Hong Kong referendum in council election in 2019


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Despite Great Britain handed over Hong Kong to China from July 1st, 1997, but the United Kingdom still has a relationship with the people, actually, the financial system, business, and the other economic facilities. Moreover, Hong Kong is among the global financial center, it is the soft power of Hong Kong people to keep democracy.


Returning the history, on August 29, 1942, the Treaty of Nanking (Nanjing) signed between the United Kingdom and Qing dynasty to end the first Opium War (1839-1842), so Hong Kong belonged to Great Britain. Following the Convention carried out between the United Kingdom and Qing dynasty on June 9, 1898, China government conceded Hong Kong to the British by the Nanking based on Treaty signed in 1842.


However, the United Kingdom handed Hong Kong to China’s communist, the governmental robber controlled the mainland of China from 1949. In reality, the authentic government of the Chinese people in the Republic of China ruled China from 1912 to 1949, so the People’s Republic of China is the rogue government ruled by the Ape super gang. The robber often raises the brazen one nation policy to Taiwan, indeed, Bejing must return the mainland to the Republic of China.


China’s communist regime just took over Hong Kong. Therefore, the deep relation between Hong Kong and Great Britain and the other countries that force the Ape super gang must deserve the special treatment to Hong Kong as the Special Administration Region. China consented to the so-called one country with two different systems from 1997 to 2047. Hong Kong is an independent country like Singapore, Taiwan. But Vietnam is like Tibet, Sinkiang Uigur although Vietnam is a nation, it is a shame of the Vietnam Communist Party and Ape’s King Hồ Chí Minh conducted the country to be a vassal of China from the Indochina War. According to the impacts, Hong Kong people elect the government, parliament, police, and currency is the Hong Kong dollar, actually, the independent finance that keeps Hong Kong isolates from Beijing. Therefore,  China’s communist regime just covers defense and foreign affairs.


The global hegemony ambition of China has carried out in Hong Kong by the cunning tactics. China sowed the red seeds, using the henchman, migrated from the mainland and intimidating by the killing machine called the People’s Liberation Army. Therefore,  Hong Kong people have lived in a democracy, and freedom from a century, so they are an allergy to communism.  Nevertheless, Hong Kong people experience the barbarous policies of China has applied since 1949. The genocide regime killed more than 65 million and Beijing continues to rule the mainland with totalitarianism. Moreover, China always conspires to control Hong Kong people by the bush law plus the terror tactic. Almost, the cunning tactics of China failed to apply to Hong Kong, including, Beijing used the henchman to impose the communist’s policies. Every tactic sparked massive protests. In 2003, China failed to prevent the bill bans Hong Kong people decide the independence by Article 23, the protest on July 1st, 2003 that scrapped the bill. The Umbrella Revolution occurred from September 26,  2014, to December 2014 that causes Henchman Leung Chun-Ying designed.


The actual henchman Carries Lam introduced the extradition bill to terrorize Hong Kong people, so the massive protests have occurred from June 2019 to respond to the malicious conspiracy. Hong Kong unrest proved the weakness of China, the Red Emperor Xi Jinping perplexes to quell the people as Deng Xiaoping massacred tens of thousand people at Tiananmen Square in 1989. China’s communist regime must know Hong Kong crashed which causes China to collapse, actually, Beijing failed the intimidation’s campaign, instead, Beijing and henchman Carrie Lam use the police to clash with the people and also hire the bandit to fight with Hong Kong people. The world including the US condemns Hong Kong’s Police using excessive force to quell Hong Kong people.


The district council elections in 2019 have carried out on Sunday, November 24, 2019, that is the referendum of democracy and the futuristic independence. The democratic movement claimed the landslide victory over China’s faction. There are more than 2.9 million Hong Kong voters decided their future. The pro-democratic candidates succeeded 389 seats among 452 (added more 124 seats of the previous election), the pro-Beijing candidates lost 300 seats, they just retained 58 seats. The election’s outcome sends a strong message to the Ape Super gang, the major members in Council with four years term will perform the democracy and the futuristic independence. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom and the democratic countries including the US eye on Hong Kong’s situation, certainly, the Western and democratic countries like to trade with democratic Hong Kong than a territory of China’s communist regime.


The landslide victory of the pro-democratic movement in Hong Kong causes henchman Carrie Lam to reduce the aggressive and brazen attitude, she promises to open the mind after the pro-democratic candidates control 17 out of 18 districts in Hong Kong. She said:” listen to the views of the public with an open mind and seriously reflect on them”. Do not listen to Carrie Lam and communist talk, let’s watch what they did. Therefore, it is too late when Hong Kong people recognize Carrie Lam is the traitor. She will find it hard to live in Hong Kong after resigned, therefore, the fate of Carrie Lam matches a spy-proverb quote” when a hunter knows a dog can not do the job, a hunter must know how to eat the dog’s meat”. The character of the communist is the throwing’s lemon skin after the juice emptied. The untold character also applies to the fallen henchman including Hong Kong’s Police.


Hong Kong people, Taiwanese, Falun Gong, Tibet people, Sinkiang uirghur, Vietnamese people, actually 65 million victims and families of China’s communist plus tens of thousands of victims of Tienamen Square condemn China’s communist regime. Therefore, the left parties in Western like the Australian Labor Party, UK Labor Party, Socialist Party in France, Democrats in the US and the others stand with the ruthless regime in Beijing. In Australia, the heavyweight’s Labor members as former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd (someone called him Kevin Thug), actually Senator Penny Wong (she is the real boss of Australian Labor Party) stand with China despite they often raise the hypocritical speech about the human rights./.






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