with China’s communist regime that created the biological trap in its country, the innocent government in Italy couldn’t measure the potential damages and the deep conspiracy of China transforming Italy to be the offshore Coronavirus’s center of China. The friendly collaboration carries out between the Italian government and China’s communist regime that turned disaster to Italian people and the national economy. The deals went too far, the co-operation included the law and order, so China’s Police and Italian Police patrol on Italy’s streets. Moreover, the profit lover’s businesses employed Chinese workers come from the mainland, the cheap labor and avoidance of the union’s strike that helped Coronavirus spread throughout the country. The Lunar new year, Chinese workers returned to the mainland and they also brought the Coronavirus to Italy, so its country faces the fierce outbreak of Coronavirus in Europe. Moreover, infected Italian people can bring Coronavirus to elsewhere.


On March 13, 2020, the death toll in Italy rises to 1,000 and more than 10,000 infected cases. Italian government locked whole the country with 60 million people to March 25, 2020. All schools, universities, gyms, museums, entertainment closed. Italy becomes a ghost nation like China.


The US, Europe, Australia added Italy into the list of travel ban with China, South Korea, and Iran. President Donald Trump announces the travel ban in 30 days to apply for all European countries, except the United Kingdom (this country can control the Coronavirus, the Brexit is work).


The Coronavirus appeared in Wuhan from December 1st, 2019, but China’s communist regime concealed and the World Health Organization delayed, instead W.H.O director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus stood with China, he misled the world about the pandemic while Coronaivurs spreading worldwide. The medical cheat remains until March 12, 2020, W.H.O declares the high alert or the global pandemic, but the Coronavirus spreads 114 countries. The World Health Organization helped China developing the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, so the world questions W.H.O  Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus who misled the public as China concealed.


The victim countries are Iran, Japan, South Korea, and Italy must pay the high prices of the death toll and economy plunged. Therefore, China unofficially declares the biological war against the international community. There are 22 tyrants and leader Xi Jinping attack the world and Chinese people, the biological weapon of China complicates and threatening the world. China’s communist regime appeared the global thug, the most dangerous enemy of human society. The innocent leaders and the profit’s lovers learn the bloody lesson after many decades fell into the traps of China. The biological weapon exposes the heartlessness of China’s Communist Party to carry out the global hegemonic ambition.


China’s Communist Party still rules China, the world can not live in peace. The aggressive regime in China has threatened the world since the Cold War. After the Coronavirus attack, China’s Communist Party will launch the other kind of biological weapon. So the world does not do business with China until the mainland has a democratic government like Taiwan. The people have no racist but China-phobia created by China’s communist regime that damaged Chinese people including Chinese overseas./.






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