Huawei cannot access the major services of Google


Posted on September 18, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



President Donald Trump granted the death certificate to China’s giant telecommunication company Huawei that promptly affected the global market, actually the fiance plunged after the major services and the Western companies cut ties. Therefore, Huawei still tips the smartphone Huawei mate 20 prices $AUD 1,490 into the market and from September 19, 2019, the newest model Huawei Mate 30 Pro releases at an event in Germany, each sells $AUD 1,299. China communist has tried to refer their telecommunication’s device to the user while the global consumer recognized Huawei smartphone is useless. Certainly, no one wants to buy a Huawei smartphone when the major services can not access, despite Huawei introduces the high technology 5G and the facilities trying to restore the customer’s credit.


Huawei is among the major companies of China operating around the world, its function makes the profit and also carrying out the cyber spy’s mission into their counterparts. The US, Europe, Australia, Japan, and the other countries alerted the cyber spy, actually, the well-known cyber spy unit 61389 stationed in the People’s Liberation Army, nevertheless, PLA owned Huawei. Despite China communist and Huawei always denied the cyber spy but do not listen to the verbal communist, mostly, the Maoist and Karl Marx’s pupil is the cheater and liar.


Huawei crippled on the global market and also adding more the jobless when the foreign factories moved out from the mainland or repatriated the homeland that is due to avoid the tariffs. So Huawei became the telecommunication ghost, even Red Emperor Xi Jinping can not revive or transforms Huawei to a zombie if he is the best magician.


The global users including Chinese people in the mainland know Huawei can not access Gmail, Youtube or any Google Apps like SnapChat, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, even ebook, film, and music tracks, certainly, the outside media and the multiple information’s sources are not available. Huawei really declined the global market including in China, instead, the telecommunication companies of the US and the democratic countries replaced Huawei in the market. Despite  Huawei smartphone is like OnePlus7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, but the disable services kicked Huawei out from the market.


China received the potential damages in the economic war with the US and allies, actually, the tariff weapon of President Donald Trump has struck on the death vulnerability of China, moreover, the largest communist country on the planet also China faces the tension in Hong Kong, recently, China is hit by the swine flu that killed more than a third of pig in the mainland, so Xi Jinping must exempt the retaliatory tariff on pork, soybean, and the other US agricultural products, It is not the goodwill, but the concessionary will. On the other hand, China begs to make a deal with the US while the left media maximally launching the psychological warfare to mislead the public and conceal the potential loss of China into the economic battle. Once again, the left media commits suicide by telling lie about China’s growth and the US’s recession.


After more than 70 years ruled in China by the barbarous policy and carrying out the global hegemonic strategy. Nowadays, Chinese people live in the mainland plus Hong Kong people and the citizen of the Republic of China (in Taiwan) abhore the inhumane regime or the Ape super gang is the culprit of the bloodsheds from 1949, Tienanmen square massacre in 1989 plus the terror system has imposed on the mainland.


China’s growth comes from stolen technology as a stratagem of Sun Tzu” creates something from nothing”, so Huawei grew up from the technology of capitalist, but the Western lost the profit. Certainly, Huawei does need the telecommunication firms like Google and the others including the chip’s companies. Therefore, Huawei conspires to take control of the global telecommunication and dominate the market, the extreme rapaciousness is no longer exist. President Donald Trump banned the US companies to provide the technology and services to Huawei, the consequence must pay, Huawei created anything from nothing and now China communist has nothing after anything retrieved./.







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