Hillary Clinton is a victim of the left media


Posted on January 25, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



In the US presidential election 2016, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received the full support of the left media, actually, China’s communist regime wanted Hillary becomes the first US female president and Beijing will manipulate Hillary Clinton as China got an executive Bill Clinton ruled White House from 1992 to 2000. The Most Favored Nation Policy and the hoax climate change activated by President Bill Clinton that helped China grew faster and the dire consequence of China’s growth that threatens the world, China has used the money to carry out the global hegemonic strategy. Nevertheless,  China and comrade Democrats planned to ruin the US and China will control the world in 2025. Unfortunately, Democrats and China decide but the US people vote to deteriorate the deep conspiracy’s plan that collapsed, the winning of President Donald Trump crashed China and transformed the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton to a nightmare.


During the White House race, almost, the left media fully supported Hillary Clinton by the biased articles, the fake news, and false polls. The left media maximally developed the propaganda formulates 3 F= False poll+ Fake news+ Fabricated story. Actually, the FALSE POLLS highlighted that bubbled and fortified Hillary Clinton’s dream, mostly, the left media gave the absolute polls confirmed Hillary Clinton always led billionaire Donald Trump from 4 to 12 points, even the Newsweek guaranteed Hillary’s winner with 125,000 copies to prepare” Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House”.


Madam Hillary Clinton received strong stuff’s anesthetic of the left media, she became arrogant in the campaign, actually, in the debates, she snubbed candidate Donald Trump about the commander in chief, she claimed Donald Trump unfits the commander in chief, instead, she acted as the US president in charge. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton also gained a strong endorsement from the Hollywood movie stars, film producers, pop singers, so Hillary Clinton attracted the voters by the singers in the campaign. Unfortunately, the election campaign is not entertainment, the voters need to know the policies about the economy, the job, the living condition.


However, the night of November 8, 2016, it overturned the dream of the greedy power woman. It is too late for recognition of” what happened”. Therefore, Hillary Clinton has never claimed the left media intoxicated the campaign by the fake news and false polls, instead, she often attacks President Donald Trump. Moreover, Hillary Clinton hired $US 168,000 the former British Intelligence Christopher Steele to write the fake dossiers, she also paid $US 1.02 million to Perkins Coie law firm and turncoat Republican John McCain used the fabricated document to impeach President Donald Trump. Therefore, the cunning conspiracy failed, Robert Mueller failed to investigate Russia meddled the US election in 2016.


Despite the dream was over but Hillary Clinton still wants the second chance in the presidential election 2020, therefore, Democrats can not revive the political carcass, even creating a zombie, it is impossible. The woe of Hillary Clinton perpetuates while the impeachment completely failed. On January 20, 2020, Hillary Clinton warns Democrats don’t have enough control of media, she wants to use the media to influence Americans. Hillary Clinton concerns:


“We do have some well-off people who support Democratic candidates, there’s no doubt about that, but they’ve never bought a TV station. They’ve never gobbled up radio stations. They’ve never created newspapers in local communities to put out propaganda. That’s all been done not just by Murdoch and Fox, but by Sinclair and by the Koch brothers and by so many others who have played a long game about how we really influence the thinking of Americans.”


     Indeed, in the election 2016, the left media fully supported Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, the psychological campaign fell out and overturned the outcome, the propaganda ruined by the social media, it is the real cause of the election loss. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff plus the advisers applied the wrong tactic in the campaign, the old method using the television, newspapers, radio that cost a lot of money but the outcome didn’t respond, so in the election, Hillary Clinton spent money while candidate Donald Trump applied the updated media and he spent lesser than Hillary Clinton.


Once again, Hillary Clinton has not woken yet, she still believes the golden time of the left media misled the public and intoxicated the people in the Vietnam War. Indeed, the high technological communication, the multiple information sources, and the social media dethroned the monopoly of the left media. Moreover, the election 2016 and many false polls in the elections in the US, Australia (opposition leader Bill Shorten of Australian Labor Party is a victim of the false poll) hit back their comrades, the left media’s supporters became the victims of the fake news. Actually, President Donald Trump granted the” fake news certificate” for the prominent left media like CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CBS, MSNBC…so the left media lost the people’s trust and the left media companies trashed. Certainly, the left media is no longer influence the public, even the people boycott the fake news companies, so the media sacked the journalists and cut off some unpopular shows. Former Secretary of State and fallen president candidate Hillary Clinton applied the election campaign in the wrong media and wasted the money, so she lost the election. The fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls intoxicated the paranoid victory of Hillary Clinton, so she becomes the victim of left media./.





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