Huawei’s carcass buried in telecommunication cemetery


Posted on September 21, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Huawei has faced the dreary disaster after President Donald Trump granted the death certificate and now the time to bury the giant telecommunication company owned by the People’s Liberation Army. Certainly, Huawei is dead but China communist has tried to revive by the advertising plus hiring the left media launching the commercial psychological warfare to woo the naïve customers in Western or somewhere else to buy. Unfortunately, high technological communication, multiple information’s sources, and social media can alert Huawei is useless. The psychological consumption rapidly spreads worldwide, so the advertising couldn’t mislead the public as the left media succeeded in the Cold War.


Huawei became the ghost telecommunication, the survival is impossible after the coffin buried into the telecommunication’s cemetery. Therefore, the beautiful grave decorates the newest model of smartphone Huawei Mate 30 Pro that appeared at an event in Germany, the price is $AUD 1,299 while Google rejected the major services. Certainly, the customers’ doubt, actually, the users want to access the internet, Gmail and the other services, so they don’t want to buy Huawei Mate 30 Pro that cost too much but nothing to use. Nevertheless, Huawei’s stores can not guarantee services. Nevertheless, China company should ignore the money-back-guaranteed as the Western companies respect the fair trade. The products made in communist paradise are not like democratic products about quality and the other business rules. Despite Huawei advertises about the high technology 5G but the smartphone is like a toy, no one wants to buy the device being disable. The fault causes the lacking of technology, the consequence of socialism and the world debunked the real technological level of China that comes from the stolen technology plus the global hegemonic ambition, but the so-called Chinese dream carrying out while China has no  fundament on economy and technology. Moreover, the high technology 5G covers the cyber spy, its reason conducts many countries warning the security risk by Huawei operates in their soil.


Huawei really surrendered the competition when the major services are not available, moreover, the high level’s technicians of socialism can not create the technology as the global hegemonic strategy demands. On September 19, 2019, Huawei Technologies Co offers $USD 1.5 billion to the partners want to build the software for the futuristic chip as the US companies after Huawei is out of services from android’s Google. Certainly, President Donald Trump holds the decisive weapon to ban Huawei, so the telecommunication of the US must comply with the order of the commander in chief, it is due to respond to national security and the national interest.


Eventually, China communist applies the cunning tactic to buy the technological telecommunication. Therefore, who dares to sell the invention to China while the US banned. Moreover, Huawei must spend at least a few decades to build their own technological communication as China traces behind the space race with the US at least 50 years. Nevertheless, the high telecommunication of Western has developed at least a couple of decade ago and now China just starts.


The ban of President Donald Trump that cost Huawei’s loss of more than $USD 10 billion and 5% in the stock market. Huawei also faces big declination from the global market, Europe has about 500 million Huawei’s users staying away from the useless device, even the Asia countries like Vietnam (the close vassal of China) abandoned Huawei. Mostly, the people live in Vietnam have no interest Huawei from many years ago because they knew the products made in China meet the poor quality. The customers in Australia rethink when Huawei is going to refer the smartphone Huawei Mate 30 Pro to the Aussie stores, actually, the Down Under has Australian Labor Party is the close comrade with China and Senator Penny is keen to invite Huawei operating 5G if ALP retakes the government in the next federal election. Despite, annually, the Coalition government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy, the unit 61389 is the prime suspect. So the death of Huawei that disappointed the Australian Labor Party, actually Senator Penny Wong.


The People’s Liberation Army built the giant telecommunication Huawei from 1987. Unfortunately, the communist telecommunication company has no fundament, actually the technology, so Huawei is like an Asian saying” borrowing a pig head to cook soup”. The ban of President Donald Trump that caused the bane of Huawei in the global market, plus finance plunged, and technology collapsed after the US companies cut the ties and major services. Certainly, the dead body can not revive, instead, the burial time must come. Huawei is dead in the global market, the users abandoned while the formal beautifully device turned to disable, even a child can not use Huawei to find something on Google or Facebook./.







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