If Hong Kong crashed the China communist collapse


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Hong Kong is among the world financial center since the territory being governed by the British. From 1997, Hong Kong returned to China, therefore, China communist must remain the democratic rule because Hong Kong people lived and contacted with the freedom nearly a century. Nevertheless, Hong Kong people do want to live with British than compatriot China communist because of their compatriot denied the Chinese ancestor, instead, they pride to be the descendant of the Ape as their great master Karl Marx labeled in Historical Materialism. On the other hand, China communist completely lost the human being, so the Ape regime has never loved and cared for the people. Under the era of the first Ape King Mao Tse Tung ruled the mainland from 1949 to 1976, the Ape’s dynasty killed more than 65,000,000 Chinese people and the other Ape King was Deng Xiaoping killed tens of thousand people in Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.


China Ape regime always wants to control Hong Kong people, so Administration in Hong Kong has targeted, China communist inserted the henchmen, mostly the Executives are such as Leung Chung-Ying who stepped down after the Umbrella Revolution occurred from September 26, 2014, to December 2014.


Nowadays, the other henchman is Executive Carrie Lam who conspires to make the extradition laws, it is a new terror policy of the mainland to squash the democratic movement, the Ape regime concerns the leaders are the spiritual movement as Sun Tzu quoted in his Thirty-Six Stratagems:” defeat the enemy by capturing their chief”. The cunning conspiracy of extradition laws also apply to the foreigners, actually, the citizens of” capitalist” listed of 20 countries are Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia,  Netherland, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and United States of America. The citizens of 20 countries above will be arrested in Hong Kong and extradited to the mainland when they travel or doing the business. The Ape regime conspire to use the bush law to terrorize Hong Kong people and foreigners.


Hong Kong people recognize China communist party terrorize the people and business, it causes more than a million people to protest since June 10, 2019. The protestors clash with Police, the tool of China regime. During the incident occurring, China propaganda machine launched the news about the People’s Liberation Army is going to quell as the bloodshed of the second Tiananmen Square should repeat in Hong Kong. However, it is the phony psychological warfare, indeed, China knew Hong Kong is China’s pocket and the window of the trade to the world. The Chinese investors and foreigners created the wealthiness, nevertheless, Hong Kong’s financial center deeply influences China’s stock market. If the bloodshed occurs in Hong Kong, the consequences are serious that threatens China communist regime when the world condemns and the sanction is possible, China will lose a total business offshore market, it conducts China currency Yuan tumbled the valuation and the sky rocket’s inflation is inevitable. More than 1.4 billion Chinese people live in the mainland to be hit by the worst living condition, actually, the food causes the revolution, it will sparkle the second Tiananmen Square. The People’s Liberation Army members have the family and relatives join the protest, it is the problem of China Communist Party. The PLA should stand with the people as the Red Army of Soviet-Union disobeyed the order the communist regime while Russia people protest in the early 1990s


Hong Kong is the most important financial center of China, actually, Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) deeply related to Hang Seng Bank is the private monetary firm in Hong Kong. HSBC get a 51% interest of Hang Seng Bank and now, the interest increased up to 62.14%. Moreover, from 2002, Hang Seng Bank opened the personal E-Bank in the mainland. The wealthy and middle family involved the Hang Seng Bank because they don’t trust China communist banking’s system, so Hong Kong people’s demonstration worries the Chinese people in the mainland. If Hang Seng Bank moves out from Hong Kong or declares the bankruptcy, the HSBC will face big trouble and following the banking system in the mainland will not escape the financial crisis, the consequence is unmeasurable.


Hang Seng Index proves China’s stock market and linking to the people living in the mainland. However, since Hong Kong people stand up to resist the extradition laws on June 10, 2019, daily, Hang Seng Index drops 1.7%, but the biggest tumbled was 2.4% on May 2019 after President Donald Trump imposed the new tariffs on China products and goods are worth $USD 250 billion. If President Donald Trump adds more $USD 3000 billion, the Hang Seng Index will be faced with a big loss. Nevertheless, the new tariffs of $USD 300 billion are on the table when President Donald Trump gave the ultimatum to Beijing if Xi Jinping refuses the deal and changes hundreds of trade laws as the US required.


Hong Kong’s incident panics the residential investors, the leading property company Wharf Real Estate Investment fell 5.4% and the New World Development lost 4.2%. The uncertain situation in Hong Kong declined totally the local business and investment including the foreign investors. The other major companies are Suny Optical Technology Group Co dropped 5.8%, AAC Technologies Holdings Inc lost 3.6%,  Hong Kong’s unrest is the dead threat of China communist regime.


The massive protest aggravates the worst situation of China communist regime while Beijing seems not to have a solution but their henchman Executive Carrie Lam doesn’t step back the extradition’s bush laws although Hong Kong people clashed with police at Parliament.


Hong Kong’s protest cost China’s economy and finance, the world watching the democratic movement exposes the massive protest has ever happened in Hong Kong. The police couldn’t prevent the people power. China communist faces the dilemma, Beijing measures carefully the military involvement to quell the democratic movement as genocide Deng Xiaoping created the bloodshed on June 4, 1989, nowadays, the situation is different. When Hong Kong crashes conduct the inhumane regime in Beijing collapsed as the most dynasties eliminated in Chinese history.


China could hire the left media releasing the fake news about the economic disaster and financial peril and also conceal the truth of Hong Kong’s crisis. Therefore, they left the media failed to lie the public in the high technological communication’s era../.








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