Italy became an unofficial colony of China


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China is ruled China’s Communist Party since Mao Tse Tung and its Ape herd robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949. The Ape super herd massacred a hundred million Chinese people in the mainland and also deceived the world including the Western countries by the ugly economic pattern” the free market is led by socialism”. The innocent leaders, the left parties, the profit lover’s businesses, and the dishonest academics helped China’s Communist Party carrying the global hegemonic dream and now, the dire consequences are inevitable. The world is terrorized by the biological weapon of the Ape super herd is led by 22 tyrannic Apes in Political Bureau, chief Ape is Xi Jinping who has a nickname SHITHOLE. The heartless Ape herd has never respected the human, so the biological warfare has conspired a long time of China’s Communist Party.


China’s Ape super herd succeeded to cheat the world by the global economic terror. The trade trap, debt trap, and government trap conspire to colonize the world by the soft army carrying by the companies, business agents, Confucius Institutions, immigration, bribery (political donation). The global economic warfare terror attacks worldwide, unfortunately, the world has not cautioned, indeed, many countries welcomed China’s communist thug entered then falling into the traps and joined the plan called one belt and one road of China’s communist regime. The innocent governments in Western or the victims of global economic terror received the high numerous death toll and infected population when China launches the global biological warfare terror. China’s communist regime uses the life of people in unofficial colonies as the live Coronavirus stations to transmit the deadly Coronavirus worldwide. If the pandemic limited in Wuhan, the world avoids the pandemic.


The Coronavirus outbreak worldwide come from Chinese tourists, Chinese workers, and businesses overseas, actually, the unofficial colonies like Spain received more than 2,311 deaths, and 35,136 infected cases (the report on March 24, 2020, the numbers continue to rise). Spain has a strong economic relationship with China, in the last 2 years, China’s government increased at least 31.7% investment in Spain.


Italy faces the worst hit of Coronavirus pandemic, the former Roman empire to be colonized by China’s communist empire. The Coronavirus outbreak that emerged in Italy is an unofficial colony of China. The profit lover’s businesses plus the innocent leaders and the naïve component that helped China colonized Italy. So Italy joined one belt and one road of China while Italy is the member of NATO, the European Union.


The double gross game of Italian government paid the dire consequences, China exploits Italian people to carry out the global biological terror, since the Coronavirus outbreak, Italy considers as the second Wuhan. On March 24, 2020, the death toll in Italy is up to 6,076 and more than 64,000 infected cases. The world listed Italy is the first country in the travel ban.


The circumstance of Italy is a blatant example of China’s trade. China’s communist regime silently colonized Italy from many decades ago. Almost, Italian’s economy to be controlled by China. There were more than 200 major companies of Italy sold to China, not including the businesses and companies owned by China in Italy. The innocent government and the profit lover’s businesses in Italy sold the country to China, they are the naïve traitors. Despite, Italian people fear China’s products, but Italian businesses and supermarkets sell the poisonous, contaminated and short life products made in China. The people have no choice because of China’s products inundated in the Italian market. Moreover, the fake products labeled” Italy made” come from China, so Italian products killed by China’s counterfeit. Even the most favored food of Italian people are tomato sauce and olive oil can not guarantee the quality, the people fear those come from China.


The Vatican has a socialist Pope Francis, he signed the temporary agreement with China’s communist empire on September 22, 2018, so the atheism China can appoint the priests in the mainland. Certainly, the communist priests represent the red evil become the religious leaders and a day, the Vatican will have China’s communist Pope.


China also cornered the Italian financial system, China’s central banks holds stakes in the major companies like Fiat, Telecom Italia, Generali, Eni, and the others. There are more than 320,794 Chinese citizens live in Italy, not including 45,000 illegal migrants and Chinese people granted Italian citizenship. China’s communist regime succeeded to colonize Italy, although Italy is among the strong countries of the European Union and NATO. Italian people lost the sovereign a long time, but they didn’t realize, the Italian government invited China’s Police patrol with Italian Police in the streets that shows a member of NATO and the European Union became an unofficial colony of Red Empire China. Now the Coronavirus may wake up its people and the countries fell into China’s traps. From March 21 to 25, 2020, Red Emperor Xi Jinping toured Europe, he visited Colonial Italy and signed the deals were worth 26 billion euros in 29 deals. The Lunar New Year of Rat 2020, Chinese workers returned their homeland and bringing Coronavirus to Italian people, so the former Roman empire received the highest death toll and infected cases outside China.


