Iran failed to help China to stray the target


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China is falling into the panic state and rushing the deal with the US while the major battles of economy, finance, offshore market, stock market crippled and Yuan devalued. The situation of China meets a stratagem of its ancient strategist Sun Tzu:” wait at leisure while the enemy labors”. Moreover, the tariffs imposed on the US agricultural products that hit back Chinese consumers in the mainland, the sword made in China that stabs Chinese.


There are many times Iran has tried to stray the economic battle of China to military conflicts with Iran. So Teheran acts as a vanguard of China to move the crucial battle on the economy into inappropriate conflict. Iran has tried to mislead the US into the other target and helping China to find a way to escape. Unfortunately, the potential commander in chief Donald Trump cracks down all cunning tactics.


The Islamic Republic of Iran has applied socialism after the bigot cleric Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini succeeded a coup in 1979. Iran has become the rogue state, the aggressive attitude of Teheran currently creates the tension in the region, actually, Iran often provokes Israel and the US and allies.


The people believe China stands behind the aggression of Iran. In 2019, when China begged to deal with the US, Iran attacked the oil tankers, downed the US drone and struck Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. Therefore, the US and allies knew the trap of the enemy, so they avoid the military conflict instead, the US sanctions Iran.


It doesn’t coincide when China and the US start to meet and discuss the tariffs. A US civilian contractor was killed by a rocket shelled on a base near Kirkuk, Irad. The culprit is Hezbollah, the actual tool of Iran. The US responded by the airstrikes at the military base of Iran’s support and killed 25 militias. Teheran incites the people to protest at the US embassy in Iraq and they want to repeat the Benghazi. Iran retaliates by using the terrorist attack the US embassy at Baghdad. It is the old tactic of Vietcong in the Vietnam War, Vietcong attacked the US embassy at Saigon on Tet’s Offensive 1968. The US casualties and injured to be used into the propaganda and the communist undercover activists, the espionage agents, Democrats, and the left media launched the campaign to slam the US troop and government. but they concealed the potential damages of North Vietnam with more than 100,000 troops barbecued in the crucial battle.


Nowadays, Iran conspires to use the US casualties at the embassy in Baghdad to pressure the US eases the sanction and Democrats can exploit the casualties to attack President Donald Trump and China can excite the innocent people condemn White House in the US. However, President Donald Trump promptly responds to an urgent situation. Obviously, the commander in chief deployed 750 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North California and the other 3,000 soldiers on standby in the next few days. The US embassy also reinforces 100 Marines ant two Apache attack helicopters.


The situation is quite different from Benghazi. In 2012 the terrorist attacked 13 hours and Ambassador Christopher Stevens called 600 requests, but President Barrack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Adviser Susan Rice didn’t respond. Eventually, the terrorist killed four US servants including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.


Moreover,  Ambassador Christopher Stevens was the key witness about President Barrack Obama related to the Islamic State and terrorists in Middle-East. The people believe Ambassador Christopher Stevens should hold the secrets of Obama who played the double-cross war game by the US taxpayers and the life of the US soldiers, contractors, foreign officials and the people doubt President Barrack Obama who was the culprit of four deaths in Benghazi, the key witnesses killed. The investigation of Benghazi cost the US taxpayers $US 3.3 million, but the outcome was nothing, actually, the vestiges of Obama arrayed in the Justice Department, FBI hampered the investigation. The high level of terrorist-controlled White House in 8 years, the US is very lucky, so the country still exists. The Vietnamese people learned the bloody lesson about President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu who acted like a double agent, he destroyed the South Vietnam Army and helped North Vietnam claimed the unpredictable victory within 55 days, indeed, the North Vietnam communist must take more than 3 years but the victory was uncertain as North Vietnam Four-Stars General Văn Tiến Dũng said before launching 20 divisions to attack South Vietnam in Ho Chí Minh’s campaign on March 1975.


The strong force responds to the situation rapidly that stops the terrorist has tried the create the casualty for political purposes of Iran, China and Democrats. Moreover, Baghdad is the capital of Iraq, its government can not ignore the attack, certainly, the terrorists can not gather the big numerous troop, actually, the force at the embassy can fight with a battalion or even aa regiment. On Thursday, January 2nd, 2020, the US Army reported the airstrike near the Bagdad Airport that killed two top military commanders involved in terrorism. Major General Qassem Soliemani commander of Quds Force and commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhamdis who is deputy chief of PMU Mahdi Almuhandes. The commander of the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps Qassem Soliemani was the perpetrator of a terror in Washington D.C in 2011, the target was a restaurant and Saudi ambassador to the US, therefore, President Barrack Obama just issued the personal sanctions with four Iranian officials.


Iran must pay the high price after the conspiracy carried out as Sun Tzu’s stratagem:” make a sound in the east then strike in the west” to help China into the deal with the US. It is a tactic called” talking during fighting” of communist. The rapid response of President Donald Trump is like a stone killed two birds. While the unconstitutional impeachment is vain and it hits back Democrats, China panics the deal with the US plus Hong Kong unrest and Iran failed to mislead the economic war between the US and China to the military conflict. Moreover, two top generals killed by the airstrike and Iran have faced tough sanctions on the economy. The world welcomes the deaths of two terror commanders, therefore, Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi whines about how she was not notified of the attack in advance. Moreover, Nancy Pelosi slams President Donald Trump for taking a disproportionate hit on the terrorist. Certainly, Democrats deeply related to Iran, actually, President Barrack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry were close friends with Iran./.







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