Hong Kong people deny the Bush law of ape regime


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Despite Hong Kong’s territory ruled 99 years by the British, therefore, Hong Kong people recognized the valuation of democracy and freedom of” capitalist” sowed the human rights seeds into the colony, every Hong Kong person is a democratic member. The wealthy territory completely defeated the propaganda of Beijing. So Hong Kong and Taiwan are the pride of Chinese people, the paradise of capitalist proved the free speech and human rights respect that conflicts the communist paradise.


In 1979, Hong Kong returned to China, but Beijing couldn’t control and applying socialism as Mao Tse Tung and China communist party used the terror plus propaganda to quell and enslaved more than billion Chinese people in the mainland from 1949. Nevertheless, Hong Kong people are allergy with the inhumane regime in the mainland, certainly, the Ape dynast in Beijing must accept Hong Kong applies the political pattern is one nation with two different regimes. Therefore, China communist has applied the tactic’s one step back to prepare three steps forward, so Beijing created the henchmen in the Hong Kong Special Administration. The henchmen are the viral politicians in Hong Kong support and activate the bush law of China.


However, Hong Kong people knew very well the barbarous policy has applied in the mainland, Hong Kong people have relatives, the family was among 65,000,000 killed by China communist with the titles were revolution, class struggle, socialism…the communist paradise is just as the quote of Boris Yeltsin:” the communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky”, actually, the massacre of Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, has never forgotten, the world condemns.


Hong Kong people knew their compatriot is China communist refused the human being and Chinese history. Instead, China communist prides to be the APE, their ancestor is a monkey as great master Karl Marx labeled in the Historical Materialism. Certainly, the Ape is not human, so China communist party has never cared Chinese people, the Ape herd has reigned the mainland more than 70 years and the Ape’s regime wants to impose the Ape’s rule into Hong Kong people.


Hong Kong people have protested against the Ape’s rule of Beijing, there were hundreds of thousand people rallied against Beijing conspires to impose the communist education, China wants to brainwash the late generations in Hong Kong as they succeeded in the mainland. After the 30th commemoration of the Tiananmen Square massacre with tens of thousands of people attended in Hong Kong. On June 9, 2019, the rally gathered 180,000 people opposing the Ape’s regime imposes the extradition law. Beijing wants to crush down the democratic movement by the bush law. Beijing could use some henchmen to make the law and impose the Ape’s bush law onto the people. Following the protest, on June 10, 2019, there are more than a million Hong Kong people protest against China communist to oppose the bush law’s extradition.


Nowadays, China communist exposes the real face of the enemy of Chinese people, the Ape’s regime has faced a hard time while the US and allies boycott China products into the global market. The massive jobless estimates hundreds of millions of people plus the major population being pauperized by the Ape’s regime that is the real threat of China communist. The Ape dynasty panics, but they have no solution to rescue the ruthless regime, a new Long March called by Ape King Xi Jinping vanished in the sky, the Chinese people in the mainland know a new trick of Ape when they face the low tide of revolution, certainly the character of communist or the animal instinct has never changed. A million Hong Kong people bravely stand up and clash with Hong Kong’s police, the tool of pro-Beijing. However, the police just solve the problem for a moment but the democratic movement continues to debunk the regime and the henchmen.


China’s Ape dynasty currently fears the second Tiananmen Square should repeat in Beijing anytime, actually, Hong Kong people sparkle the democratic movement in the mainland. China communist blames the massive protest in Hong Kong exciting by the foreign force. Certainly, China communist will appall Hong Kong protesters, then the collapsing is unavoidable of the stocks market in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and the dire consequence is unmeasurable, the economy falls down to crumble, the mainland will face the complication, it conducts China communist suddenly toppled. Hong Kong’s protest with a massive population to defend the safety and the future of the next generations. Hong Kong people have the rights to declare independence, actually, the Ape’s regime frightens the regime collapsed if they use the army to quell as Tiennamen Square in 1989. Hong Kong crashed that means China communist ends. Nowadays, the circumstance of Soviet-Union should occur in China’s mainland anytime and the annexed nations are Tibet, Sinkiang Uigur, Manchuria including Hong Kong can declare independence. It is also an opportunity for China’s vassals such as Vietnam, North Korea and Laos escape from the Red empire and the people will decide the future, actually, the communism is the human disaster since Karl Mark wrote the evil books ./.


















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