Hong Kong people struggle the freedom and democracy


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The unrest’s situation currently occurs in Hong Kong after the British returned the territory to China communist regime on July 1st, 1997. Indeed, the United Kingdom didn’t hand over Hong Kong to Beijing, because, Hong Kong island ceded by the Qing Dynasty to British Empire in 1842 through the Treaty of Nanjing after Qiang Dynasty lost the first Opium War following the Second Opium War that the British won and Qing Emire must cede Kowloon in 1860 and the lease affected in 99 years. Unfortunately, the Hong Kong’s lease expired under UK Labor government, mostly, Labor Party (in UK, Australia), socialist party, Greens, Democrats in the US and communist are the siblings, so Labor Prime Minister Anthony Charles Lynton Blair handed over Hong Kong to his comrade China. Instead, Prime Minister Tony could deserve Hong Kong people had the rights to decide the future by the referendum as East Timor people attempted the referendum in 1999 and Kosovan independence’s referendum succeeded in 1991. Certainly, if Hong Kong people carried out the referendum after 1997, the United Nations and the world welcomed plus the support. Moreover, the British fell into the trade trap while China developed under the era of Chairman Deng Xiaoping, so Prime Minister Tony Blair ignored the opinion and the rights of Hong Kong people.


China knew Hong Kong is among the financial center in the world, actually, the tricky policy called” the free market is led by socialism” needs Hong Kong to deceive the Western including the US into the trade field and financial sector. Its reason China must deserve Hong Kong people has different governance from the communist regime. Therefore, China communist regime does want to take control of Hong Kong people as Mao Tse Tung and its communist party has applied since 1949 by the bloodshed campaigns were Great Leap Forward, Hundred flowers, Landlord Reform, actually, the Culture Revolution cost 65,000,000 lives of Chinese people in the mainland. Moreover, Tiennamen Square massacre on June 4, 1989, that fears Hong Kong people and the world condemns.


China communist regime wants to rob the assets of Hong Kong people if Beijing succeeded in the terror policies that force Hong Kong people to obey the order. Therefore, the democratic movement flourished since the British ruled in 99 years, so the cunning tactics to control Hong Kong failed. In 2003, China’s henchmen on Administration introduced Law Article 23 to prevent Hong Kong people declare independence faced the massive protest on July 1st, 2003, so the law scrapped. China conspired to select the administrative members that provoked hundred thousands of people protested with the Umbrella Revolution occurred from September 26, 20014 to December 2014, eventually, the bill unsucceeded and henchman Executor Leung Chun-Ying resigned.


The war fights against the global economic terror, China has struck the world’s economy by the economic and financial weapon. The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of President Donald Trump dropped right on the death vulnerable of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. China loses the economic war, despite the left media plus the lover profit’s academics mislead the public (China should hire the left media and dishonest academics propagate as the Vietnam War). Moreover, the mountain debt reached $USD 40 trillion or 400% GDP during the global market losing, Huawei becomes the ghost telecommunication company after President Donald Trump granted the death certificate. The worst situation urges China attempting to rob the assets of Hong Kong people. It conducts a female henchman Carrie Lam who obeyed the order from Beijing to introduce the extradition bill that faced the outrage of Hong Kong people, since June 9, 2019, there were more than 180,000 people protested, next days, a million people and following two million people marched on the streets, central city and sieged the parliament. The unrest’s situation in Hong Kong cost the damages of China economy, so the malicious conspiracy of extradition bill being counteracted as a saying” the sword made by China stabbing Chinese. Beijing fears when Hong Kong crashed that means China will be collapsed. Certainly, Hong Kong people know the vulnerability of the Ape super gang rules in the mainland. China cannot use the People’s Liberation Army to quell Hong Kong people as Deng Xiaoping created the bloodshed, on June 4, 1989 at Tiennamen Square. Instead, the incident in Hong Kong sparkles the democratic movement in the mainland.


On July 1st, 2019, once again, Hong Kong people march the 22nd anniversary of British handed over Hong Kong to the mainland, the massive rally gathered a half million people, they stormed, occupied and ransacked the Legislative Council’s building, and hundreds of police must use the firing tear gas to oust the protestors. The incident follows the event of North Korea vassal’s leader Kim Jong Un and the US President Donald Trump attended the historic meeting in 66 years after the Korea War ended in 1953.


China loses the control of vassals as North Korea and Hong Kong’s mayhem, it is a sign of the regime collapse occurred from multiple thousand years of Chinese history. The massive protest of Hong Kong people sending a clear message to Beijing, the communism and Maoist is obsolete and opposes humanity. Nowadays, China communist party or the Ape super gang has been sieged by Chinese people and Hong Hong people completely reject the Ape rules or the bush law conspires to impose by Beijing’s henchmen.


The Ape Emperor Xi Jinping and his Ape communist party know what Hong Kong people want to, certainly, Hong Kong people recognized the capitalist granted freedom and democracy while the compatriot turned Ape in Beijing has applied the barbarous policies to Chinese people since the primary Ape Emperor Mao Ste Tung occupied the mainland in 1949./.








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