Hong Kong people are eligible to claim the independence


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Hong Kong is like Taiwan, those are democratic lands of Chinese people have remained into the international community after China communist occupied the mainland in 1949. Nevertheless, Hong Kong people lived, contacted and recognized the valuation of democracy nearly a century. Despite the territory returned to China from 1997, but Hong Kong has exercised the activity as an independent nation with the territory, government, and people.


Beijing has tried to apply the communism into Hong Kong, therefore, Hong Kong people strongly oppose and reacted for every conspiracy carried out by China’s henchmen in Administration. After more than two decades, Beijing couldn’t control Hong Kong people. The wealthy land plus the democratic level, so Hong Kong people becomes the real threat of China, the democratic movement is influencing to the mainland that worries the Ape’s regime in Beijing. Annually, Hong Kong people commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4 while China communist doesn’t want to remind the barbarous killing in 1989 and trying to escape the crime against humanity.


The henchmen of Beijing appeared the betrayal faces after the pro-China communist’s policies attempted to apply in Hong Kong. The Umbrella Revolution waked up the world by the student protested from September 26 to December 2014. There were tens of thousand students rallied to oppose China communist conspired to control Hong Kong’s Administration by the communist rule applying in the mainland, Chinese Communist Party wanted to impose the pre-screening of the candidates for the leader in Hong Kong. The protestors clashed with 5,000 police on the street and government building. Eventually, the actual henchman of Beijing was Leung Chun-Ying, the chief executor must step down. The democratic movement being remained into Hong Kong people’s mind, so the ruse’s tactics of Beijing confronted the strong reaction. China communist also failed to impose the brainwash into Hong Kong’s education system after the protests.


The Tiananmen Square massacre commemorated 30th in Hong Kong 2019 while Beijing has engaged in the difficulties by the economic war with the US and allied. The condemnation of Tiananmen Square causes China communist regime panics, the Ape’s dynasty appalls the second Tiananmen Square should repeat, actually, Hong Kong could ignite the democratic movement in the mainland.


However, China communist wrongly tackled, normally, the leaders are the most important as Sun Tzu quoted in 36 Stratagems” defeat the enemy by capturing their chief”. Once again, a pro-Beijing Chief Executive Carrie Lam introduces the extradition’s bill. Hong Kong people clearly recognize the cunning conspiracy of China that is a terror policy threatens the people.


On June 9, 2019, there were more than 180,000 protestors and the next day, more than a million people demonstrated. The massive protest shows Hong Kong people unite and deny the Ape’s regime, the population in Hong Kong are 7.49 million. The protestors clashed with police and they continue to oppose the extradition’s bill. Therefore, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam confirmed the extradition bill will not withdraw, certainly, Carrie Lam has not received the order from Beijing. Nevertheless, the Ape King Xi Jinping shouldn’t predict the massive protest and finding the solution while Hong Kong people pressure Carrie Lam resigns. Moreover, there are more than 3,000 lawyers joins the march against the extradition’s bill. It is a clear message sending to Beijing and the world. The extradition laws purpose the criminal suspects to be transferred to the mainland for trial. The extradition laws terrorize Hong Kong people and also apply to the foreigners, actually, the US, Canada, United Kingdom citizen will be extradited to the mainland when they come to Hong Kong as a tourist or doing the business. The extradition laws are the retaliation after China failed the tariffs imposing into the US products and revenge CFO of Huawei Meng Wanzhou is detaining in Canada and waiting for the extradition to the US.


However, China communist shouldn’t measure the massive protest and the consequence will sparkle the people in mainland standing up while the jobless increasing without a solution. China communist just accuses the massive protest comes from the foreigners, therefore, everyone knows Hong Kong people must protect the safety and independence.


Beijing has fallen into the dilemma after applied the wrong tactic in Hong Kong, the bush law creates the people outrage, but the Ape King Xi Jinping cannot use the People’s Liberation Army to kill Chinese people as genocide Deng Xiaoping created the bloodshed at Tiananmen square in 1989. Nowadays, the situation is different, actually, China communist has been faced the loss of economic war with the US and allies. Nevertheless, Hong Kong is the financial center of China, its reason, Beijing must keep the policy of one nation has two political regimes since 1997.


The massive protest cost China economy, actually, the stock markets, Hang Seng index is the most important. China could know the protest lingers cause the stockmarket downs and Hong Kong investors plus the foreigners will shift the money out. The consequence is measurable when Yuan plunged the valuation, the inflation adding the mayhem in the mainland, it will conduct hundreds of millions of people lost the job to join the democratic movement. The second Tiananmen Square currently obsesses the Ape’s regime.


After more than two decades, Hong Kong people have not been brainwashed and the democratic territory continues to prove the independence from the mainland. In reality, Hong Kong was independent as India, Malaysia, and the other colonies became the independence after the British left and consented. Whatever, Hong Kong people have the rights to decide the future as Taiwan. Hong Kong can declare a new nation as East Timor by the referendum. Certainly, the major population in Hong Kong will vote for independence.


During the Ape’s dynasty doesn’t know how to solve Hong Kong, President Donald Trump has gives an ultimatum to China communist to make a deal or face further consequences. He said to Beijing “Right now, China is getting absolutely decimated by companies that are leaving China, going to other countries, including our own, because they don’t want to pay the tariffs,”


The time and opportunity to apply the tactic is talking during fighting that doesn’t work, the new tariffs $USD 300 billion will be imposed soon. President Donald Trump warns:” If we don’t have a deal, if we don’t make a deal, then we will be raising the tariffs” and the US commander in chief said:” “As soon as I put tariffs on the table, it was done. It took two days. Tariffs are a beautiful thing when you’re the piggy bank,”. The US government demands China communist changes hundreds of trade law if China wants to deal.


China communist regime has fallen into the peril from the international community, global market and domestic, actually the US’s tariffs. China communist party becomes the enemy of Chinese people including Hong Kong, Taiwan. The new tariffs are going to impose $USD 300 billion that aggravates the worst situation. Certainly, the new tariffs threaten the domestic economy, finance, and the regime risks when hundreds of millions of people lost the job without income support from the government. In the passage of time, Chinese people helped Mao Tse Tung won the war against the nationalist-led by Chiang Kai Shek and nowadays, Chinese people can topple the communist regime.


China cannot overturn the worst situation occurring from the domestic and offshore battle have been lost. The last hope to hire the left media and the profit lover’s academics propagate the consequence of the US tariffs affect the US and Western people. Therefore, everyone knows the US economic growth, the unemployment rate hits the lowest record since 1969, so the phony psychological warfare is vain. Moreover, China should funnel the finance to their comrade is Democrats, so recently, Democratic Congress revive the ghost of legal terrorist Robert Mueller to impeach President Donald Trump although the conclusive report of Robert Mueller confirmed” No collusion and no obstruction”. Certainly, China wasted the money to rescue the regime.


Hong Kong people and the US government have struck right at the dead vulnerability of the super gang or the Ape regime in Beijing


Do not fear what communist does.

Let’s do what communist fears


China communist just appalls the second Tiananmen Square can happen anytime when the war fights against the global economic terror conduct the massive jobless in the mainland and Chinese people will stand up to pull down the barbarous regime, it is the common collapse’s formula repeated from thousand years of Chinese history. China communist sowed the wind and reap the whirlwind ./.







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