Huawei is sieged by the Telecommunication of Western


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Huawei is the giant telecommunication company owned by the People’s Liberation Army where is the global den of a hacker, the Western knew well the cyberspy unit 61389 currently threatens the national security. Nevertheless, Huawei comes from the stolen technology but Beijing has made the profit and also carrying out the stolen mission worldwide. In society, a burglar sells the stolen goods, it is illegal, the law punishes the thief and whoever bought the stolen goods is an accomplice. Huawei stole the technology and made the mobile phone, the telecommunication’s equipment selling to the inventing countries. China is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. Therefore, the giant burglar with the feet of clay has the hegemonic dream, Beijing has developed the stolen technology to control the global economy and further China focus on transforming the world ruled by China communist party, the global super gang on the planet.


President Donald Trump launches the war fighting against the global economic terror with the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile has struck over the pocket of the global burglar. The tariffs deeply affected the domestic industry, actually, the global market decides the fate of Red dynasty. Every increasing the tariffs imposed on China’s goods and products that worsen the economic situation in China. The tariff weapon decided the economic battle that shows China being engaged into the peril since the tariffs have begun, actually, China failed the traditional tactic is talking during the fighting, this deceitful tactic is obsolete and useless.


The negotiation’s time is gone after a year the US and China talked. Red Emperor Xi Jinping is arrogant, he underestimates the US, actually, President Barrack Obama behaved as China’s executor in White House, so in the visit 2016, China didn’t welcome a national leader with the red carpet plus 21 salute gunshots, instead, Xi Jinping forced President Barrack Obama accessed the stairway. Nowadays, Xi Jinping puzzles, even fears when he faces the strategist Donald Trump, the author wrote the art of the deal is higher level than the art of war written by Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu.


On May 2019, China’s delegation led by Vice Premier Liu He left Washington D.C without a deal, likely the routine, China raised the mouthful threat to retaliate and also Bejing has tried to cheat the US. However, the potential commander in chief Donald Trump understood very well the communist, so China couldn’t deceive the US into the deal. The tariffs promise to reach up to more than a half-trillion US dollars applying into China’s goods that will threaten China’s economy and the massive jobless drives the Red Dynasty collapsed.


The global hegemonic strategy of China spreading on the land with one belt and on road’s rapacious plan, the piratical stations illegally built and militarized into the disputed waters and the telecommunication’s field couldn’t respond China’s ambition. Instead, the disaster is waiting for every tariff imposing. China exposed the global hegemony on telecommunication, the 5G technology of China aiming to cover up the world and controlling the planet. Therefore, 5G is the outcome of stolen technology, the thieves must be punished.


After the new tariffs applied on $USD 200 billion China’s products and goods on May 10, 2019, President Donald Trump signed the executive order to ban Huawei and listed more than 70 affiliates. Telecommunication’s battle creates critical damages for China. The executive order affected the telecommunication’s companies in the Western. The biggest chipmaker companies are Intell Corp, Qualcomm Inc, Xilinx Inc, Broadcom Inc have announced to the employees will not apply Huawei’s technology. The worst news is Google cut off the supply of hardware and some software services to China mobile phone, it means Huawei’s mobile phone is disabled, Huawei crippled and becomes the ghost of telecommunication. China faces the big problem when Huawei has been sieged by the Western’s telecommunication’s giant companies. The Huawei’s customers couldn’t access Google, they must find the other companies, moreover, Huawei cannot access the Western throughout the telecommunication’s system, the cyberspy mission to be thwarted. The Huawei’s situation aggravates the stock market plunged and China currency Yuan lost the valuation. Certainly, the countries deeply involved the economy and finance with China couldn’t avoid the damaged, the currency tumbled following China currency plunged, so the time to get out from China that is not much left. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump gave a year to get out from China and now the damaged have to have.


China is losing the economic battle, there is only the psychological warfare could apply to mislead the public as the communist succeeded in the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, the high technology communications era plus social media destroyed the propaganda. China could hire the left media, the profit lover journalists, left reporters, left columnists, left T.V hosts, dishonest academics distorting the career and the knowledge by releasing of the economic war affect the US companies, the consumer…but they concealed the potential damages of China. Nowadays, people have not trusted academics as Professor Paul Krugman awarded Nobel Prize in Economics 2008, he wrote:” Even though I think that Trump trade policy is foolish, I don’t really understand the apocalyptic numbers some people are throwing around. Last year imports from China were 2.3% of GDP. A 25% tariff would be a tax increase of roughly 0,5% of GDO 1”. Before, Obama’s Chairwoman of United States Federal Reserve was Janet Louis Yellen criticized President Donald Trump about the economic capacity when President Donald Trump just stepped in the White House. Therefore, economic Professor Paul Krugman and Dr. Janet Yellen are the theoretical academics while President Donald Trump is a billionaire. The well-known economists as Professor Paul Krugman and Janet Yellen couldn’t be trusted, so the left media journalists and columnists wrote about the economy that is propaganda, China should hire them to mislead the public and appall the people. The cesspool of media as CNN and the others face the financial problem, China is keen to pay and using the left media to transmit the intimidation in the Western as terrorist used the video threatening the people. The left media companies are the unofficial propaganda machine of China.


China has been engaged in the peril, the rapacious ambition carries out the China dream that turned the nightmare when the greedy project of one belt one road, the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters versus the mountain debt increasing for every new tariff imposing, the debt reached 300 GDP promises jumping to 400 GDP and China will face bankruptcy while the US’s economy develops, the unemployment rate is 3.6% it hits the lowest in 50 years, the GDP grew 3.2% in the quarter 2019 and continues to increase. The vulnerability of China is telecommunication faces the disaster. Huawei has been sieged by the Western’s telecommunication, the chipmaker companies stop to supply. Huawei has no way to exit.


The US gives 90 days after the executive order’s ban validates, but in Australia, Huawei laptops quietly disappeared from Australian Microsoft store, it causes the Huawei devices would no longer have access to Google-owner apps, the Google play store or get android OS plus the security updates. Certainly, the companies in the US do not supply the telecommunication’s equipment made by China that is due to the security risk and comply with the presidential order. The Huawei’s customers may seek the refund when Huawei’s devices couldn’t use as the trading law.


The executive order of President Donald Trump is like the Death Certificate granted to Huawei, there is not only the US’s companies stay away, but the allies follow. The ARM is a British multiple nation and software design company cuts the ties with Huawei despite before, the UK government will allow granting Huawei supplies 5G network in the country that causes the UK government fell into the trade trap of Beijing. Certainly, Great Britain may overhaul the contract with China while the US banned Huawei. The prominent telecommunication companies are Analog Devices, Apple, AppliedMicro (now is MACOM Technology Solution), Atmel, Broadcom, Cypress Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor (now is NXP Semiconductor), Maxim Integrated, Nvidia, NXP, Qualcomm, Renesas, Samsung Electronics, ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, Xilinx overhaul the linking with Huawei after the ban of the US. On the other hand, the major telecommunication companies in Western isolate Huawei from the communication’s system. It is the vulnerability of China communist. China sowed the wind and reap the whirlwind, the global burglar must pay the wrongdoings ./.







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