Iran targets the US interest by shooting Boeing plane


Posted on January 12, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Iran retaliates the death of three top terror commanders after the US drones struck the most dangerous men in the world, actually, the death of Major General Qassem Soleimani becomes the national mourning, his funeral gathered a million aggressive Iranian people, the religious bigots attended the funeral of the top terror commander with 50 people killed by the stampede.


Obviously, Iran fired a dozen ballistic missiles to Iraq bases where are the US soldiers stationed, actually, Iran avoided the US military bases in the region. Therefore, the retaliatory missile didn’t create the US casualties but the Islamic Republic of Iran propagates about 80 US soldiers killed and Vietnam communist regime chimed the imagination figure of the US casualties. However, high technological communication and social media debunked the lie of Iran.


The retaliatory intimidation failed, actually, Iranian people know the propaganda machine of its country cheated. Nevertheless, the Iran regime conspires the cunning revenge by attack the US interest, the target aiming to the major airplane manufacturer Boeing, the most favor passenger plane in the world.  From 2018 to 2019, there were two Boeing 737 crashed: Indonesia’s Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines. The accidents affected Boeing company, therefore, two plane crashes occurred in the Muslim countries, so the crashes should cause the enemy to attack the US interest. So two plane crashes doubt, possibly, the terrorists should attack the US interest by targeting Boeing airplane manufacturer.


On January 9, 2020, the Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by Iran missile, 176 passengers including crew killed. Obviously, Iran denied its missiles, therefore the US intelligence showed the evidence. Eventually, Iran must admit the Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down by Iran’s missile. The Islamic Republic of Iran confessed the Ukrainian plane downed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, therefore, Iran tries to defuse the anger of victims and the fallen terror mission by claiming it is the disastrous mistake. After the confession, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps admits the responsibility. Iran also tries to reduce tension and serious crime, they expect the so-called human error. However, Iran’s intelligence and its government must know well the information on the international flight PS-752, actually, the flight occurred in Teheran, the capital of Iran. Moreover, the most important weapon operated by the commander’s order, in the war, every shell of artillery must be decided by the chief. So the missile fire must have the order from the high commander. Possibly, the supreme commander in chief is bigot cleric Sayyid Al Hosseini Khamenei who is responsible for the Ukrainian plane downed. Therefore, the supreme commander in chief of the Islamic Republic Army of Iran has kept quiet the incident as a stone, instead, the government officials and army issued apologies. The cowardice of supreme commander in chief Sayyid Al Hosseini Khamenei proved the irresponsibility of the highest commander of Iran. He is the commander- in-cheat.


The Islamic Republic of Iran can not sophisticate the wrong judge a passenger plane with a fighter jet of the US, Israel, certainly, Iran has the effective radar system in its capital, so any plane to be detected before shooting. Actually, after a strange object identified, the unit must report to the high commander. Nevertheless, Iran shifts the Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by the US tension, it is the kid’s claim, everyone knew Iran shot the plane by its missile. It is like a driver can not claim an accident caused by a neighbor’s argument tension.


Iran can not escape the crime by shifting the Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by its missiles in Iran’s capital. Therefore, Democrats join Iran’s claim, they shift the plane crash to President Donald Trump. Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii who refuses to blame Iran for shooting down Ukrainian airplane, instead, she pours the incident to President Donald Trump. Certainly, Democrats, Iran can talk with the knee, the people have never accepted the garbage argument.


Once again, Iran failed to retaliate the US after the attack on US interest by shooting the Boeing airplane of Ukraine. The terror mission of Iran commits suicide the rogue regime, the world will boycott the flights to Iran, the economy damages, actually, the tourist industry heavily affected while Iran is suffering the toughest sanctions from the US and allies, the problem can solve if Iran changes the government. Obviously, Iran must compensate the airplane, victims and this regime lose the world’s trust, actually, the international flights with America’s plane brand Boeing will be the target of Iran. The shooting Ukrainian plane is not an accident as Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) misleading the public, so the audience needs an apology from Australian National television, certainly, ABC is not an Iranian propaganda machine.


Iran confessed its missile downed Ukrainian passenger plane, not  President Donald Trump. As the routine of totalitarian regimes plus the communist applies, Iran promises to investigate and punish who shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane, eventually, Iran can execute the soldiers related to the shooting but the high commanders avoid the responsibility./.






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