Italy’s circumstance alerts Australia, a wealthy country in the Southern sphere with rich natural sources and agricultural products. Unfortunately, the innocent government and profit lover’s businesses sold the major companies to China. The Bellamy’s baby formula sold $AU 1.5 billion and Lion Dairy farmer sold $AU 600 million to giant China Mengniu Dairy (Australian baby and people drink the milk owned by China), it is the shame of Australia. The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) ignored the loss of national assets, what do they protect the national assets?. After many decades, Australia fell into the trade trap, debt trap, government trap of China’s communist empire.


The Australian Labor Party is the hidden communist party in Australia, so Labor Party stands alongside China, they put the communist stance above the national interest and national security. When Australian Labor rules the government, China gained good policies in trade, immigration, and other economic privileges. Almost, the Australian Labor Party’s leaders always support China, including the retired Prime Ministers like Bob Hawke (he died), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, former opposition leader Bill Shorten. Particularly, Senator Penny Wong climbed higher and dived deeper in the Australian government.


Senator Penny Wong controls the Australian Labor Party in the shadow, she held the Finance Minister of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard (2007-2013). The obsolete telecommunication NBN cost $AU 65 billion and the risky Insulation scheme cost $AU 2.7 billion that made the profit for China’s companies. After Labor lost the election in 2013,  Senator Penny Wong always holds shadow Foreign Affairs Minister and she also is the leader of Labor in the Senate.


Annually, the Coalition government spent a hundred million dollars to fight against the cyber spy, the well-known cyber spy’s unit 63189, it is the tool of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and giant telecommunication Huawei owned by PLA. Therefore, in the federal election held on May 18, 2019, Senator Penny Wong promised to admit Huawei operates 5G. The Australian people recognize Senator Penny Wong always served for China’s interest by the Australian taxpayers. Moreover, since the Coronavirus outbreak, Senator Penny Wong has not to respond to the pandemic, but she strays the Coronavirus by the hoax climate change. During Australia is facing the pandemic, the Coalition government fights against the Chinese virus, all states isolated and locked down, but on March 23, 2020, Senator Penny Wong told that she is feeling not wealth, so she announces the self-isolation 14 days and returning home in Adelaide. Penny doesn’t say the positive Coronavirus or not, possibly, she avoids appearing the public and fighting against the Chinese virus, despite Penny Wong is the leader of Labor in the Senate. The circumstance of Italy is like Australia, China controls the strategic port in Darwin with the lease is worth $AU 506 million in 99 years, Merredin Airport in Western Australia leased one dollar in 100 years.


The Australian Labor Party in states reflects China’s comrade, Premier Daniel Andrew of Labor Victoria state (Melbourne) who secretly dealt with China, so its state sold a lot of national assets to China and the state joined one belt and one road with China. Labor Premiers Mark McGowan of Western Australia granted Huawei running the state train’s system with the contract is worth $AU 136 million despite, state’s opposition party (Liberals) raises the grave concern about national security but Premier Mark McGowan ignored. Nevertheless, Premier Mark McGowan recruited Pierre Yang, China’s communist into the legislative council (upper house of state).


Australia paid the prices after falling into the traps of China, it is like Italy, Australian innocent leaders (mostly the Australian Labor Party), the profit lover’s businesses have led the country into China’s orbit. The consequences appeared the loss of the Australia stock market and currency declined the valuation when China plunged. The global biological warfare terror of China deeply harmed Australia’s economy. If the Australian Labor Party wins the federal election mon May 18, 2018, the rumor spread about Labor plans to get 10 million Chinese migrants from the mainland and Labor government aims to increase Chinese migrants that worsens when the Coronavirus outbreak and Australia should be a center of the pandemic as Italy. The lucky country also a lucky choice to vote Coalition, so the Coronavirus reduces the spread. The Chinese virus arouses the world, China’s communist empire is the most threat on the planet. The world can not ignore the global hegemonic ambition of the Ape super herd in Beijing. The victim countries of China’s communist empire learn the bloody lesson about Coronaviruss pandemic, therefore, the dire consequences paid for the critical mistake./.






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