Hillary Clinton arrayed the fake dossiers of Russia


Posted on March 6, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



So-Called Russia meddled the US election becomes the most cheating saga in the United States of America. The perpetrator is Madam President of the left media Hillary Clinton who is the culprit to create the fake dossiers and Democrats with the henchmen have used the fake to investigate for purposing to remove President Donald Trump from the office.


It is the cunning arrangement to impeach President Donald Trump, therefore the conspiracy has no success and the culprits plus the accomplices appeared the ugly faces to the public. Nevertheless, US justice wakes up after the law and order slept in 8 years under the rule of the first communist President Barrack Obama governed the democratic country. Nowadays, wrongdoers can not sit above the law.


Democrats have tried to remove President Donald Trump from White House because they fear the White House’s swamp draining out. It is common sense exposes on the felons and treason, certainly, the criminals always frighten the justice and police, it is the panic state of Democrats.


The source of Russia’s fabricated dossiers originated from Hillary Clinton who hired the former British Intelligence Agent Christopher Steele wrote the dossiers and Democrats have used the fake as real to topple President Donald Trump. The deep conspiracy arrayed and proceeded by the senior and legal expert lawyers, the professionally legal loopholes would develop the fake transforming the fact and it conducts the presidential impeachment then it will carry out by the Democratic lawmaker at the House of Representatives and Senate.


The vanguard force laid in the Justice Department by the actual henchman Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who pointed his comrade and lawyer’s colleague Robert Mueller taking in charge the cheat investigation with the Special Counsel, mostly, the Jury recruited from the Democratic persons. Mr. Robert Mueller is the former FBI director and a senior lawyer, he experiences on the investigation and he also could apply the malicious skill to deceive the justice and driving the victim becomes the culprit, the wrong to right.


Mr. Christopher Steele had the long term’s relationship with Arizona Senator John McCain, a turncoat Republican, he always attacked President Donald Trump to the end of life, actually, the Obamacare debunked the real face of Senator John McCain. In 2010, Senator John McCain vowed to fight against Obamacare, but when President Donald Trump repealed Obamacare, Senator John McCain strongly opposed. His hostility painted the black cover in political life. Even his funeral, his daughter Meghan McCain mocked President Donald Trump” America was always great” but she must know President Barrack Obama made America worst off ever and President Donald Trump makes America great again. The people have no surprise because Senator John McCain poisoned the hostility into her daughter’s mind, so she didn’t recognize the wrong and right. On the other hand, Miss Meghan McCain becomes a human-robot made by his father.


The fabricated dossiers developed by Republican’s Senator John McCain, he acted as the domestic enemy to stab in back President Donald Trump. Moreover, the shadow of malicious conspiracy related to Mr. David J. Kramer, the former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor from 2008 to 2009, he joined with John McCain Institute. Therefore, Mr. J. Kramer provided the dossiers made by Christopher Steele to BuzzFeed from December 28, 2016, then the secret documents released to the public. It means, after the loss of election on November 8, 2016, Hillary Clinton conspired to retake White House by the 25th Amendment by the fabricated dossiers.


FBI released the fake dossiers of Christopher Steele but Democrats still use those documents to impeach President Donald Trump. Mr. Robert Mueller knew, therefore, he ignores and continuing to do the tax- worm’s job that cost the taxpayers more than $USD 34 million. Mr. Robert Mueller went too far, he perpetuates the unrelated witnesses as former short term campaign’s manager Paul Manafort, pornstar Stormy Daniels, a whore in Thailand, coffee boy’s campaign George Papapoulos and recently the betrayal lawyer or LAWYER 30 Michael Cohen conspire to remove President Donald Trump by the criminal charges. Unfortunately, the court couldn’t bring a sitting president to the courtroom after someone accuses. Mr. Robert Mueller knows the Congress and Senate could vote to impeach President Donald Trump, certainly, the court has no authority.


Despite Democrats slightly control the Congress but leader the lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi and her gang have not enough 2/3 member to impeach President, nevertheless, Republicans control the Senate. The presidential impeachment is impossible, therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller still uses the taxpayers to terrorize the commander in chief and attack the national interest. Democratic conspiracy completely failed, the fake dossiers of Christopher Steele couldn’t conceal the public, the ugly faces have to be unmasked and Democrats received the people abandon in the next presidential election in 2020 and further.


The foolish revenge of Democrats aggravates the people trust when the public recognize the thug of people, the foe of national interest attack the country and bully the Consitution. Democrats failed the wall battle and also the government discovered the bureaucratic coup that conspired by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Deputy Director Andrew George McCane was unsuccessful.


Democrats totally lost the revenge’s tactic and the cunning conspiracies. The US people,  Justice Department and Congress lost the patience, the government urges Robert Mueller concludes the report about Russia meddled the US election in the coming week, certainly, Mr, Robert Mueller has never got a clue, instead the fabricated dossiers wrote by Christopher Steele. He will face the trouble and the audit should question the finance spent on Russia’s involvement in the US election ./.







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